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Notion: The four-in-one workspace for enhancing productivity

Commonly known as “internal wiki”, Notion is a one-stop workplace where individuals as well as teams can work on their projects, plans and ideas. The Notion workspace is a place where users can visualize, create, write, and cooperate with one another to come up with exciting ideas and concepts. Operating from Mission district in San Francisco, the Notion online tool is all you require to get all your work done under one roof. Once you have associated with Notion, the workspace opens up for you a personal Wikipedia with endless information, a calendar, and a complete task list of all your work including both completed items as well as incomplete ones. Notion functions on all operating platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and the Web.


Notion: An all-in-one space to enhance workplace performance

Notion brings together four tools under one roof. These include Notes and Docs, Knowledge Base, Tasks and Projects, and Spreadsheets and Databases. Notes & Docs can easily replace Google Docs with more than 30 media types to choose from. Next, the Knowledge base can convert all your knowledge into readily visible answers. Under Tasks & Projects, tools like Kanban board, calendar and list views help to relegate and effectively complete all the tasks at hand. Last but not the least, we come to Spreadsheets and Databases tool which takes note of your distinctive work and keeps proper track of all the work done. Notion provides the building blocks and you can create your own layouts and tool kit to get work done.

Notion online tool is a big boost for teams as they can easily share, discuss, and dissect different tasks and projects. As all the tools are present under one roof, exchanging and analyzing ideas/works saves up on a lot of time, money and effort.

Some of the main features of Notion are explained in detail below:

  • The Notion online tool is free and easily available across devices like web, mobile and desktop.
  • Notion functions on the concept of blocks and it can be any format like text, image, check-list, bullet points and code. Whatever is written can be converted into a stand-alone page or an entire database.
  • Notion helps individuals improve their personal productivity by a large extent by writing better content and staying more organized.
  • The online tool syncs all of the users devices and collaborators in real-time to enhance productivity.
  • Notion has a unique editor, which rearranges all your thoughts and daily plans in a simplified manner so that you can go about your work in easily.
  • Notion has many keyboard short-cuts that help access all the features at one go.
  • The online tool has an effective, powerful editing interface and a highly recommended UX.

Notion - screenshot 1

How It Works

After getting a basic understanding of all of Notion’s features, let us now take a look at how the online tool functions:

  1. To begin using it, clients first need to set up an account using their e-mail id.
  2. In the beginning, Notion will require certain basic information about the users.
  3. When one logs in, Notion also runs an introduction program for new users.
  4. After logging in, a new user can take a tour of the Notion Pages to understand what the online tool can do for you.
  5. Notion works with the help of “blocks”. A block is any item that the user wants to include on their page. It can be a to-do list, an image, a code block or an embedded file. When users begin operating, they create a single page and it can become their first block.
  6. Users can operate the blocks as and how they want. Notion’s free offer allows for the usage of 1,000 blocks. If the home page becomes too crowded, users can also delete existing blocks for more space.
  7. After settling in, users can embed media like videos, photos, files, code, and audio among others. This will prove beneficial for the user as they go about exploring the online tool.
  8. The biggest advantage of using Notion is that the user can customize it as per their requirement.

Notion - screenshot 2

Pros and Cons

Let us now take a look at some of the pros and cons of using Notion.


  • Perfect balance: The biggest advantage of using Notion is that it has a perfect balance of all tools. All the four tools are given equal importance for the convenience of users.
  • User friendly: An advantage of Notion is that it is highly user friendly. A new user can easily navigate the online tool with all the instructions given when they first log in. The support staff also offers ample help.
  • All-in-one: Another pro is that everything is under one roof so the user does not have to open multiple tabs while working.


  • Lacks proper organization: While many negatives have not been mentioned about the tool, some users have pointed how there is no method to organize unplanned tidbits and items.
  • No assorted email facility: Users have also raised objections about the lack of manifold email support, which can differentiate between work and personal email ids.
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Clients worldwide have given a thumbs-up to Notion as it combines together all the apps which they need at one place. As it can be operated across multiple forums, anyone anywhere can make use of this online tool. The attraction of doing everything from one spot is certainly going to bring in more users in the long run. From our end too, the tool gets a thumbs-up!

Unleash your creativity with MindMeister – online mind mapping tool

For customers always on the lookout for interactive and innovative online content, MindMeister will be an interesting tool. Launched in 2007, MindMeister is an online mind mapping tool, which allows customers to visualize, develop and share their ideas. With the help of this tool, customers can conduct interactive sessions with their co-workers and come up with new, exciting ideas.


MindMeister is the first tool from MeisterLabs, founded by Michael Hollauf and Till Vollmer in 2006. According to the company, at present more than 7 million people are using this mind mapping tool worldwide. Clients make use of this tool for brainstorming, note taking, project planning and many other tasks. Till now, MindMeister has helped in the creation of more than 25 million maps with around 1 billion ideas finding roots.

MindMeister – envisioning thoughts for better business

The MindMeister mind map editor is an easy tool to work with. One works directly on the web browser so there is no need for one to download the software. It also does not require manual updation. It is readily accessible from Mac, Windows PC, Linux computer, or any other device as well as browser.

MindMeister works with all types of clients – start-ups, freelancers and million dollar companies to help them communicate better and achieve their goals. The tool betters communication by bringing all the parties – various departments, different branches and suppliers to one location. It also allows for collaborations on the maps and the changes made can be immediately. This works out well for companies as sharing and comparing information becomes a lot more convenient.

Some of the best features of MindMeister include:

  • It utilizes an online mind map editor to create and work on mind maps inside a web browser.
  • Users are given a variety of map layouts to choose from. Additionally they can also customize their maps with colors and styles as per their choice.
  • The mind mapping tool has a sharing system so you can easily connect with others working on the same platform.
  • People using MindMeister can delegate assignments, set priorities, add due dates and show display progress as well.
  • MindMeister works well with TaskMeister online project management software.
  • Clients can also use MindMeister for making presentations. These can be easily exported, embedded or displayed online. In this manner, MindMeister helps people showcase their work online without the need to download or update anything.

MindMeister - screenshot 1

How It Works

MindMeister works on a freemium model, where the user opens a basic account, which is free. There are limited options with this account. If one wants to use further then they have to sign up for monthly or yearly subscriptions. Based on the different prices, MindMeister tool is categorized into Basic, Personal, Pro and Business packages. To get a better understanding as to how MindMeister works, scroll down:

  1. When one signs on a MindMeister tool, you first see a dashboard. This is where you store all the created MindMaps.
  2. To create a new Map, click on the option “My New MindMap”. Then you will reach the MindMap editor.
  3. In the middle of the page, you will find the root topic, where you have to fill the topic of the MindMap.
  4. After the main topic is created, we create child topics by pressing the “tab” key. When all the child topics are done, finish it by pressing the “enter” button.
  5. If we press the enter button again, then we create another topic. These topics together are known as “sibling topics”.
  6. With the help of these two keys, you can create the main topic and sibling topics.
  7. You can add or remove sibling topics by using the “connect” and “disconnect” buttons.
  8. You can add labels, change colors of connection as per your wish.
  9. When the MindMap is ready, you can share it with your family/friends and they can share/exchange ideas real time.

MindMeister is not only great for exchanging ideas, it is a good way to spot creativity, organize our thoughts, learn and memorize new things. Last but not the least, it is the best way to visualize and understand difficult issues.

MindMeister - screenshot 2


  1. The biggest advantage of using MindMeister is that you are the master of your content. You can create the content map as per your likes. Everything like content, format, font is as per your choice.
  2. Another advantage of using this tool is that one can work real time on it. If the creator or the people it has been shared with want to make any changes, they can do it in real time on the web.
  3. With MindMeister, you can export your MindMap in different formats like PDF, MS Word, MS PowerPoint). You can also mail or print it from the app.
  4. As one can work on the web on MindMeister there is no need to download matter. This is one of the biggest advantages of using MindMeister.


  1. The biggest disadvantage of using MindMeister is that it does not work well on phones due to the text size. However, it works well on computers and tablets.
  2. Another con of the MindMeister tool is that it may confuse non visual viewers.
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What really works for MindMeister is the flexibility and freedom the tool gives while making a concept map. As it has various formats and allows one to add links, pictures and notes, it makes the task much easier. Whether planning a trip with family or a work assignment with co-workers, MindMeister is the perfect tool to create and share new concepts. Double thumbs-up!

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