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DesignEvo: Creating Attractive Logos for Successful Brands

Every brand is identified with its logo. The logo creates the first impression about a company in the customer’s mind. And as first impressions are the best impressions, it is very important to have an eye-catching and impressive logo. This is where DesignEvo steps in. With its years of experience, DesignEvo can help companies create maximum impact logos with minimum costs involved. The company works with brands to simplify the difficult process of logo deciding and designing, and the end result is a powerful impact-creating logo.


DesignEvo was created by PearlMountain Limited with the aim of making logo designing simple and easy so that companies can give in their inputs and be part of the process. The perfect logo goes a long way in helping a company connect with its customers, present and future.

DesignEvo: Creating Free Customized Logos for Brands

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker with more than 7000 templates for customers to choose from. Their massive built-in database has many top-class icons and different stylish fonts one can choose from. The site is extremely user-friendly and even a newbie can navigate it easily. The tool caters to companies across different fields like music, technology, photography, and automobile among others.

DesignEvo can provide different kinds of logos like company and organization logo, software and app logo, brand logo, club logo, wedding logo, business logo, website and blog logo among others. With this, one understands that the company can create logo for almost any occasion or product. And the personal touch from DesignEvo always helps.

Some of the best features of DesignEvo include:

  1. It has a very user-friendly interface.
  2. Prospective clients can browse through more than 7,000 templates to choose their designs.
  3. There are more than 100 stylish fonts and useful design icons to choose from.
  4. Almost all the DesignEvo logos can be completely customized as per the client requirement. One can use their creativity to bring about the desired changes to the logo.
  5. Another important feature of DesignEvo logo maker is that it is absolutely free and easy to use. Any potential client does not need download or register before checking out the different logos.
  6. While using DesignEvo, one can get high-quality SVG and PDF logo files, which can be changed to any size without the use of pixels. This makes it ideal for use in print, online and other mediums.
  7. DesignEvo also has a cloud-based saving service, wherein you can save logos onto your account and also make unlimited changes as and when you want.

DesignEvo - screenshot

How It Works

One can get a good idea about how DesignEvo works by following the given steps:

  1. Go to and click on the option “Make A Free Logo” to begin the project. This is the beginning of creating a meaningful logo for a project.
  2. After entering the site, one can search with keywords or browse through categories displayed on the left side to choose from 5000+ templates.
  3. After you have decided on a template, you can enter the company name and slogan for it to immediately appear on the template.
  4. Then enter your desired keyword in the search box and you will get the related logo templates.
  5. You can click on any required category and all the related templates will appear on the screen. You can choose any template you like.
  6. The template can be added to the MyFavorites list by clicking on the heart button at the top right corner.
  7. One can create their own personalized logo from a blank page. This happens by clicking the “Start from Scratch” button. If they want to go back to the template page, then click on the + New button on the left side of top menu.
  8. If along with the text, you would want to add icons then click on the Icon tab and you can search through all the icons present. Click or drag on the icon to add to your logo. To adjust the properties of the selected icon, click on the concerned button on the top menu.
  9. You can add text to your logo as well by clicking on the text tab on the left side of the bar. You can add any desired text like the company name/slogan to the logo. One can click on the Font combo box and choose their desired font.
  10. One can also customize the color, angle and opacity at the topmost menu once a shape is selected.
  11. To set up the background of your choice, click background on the left side bar and personalize the background as you want. If you want a transparent background, you can opt for the transparent background.

If you want to download your logo design, then click on the download button on the top tool bar for easy download.


  1. A major benefit of this tool is that it is very user friendly and is simple to use. Anyone can log in and choose from the designs that are on offer.
  2. “DesignEvo” has many vectors on offer and all these are available on the site. Help is on offer to create new icons with multiple vectors.
  3. The logo maker has a wide range of designs and fonts for the client to choose from. One can design their logo as per their choice with so many options.


  1. One of the negatives of using this tool is that it is hard to move with the mouse things, which have a lot of white space. Free users can only use limited size of 500 x 500 px.
  2. Another drawback of the tool is that one can’t fill the vector. One can use workarounds to complete simple shapes but filing complex shapes proves difficult.
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Overall, the verdict is positive for “DesignEvo” tool, which is the go to tool for brands that are looking for eye-catching logos to lure in customers. The tool is much in-demand for its simple and user-friendly interface. We give it a thumbs up!

Create your own website in the WebWave wizard

Many people wonder how to create a website. Some are ambitious and learn various programming languages to build their own website. Other can’t decide which interactive agency should they choose, or look for cheap freelancers, which does not guarantee good project.
Fortunately for all of the above (and not only them) creating a website can be really simple and does not require specialist knowledge. Webmasters, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, amateurs and curious, can use the help of Webwave, the Polish website editor.

Create websites without coding

WebWave appeared on the Polish market in 2013 and since then has been systematically developed and improved. This tool allows you to create your own site using drag and drop interface. It doesn’t require any expertise in web designing and web development or coding skills. You can easily place every object with the accuracy of 1 pixel exactly where you want, using only mouse.

Using the wizard is completely intuitive, simple and pleasant, and give the creator full freedom of design. You can start your website completely from scratch, or use one of over 30 pre-defined templates. Both the wizard itself and the templates are completely free, but we will write about money later.

What word would best describe this wizard? Professionalism! Websites created in the WebWave editor are no different than projects created by specialized marketing agencies because:

  • they are fully responsive – they work well on every device, from a computer to a smartphone;
  • they are search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.) friendly;
  • they have very well optimized code that allows pages to load quickly.

The wizard has a lot of flexible features, and we can easily integrate it with external tools. WebWave’s major advantages include:

  • unlimited transfer and disk space;
  • multilingual websites;
  • possibility to upload your own HTML, CSS or JavaScript code (for more experienced webmasters);
  • site statistics;
  • own “404 error” and “301 redirect” pages;
  • integration with Facebook, Disquss, Google Maps, Google Analytics, LiveChat, Freshmail, Shopify, Salesmanago and many others.

How to create a Web page in WebWave

To start working with the wizard, go to the WebWave website and sign up. All the work – creating, editing and administering the pages is done through the webmaster panel. After creating an account, click on the “New Page” button and either choose an empty website or choose one of the templates. After selecting the choice we are looking for, the entire wizard is shown.

WebWave creators do not leave their customers to grope in the dark. A 15 minute movie explains the most important elements of the wizard right from the start. This tutorial is really recommended to all users as only several minutes are enough to present most of the tools and capabilities. At we will also find a detailed guide to each option.

To get to know WebWave even faster, we recommend to select and edit one of the templates first. By clicking on any part of the page, we can easily modify it – change position, edit content, color, background, images, add animations, etc. A great feature is the ready-to-add elements such as gallery, slider, menu, contact form, buttons, Google map, or new subpage. In the top right corner of the screen you can switch between your pages, add a new language or go to the page preview. However, the most important option seems to be the RWD edition, where we can see how the whole site looks on computers, tablets and smartphones.

We save the changes using the Save icon at the top of the wizard. When we are ready to show our project to the whole world, we just click the Publish button. We can later modify our project at any time.

What are the costs?

We can publish our page for free in the subdomain of under random ID. If you want a site to appear under a particular domain, you should buy a hosting that costs from $3.5 per month. In addition, for each such package WebWave offers registration of a .pl domain for free. The wizard itself, regardless of the number of pages created and the time spent, is completely free.

You can also earn money with a WebWave because this way the company encourages users to recommend the wizard to others. If we get people to pay for hosting, we will receive 30% of their deposit. The money we receive can either be spent on local services or simply paid out. Therefore, if you are a marketer, you may also find WebWave interesting! The company also makes it possible to create a special account for agencies, webmasters, freelancers or anyone else who will create pages for clients in the WebWave wizard.

It is worth to mention that WebWave is not just the editor. In addition to it, we have a simple content management system (CMS) and the already mentioned webmaster panel. If someone else adds content to our site, we can give that person access to the CMS panel so that he or she can edit existing posts, change images in the gallery or add a new article but can’t move or delete any items on the page. The webmaster panel allows you to easily switch between our pages without having to memorize another passwords and addresses.

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Considering all the elements and functions, WebWave is a really great and cheap tool. On its site there is an online chat where we can ask for help with the editor or other things related to it or the company. Answer during working hours? Immediate and detailed. There is also a Facebook group for WebWave users, where people exchange experiences and knowledge. So if you need to create a new website, redesign your existing site, or just want to experiment with something new, use the WebWave Wizard. Or recommend it to others and benefit yourself!

Depict information easily with

A simple collection of random data can often be confusing and unintelligible. However, if you organize it and attach meaning to it, it can depict useful information for different purposes. When it comes to depicting information the right way, there are quite a few alternatives. More often than not, information about systems and procedures is depicted through various diagrams such as charts, graphs, flow charts, use cases and more. However, unless one has extensive experience in making them, people often commit embarrassing errors while creating simple charts or graphs.


To avoid giving a wrong impression to clients or customers and to create easy to understand charts / graphs / diagrams that present correct information about your business in a concise way, the best option is to use an automated tool that takes data as input and gives ready diagrams as output. In this discussion we’re focusing on one such online tool that serves as a haven for those hoping to create great charts in a few simple clicks. Presenting –! – Create & Publish Interactive & Engaging Charts / Graphs lets you create and publish beautiful visualizations of your data. Highly interactive and responsive charts let users play around with data representations like never before.

Picture this scenario – You see a complex graph in-front of you but don’t understand it. How the data on the x-axis affects the data on the y-axis is something you just cannot comprehend in a single look. You wish there was some explanation with the chart that would make things easier. With, you don’t need any explanation. You can click-and-drag or touch-and-drag around data values in the charts to see their real-time effect on other values and understand all intricacies. lets you make your charts move at your commands. Its interactive visualizations add a new dimension of engagement and experience for readers across a wide range of devices. What’s more, you can connect live data sources to’s infographics so that charts are updated in real-time to reflect the latest values. Using static data to make charts is so old-school! Additionally, with, you can embed and share infographics and charts anywhere – documents, web-pages etc. You can even download them and share them privately. Above all, this unique tool lets you brand-ize your charts. Whenever you need to add life to a report, insert a custom, attractive, branded infographic from in a few clicks.

With over 30 chart types (bar graphs, line graphs, area graphs, map distributions etc.) to choose from, makes sure it has at least one chart suited to every organization’s need.


This is how it works

There are 4 legs of the tool’s scope. Depending upon your purpose, you can use for:

  • Media & Blogs
  • Education
  • Brands
  • Organizations

For each, you’ll first need to create a free account with the tool. For this all you need to supply is your full name, email id and the purpose for which you wish to use the tool (choose from one of the options listed above).

Once your account is created, you can start with the design. Choose what you wish to create: Infrographic or Report / Chart or Graph / Map. All these options are displayed within small blue squares and on hovering on each a plus sign appears indicating a prompt to add new. You can create a folder for each project and store the diagrams you create accordingly.

Infographic or Report

Clicking on this option expands the page to display various themes for your project. There are free themes and pro themes. For starters, you may want to stick to the free themes. Each theme has different color and font schemes and to select a theme all you need to do is hover over it and click on the “Use Design” prompt that appears. Once selected, a sample graph is displayed in a pop-up with helpful tips showing how to work with it. Follow the tips to get a basic know-how. Double-clicking on values opens up an Excel like editor on the left hand side of the screen wherein you can edit values. Here you can also change the kind of graph. To directly upload values, you can also upload CSV or Excel files to the tool.

Chart or Graph

Clicking on this option opens a pop-up with graph options on the left hand side and format options on the right. For example, a bar graph in radial format will display a radial formed with colored bars depicting information. The editing and other options can be accessed as described above.


Clicking on this option opens a pop-up with a black-and-white world map. Other available countries are listed in the left hand side and their respective maps open up on the right on clicking on the country names. For the free account, only the world map and the map of U.S.A are available. For maps of specific countries you’ll need to upgrade your membership. Editing options are described above.

In addition to these options, you can choose to import data or source from Google Spreadsheet, Dropbox, OneDrive or JSON feed.


Additional Features can also be used for team collaboration. Shared folders, access permissions and a simple per-seat pricing can allow your team to efficiently make your data look its best with However, this feature is not available on a basic account. You’ll need to sign up for a Business or Enterprise plan to avail this.

Pros Vs Cons

The high points of the tool are evident from its description above.

As far as the low points are concerned, it all comes down to the price. At $25 per per person per month under a Pro plan and $79 for a single / team license under a business plan, the tool is a bit on the pricy side.

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Final Words

This one is actually a great tool. With no learning curve it lets you create attractive and interactive charts and reports to make your work more fun. If you’re not looking for very extensive features, this tool might be all you need. But if you want more, well, you gotta pay for it!

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