10 Ideal Appointment Scheduling Tools

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Companies need special scheduling tools to organize and plan events, tasks, and various facilities. The business executives and managers or various projects need to be well-versed in their upcoming course of action. They need to plan their week accordingly, to decide when to attend meetings, events, and when to attend to clients. By planning their whole day, they will have time to make payments and perform their respective roles and responsibilities without any hassle.


They can set reminders for their tasks throughout the day to manage surviving in the fast-paced world. The scheduling process is easy, and one needs to set it according to their available time in a day. They have to commit to it so that the day goes by smoothly. The world has come a long way from scheduling appointments over calls or emails to modern appointment scheduling software. There are several scheduling apps that worked wonders for the business world.

Why should people invest in the best appointment scheduling apps?

The scheduling apps will surely boost the sales process by allowing interested people to book meetings when the time is the most appropriate. It also makes the process much easier by not wasting time in back and forth emails. The apps also help to synchronize the meetings in the calendar, and it sets reminders for them. However, in order to increase productivity at work, you must not forget to take breaks for physical exercises, offline or choose the best game with help of The Frisky, etc.

Some of the best appointment scheduling apps are listed below:

1. HubSpot Meetings


There are many free scheduling apps, and this is arguably the best among them. HubSpot Meetings tool allows to sync their Office calendar along with the Google calendar. It also sets the availability, has the customer time book of the person. The app stores the contact details of the concerned company or official like the name, email address, phone number, and so on. It also allows you to send the meeting details to the other party through a link via an email. When the meeting is fixed, the particular time slot for the day is booked and stored in the calendar.

2. Calendar

Google Calendar

This scheduling app connects the apps details with the Apple calendar (iCal) or the Google calendar. Hence, this app is compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms. Calendar also offers the user a virtual assistant, which can learn about all the details of the schedule and take over the planning of the meetings, events, and invitations. The app also suggests scheduling changes if required. If the user upgrades to the paid version, then it adds wide options of analytics and transcripts of the meetings. This helps the reader manage time better by reviewing the meetings and the time spent with the people.

3. Setmore


Setmore is also a free scheduling app, which allows the user to create a booking page meant for the public. The free account has a team of around 20 calendars for the staff and login portals so that the team can start the booking for the meetings and other activities. This app also allows the user to directly send the meeting notification to the partner of the meeting.

4. SimplyBook


SimplyBook is an online booking application designed for companies dealing with services. This app allows the company to link the existing portal or create a new one. The officials can also create a custom booking page within the platform for some specific meetings or events. The app has a special social media integration feature, which allows it to directly accept or decline a meeting request sent via any social media site, like Facebook or Instagram.

5. Square Appointments

Square Appointments

Square Appointments is quite a flexible application for booking appointments, meetings, and other events. This is a great scheduling platform, which should be adopted by the company, as it provides a lot of features. The perks of this app are that users can create a free booking site for the customers, the app generates an automatic email and text reminders for the meeting. The app also charges cancellation fees if the official does not turn up. You can integrate payments within a single platform.

6. Appointlet


Appointlet is a meeting scheduling tool specially designed for salespeople. It has a user-friendly interface, which allows them to customize their availability, create pages for booking, and send them across to customers and prospects. This app also allows the integration of landing pages, emails, and websites. It includes everything from meeting types to form fields and unlimited bookings in their free version. There are more paid versions of the app, but the free version remains free forever.

7. Doodle


The installed version of Doodle is free and also very helpful. It allows the user to create polls for the meetings to send out to the various invitees. Then, the host for the meeting suggests several date and time options for the meeting, the several invitees vote for their most convenient option. When the poll ends, the notification is sent across all invitees through emails and texts. It also sets reminders in the host’s calendar.

8. Calendly


Calendly is one of the best meeting scheduling apps available in the market. The installed version of this app is free and it enables you to book an unlimited number of meetings. The app creates a customized link for each meeting, sends out reminders and notifications to invitees. However, with the free version, the user can create only one kind of meeting.

9. Arrangr


This is probably the most intelligent scheduling app in the current scheduling scenario. This app lets the users book the meeting in less than thirty seconds. Unlike other apps, it helps the users decide the best time to meet. Arrangr also helps to avoid all the miscommunication that might arise between the users by letting them mutually decide the time and the place in the app itself. It then sends individual emails to all the users and sets reminders on the calendar. Additionally, this app is also a part of the HubSpot ecosystem that lets you launch the meeting and send individual invitations from the contact list installed in HubSpot itself.

10. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling makes it extremely smooth to arrange a meeting. It is easy to use and very easy to book meetings with prospects and clients. The online assistance provided with the app also allows the clients and customers to view the available time slots and book or arrange their own meetings. You can send custom confirmation to the clients to reflect the branding of the company.


The scheduling apps have proved to be highly beneficial for both small start-ups and successful client-based businesses. By choosing the correct scheduling app, the company can save a lot of time to focus on other things, and the client decides the arrangement of the meetings. It helps to collect the cancellation fees by asking for the card details at the time of booking.

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