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Monitoring social media websites such as blogs, news, wikis and micro blogging websites such as Twitter and social networking websites like Facebook, Google+, Video and Image sharing websites such a YouTube and Instagram and many other forums and message boards to keep a check on the sentiments of your customers as well as the volume of online conversation about your product is called social media measurement or social media monitoring.

To determine the insights of a brand’s visibility on the social media, knowing the impact a social media campaign has, and identifying future opportunities for engagement, keep a watch on competitor’s activities. Social media monitoring is very helpful in providing details about the emerging trends and what people think about a particular product or topic or brand.

Technology Utilized in Social Media Monitoring

There are many social media monitoring platforms available and they utilize a variety of technologies to generate the insights about a product, topic or brand. Usually they connect to the API provided by the social media platforms, these API’s are created for the developers to develop their own applications and services that access the data on their platform. Other methods include using crawlers to find keyword references, Natural Language Processing and Semantic Analysis. The basic idea is to collect the data from social media websites and utilizing this information to generate important analytics, graphs and insights regarding your product.

brand24 is a similar social media monitoring tool available for us to know who is talking about our product or company over the internet within minutes the post about your brand is published. Thus allowing you to react to the views you get, this allows you to build up a relationship with the users who just had a conversation about your company on the internet. This would make you identify the exact users, and what they prefer on the social media.

Image Crisis

Social Media Monitoring is a powerful tool which will help you to avoid image crisis to your brand which may occur on the social media. Brand24 would identify the negative comments made by people on the internet and allows you to interact with the people who participated in that discussion directly. This may help you solve a problem directly and prevent getting more negative comments from people regarding a similar issue. And Brand24 ensures that you get to know about these comments within minutes so that you can respond to them quickly, and more professionally so that you get some more fan following and potential customers.

Internet Monitoring

Constantly monitoring internet, Brand24 displays the results as soon as they appear so that you can take a direct action about your internet campaigns, especially to protect the good name of your brand and product. It takes a couple of minutes to register and know what people are saying about your brand. Brand24 would not charge you for each of the keyword you’ll want it to monitor. For a certain monthly fee you can monitor quite variety of subjects. Brand24 is easy to use and they also have e-consultant who are ready to help you if you get stuck while using the service. You can also download and analyze the results from the past and you are not just limited to current results.


Protecting Brand Reputation

For PR specialists these days the most challenging task is to protect the brand’s reputation and the good name. In the era of social media revolution your brand can be easily targeted and discredited with negative and unjust comments from not just your users but also from competitors. Brand24 allows you to easily track the person, brand or company who just left a comment about your product and you are the first to know what people are saying about your brand. Getting negative comments can discourage people from using your services leading to lower sales and losses on your plate while your competitor’s may have a royal meal with all the increased sales and profits. Thus monitoring your brand is a must.

Sentimental Analysis

Utilizes automatic sentimental analysis algorithm which checks each result found by brand24. Each result is compared with a syntax and emotionally charged words are detected by this algorithm. These syntax rules determine if the words are positive or negative and the magnitude of the emotional statement or comment made. This helps you determine good as well as the bad publicity on internet as soon as the comment gets published.

Personal Monitoring and Client Service

Brand24 can be used to monitor a particular person on the web. Setting up their name as a keyword would help you get all the information about that person.

Brand24 can also be used by businesses which may see social media as a platform to engage and communicate with its customers. Using Brand24 the business can find who posted about them and can interact with him/her. But this can only be done if the company or business wishes to as nothing can be better than internet for customer to voice their experience and opinions regarding a product or a service and the same is in the case of a business who would like to resolve the customer issues with ease generating a quick and professional response.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a strategy which involves sharing of information by internet users regarding a brand, service or product. Social media is the best platform for viral marketing due to the ease with which anyone can put their message on the internet. Brand24 can be used as a tool that would help you run and measure the performance and impact of such campaigns and strategies.



Just being featured on a search engine is not enough. Your presence should be well planned and strategized and one should monitor how others see your brand on these search engines. Merging search engine optimizations and public relations on the internet. It makes it important to use popular keywords and phrases for your product and brand, so that people can easily find information about your product or business.

Monitoring Competition on web

Brand24 helps you monitor your competition constantly and react to their efforts on the internet. Also, monitoring the competition can help one know the reaction of a targeted group to a marketing campaign.

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Brand24 is one of the easiest, economical and intuitive way of monitoring social media and getting insights for the same. We would love to know about your experience on Brand24 in the comments.

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