Top 15 Most Recommended Email Marketing Tools for 2020

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Email marketing is one of the most efficient channels to market your services and products in 2020. As marketers, tapping a platform with a user base that touched 3.9 billion in 2019 and an ROI of 4400% is undeniable. However, it requires serious efforts to execute email campaigns and the absence of the right resources unnecessarily complicates things. Having the right software tools and manpower trained to use them increases results by many folds. In my opinion, every tool has its own set of benefits. But you should know about most of the available tools to select the most suitable one for you.


Let us delve deeper into the email marketing tools to relieve you of the hassles in implementing your strategies. For ease of understanding, I have broadly divided the tools into three main groups and explained the relevant tools in each of the groups.

Email List Building Tools

In this section, we will talk about the lead generation tools. They will help you create sign-up forms and build a quality email list organically.

We shall discuss about the tools mentioned below:

1. OptinMonster

Optin Monster

OptinMonster is a powerful lead generation software. Its plugin for WordPress sign up forms has gained instant approval from websites across the globe. It provides behavior detection, chat pop-ups, various opt-in forms, scroll-based triggers, and page-level targeting. You can also separate your leads based on their time zones and locations. OptinMonster is packed with analytics tools to help reduce cart abandonment.

Best For: Marketing Agencies, Bloggers, Ecommerce Stores
Free Trial: 14 Days (Credit Card Required)
Pricing: Starts from $9 Per Month
Refund Available: Full Refund Within the First 14 Days.

2. Optin Architect

Optin Architect

Optin Architect is a powerful plugin for WordPress websites and eCommerce stores. It offers animation, pop-up delays, and redirect features. It allows you to view your campaign statistics using a dashboard. Optin Architect banks on its exit intent and mobile responsive configurations to support its customizable signup forms. You can integrate it with most of the eCommerce platforms and email service providers.

Best For: Ecommerce Stores, Bloggers
Free Trial: NA
Pricing: Starts from $27/month
Refund Available: Yes, within a 30-day window

3. Sumo


Sumo is one of the most popular add-ons for Shopify-based eCommerce stores. It helps reduce cart abandonment through intent-based opt-in forms. It targets window shoppers to maximize revenues. It has transparent ROI considerations and allows offering custom discount coupons. It can be integrated with a vast number of email marketing tools while providing advanced targeting.

Best For: Ecommerce Stores
Free Trial: No (Offers A Free Version)
Pricing: Starts from $39 per month
Refund Available: Yes, up to 30 days

4. MailMunch


MailMunch is trusted by over 50,000 businesses for creating opt-in forms. It captures the leads from your websites through its decently-sized library of conversion intensive opt-in forms. Users can benefit from its impressive page-level targeting functionality to show opt-in forms on specific areas using custom rules. It also renders analytics dashboard and landing pages. You can integrate MailMunch with ESPs like MailChimp.

Best For: Marketing Agencies, B2B and B2C Sites
Free Trial: No. Free Version Is Available
Pricing: Starts from $6.99 per month
Refund Available: Yes, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Email newsletter Apps And Autoresponders

The primary requisites for running a successful business are responding to the clients on time and keeping in touch with them with the help of newsletters.

The tools that can help you with these actions are:

5. Convertkit


If you are an Instagram influencer, run online courses, blogger, or vlogger it’s the perfect match for you! Unlike other alternatives that focus on email ids, Convertkit focuses on subscribers. It emphasizes engagement, tagging, and advanced segmentation. Its email automation also considers the activities and interests of your subscribers. Convertkit also provides you with a built-in landing page and a lucid dashboard. It also comes with good tutorial content. On the negative side, it is only useful for textual mailing.

Best For: Social Media Influencers, Visual Content Creators
Free Trial: 14-day period (Credit card required)
Pricing: Starts from $29 per month
Refund Available: Yes within 30 days from subscription

6. Inwise


Inwise is usually integrated with Salesforce CRM. It allows you to run automation-based email campaigns to your Salesforce audiences and also lets you run analytics. It supports spam checking and A/B split testing. It is a transactional email software that offers 360 degree digital communication along with contact database and template management.

Best For: Medium/Large Businesses
Free Trial: Not Available
Pricing: Starts from $15 per month
Refund Available: No

7. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact supports high customization capabilities, powerful list building, testing, and metrics. It has 100+ professional email template examples to choose from along with the functionality to import customer email ids from spreadsheets. The segmentation feature is one of its biggest assets for SMBs. It also provides a social media management and event management tool. Constant Contact provides ample guides and multi-channel support for live chat, mails, and phone calls. You can personalize sign-up forms, create coupons, and reach out to customers on their important life events.

Best For: Small Businesses
Free Trial: 60 Days (No credit card needed)
Pricing: Starts from $20 and $45 per month (Discounts available against prepayments)
100% Refund Available: Yes

8. Aweber


Aweber comes with plenty of ready to use templates and a visual email builder. It supports various mailing metrics along with A/B split testing. It renders high mobile responsiveness, pop-ups, RSS compatibility, sign up forms, and trigger-based follow up sequences. Aweber comes handy in driving engagement through auto-replies.

Best For: Small, Medium Businesses; Startups
Free Trial: 30 Days (Credit card required)
Pricing: Starts from $19/month
Refund Available: Yes

9. Get Response


Get Response features an intuitive drag-and-drop editor with over 150+ template options to choose from. It allows you to build opt-in forms, list building and management, landing pages, and manage campaigns. Its great automation functionalities clubbed with multilingual support, mobile app and social media integration helps drive traffic and reduce cart abandonment. You can also run online surveys while using custom and consent fields for segmentation.

Best For: eCommerce Stores
Free Trial: Yes, 30 Days
Pricing: Starts from $15/month
Refund Available: No

Drip Email Marketing Tools

It becomes easy to move your warm leads closer to conversions if you can nurture them well. Drip email tools, discussed below, come handy here.

10. Active Campaign

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is the ultimate logic-based funnel tool. It allows dynamic content and lead scoring. It provides a drag-and-drop campaign builder, automated workflows, and advanced segmentation. Active Campaign’s GUI and lead scoring coupled with automation enables a high degree of personalization through dynamic content.

Best For: Small Businesses
Free Trial: 14 days (No credit card needed)
Pricing: Starts from $9 a month
Refund Available: No

Active Campaign is the ultimate logic-based funnel tool. It allows dynamic content and lead scoring. It provides a drag-and-drop campaign builder, automated workflows, and advanced segmentation. Active Campaign’s GUI and lead scoring coupled with automation enables a high degree of personalization through dynamic content.

11. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is one of the most feature-rich drip marketing tools and it is constantly adding new ones. It comes with social media integration, time zone-based sending, autoresponder, and tracking solutions. Mailchimp also provides a spam filter along with the flexibility to integrate 300+ apps. Engaging your audience becomes effortless as with its follow up personalization features. Mailchimp is an integrated CRM tool which can help you boost your sales efforts efficiently.

Best For: Small Businesses
Free Trial: 30 Days (No credit card needed)
Pricing: Starts from $9.99 a month
Refund Available: No

12. HubSpot


HubSpot is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the industry. It features tonnes of drag-and-drop templates with great personalization. You can customize your mails to add CTAs, A/B split testing, email tracking, and analytics. It has a high deliverability rate and takes personalization beyond lists to fit device sizes and countries. HubSpot’s analytical tools are granular in nature and can narrow down reports to even particular clients as required.

Best For: Small To Large Businesses
Free Trial: Yes
Pricing: Starts from Free Forever Plan And Paid @ $50/month
Refund Available: No

13. Drip


Drip has the right set of features for eCommerce stores. Its intent-based automation sends emails based on customer behavior. It personalizes your emails for new, repeat, and customers who abandoned their carts. You can build workflows that resonate with customer behavior through its visual builder. Considering the powerful tracking, automation along with eCommerce and social media integrations, Drip is a great choice for online stores.

Best For: eCommerce, emarketers
Free Trial: 14 days (No credit card required)
Pricing: Starts from $49/month
Refund Available: No

14. Keap


Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) is a CRM module with an eCommerce module. It allows extensive personalization based on customer profiles. You can send trigger-based responses while its analytical features allow you to evaluate campaigns in terms of email opens, clicks, and ROI. It also supports mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Best For: Small Businesses
Free Trial: 14 days (No credit card required)
Pricing: Starts from $79 per month
Refund Available: Yes

15. BombBomb


BombBomb has excellent video emailing capabilities. It facilitates screen sharing along with social media integration. You can integrate it with Salesforce and other ESPs. BombBomb also supports iOS and Android apps as you can embed the videos recorded on your phone into the emails. You can preview the email before sending it. It also comes with an email tracker along with personalization and screen recording features.

Best For: Real Estate Agents, Morgratge And Sales Professionals
Free Trial: 14 days (No credit card required)
Pricing: Starts from $39 per monthly
Refund Available: No

Wrapping Up

Whether you are in the eCommerce sector or the SaaS industry, using these email marketing tools meticulously will completely upgrade your strategy and help you achieve your email marketing goals.

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