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Tools to help you create and promote text and visual content. Articles, posts, reports, ebooks, webinars, illustrations, podcasts, videos. Copywriting (titles and content of pages, articles, emails, ads) and content marketing. Coming up with topics, SEO optimization of texts, spell check, translations, detection of duplicates and plagiarism.

Editors and generators, solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Searching for places that accept guest posts, link monitoring. Content promotion and content curation.

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Copyscape – The Plagiarism Police

Copyscape – The Plagiarism Police

Stealing and publishing content, ideas, expressions and thoughts authored by some other writer and representing it as one’s own authentic  work  is called as Plagiarism. Plagiarism can be considered as an academic dishonesty, though it is not a crime but a serious ethical offence and Plagiarism can be considered equivalent to copyright infringement. With an […]

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