9 Best Magento Extensions to Increase sales of the Online Store

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Increasing sales is a prime goal of every online store. The entire efforts revolve around bringing users to a website and making them make the purchases, because a continuous decline in sales may make the business go bankrupt.
To keep the business making profits consistently and progressing towards higher targets, the website has to be optimized in a way to remove every possible hurdle that is stopping the users from placing orders.

Magento extensions

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform, but you may need a series of options and functions to form an online store that provides an optimum shopping experience to the users. This post discusses some of the best Magneto extensions to help you optimize your online store for higher sales and revenues.

1. Flash Sales with countdown timer

Flash sales with countdown timer

Boost online sales by creating seasonal or clearing sales on your eCommerce website with Flash Sales extension. It makes the users place orders as soon as possible to avail the discounts and offers. The extension allows you the creation of multiple campaigns to finish stock in a stipulated time. You can limit any offer to selected store views and customers groups.

You avail the following features:

  • Run multiple flash sales
  • Accompany sales with countdown timer
  • Display all flash-offers on a dedicated page
  • Configure fixed or percentage discounts

2. Newsletter Popup PRO

Newsletter Popup Pro

Allowing users to subscribe for email updates, newsletters, and in return of any other informative material proves to be an effective strategy of capturing leads and then converting them into customers. The Newsletter Popup Pro extension helps you enable a subscription option on your eCommerce website to make it work as a lead magnet.

The features of the tool include:

  • Invite users to subscribe for newsletter
  • Giveaway discounts in the form of coupon code
  • Personalize the popup fields

3. Gift Card Gift Voucher

Gift Card Gift Voucher

A majority of your online store users may leave if they are unable to find a product that is worthy to be sent as a gift to their loved ones. The Gift Card extension helps you create gift cards of different prices and values to let your customers have them for gifting on a special occasion. The receiver of the voucher can shop for his or her favorite products on your store. This ultimately boosts the sales and revenue of your online venture.

The key features of the tool include:

  • Design gift cards as your store products
  • Create gift cards for various occasions and events
  • Customers to send them as gifts
  • Set an expiry date of gift vouchers

4. Product Pre Order & Backorder

Product Preorder & Backorder

If you are about to launch a new product and want to boost its sales from the very first day, it is the time to list the product on your store and enable pre-order for it. On the other hand, if the users are leaving your website because of out-of-stock items, you can enable the back-ordering option to serve them at the earliest. Product Pre Order and Backorder extension come with both the functionalities.

You get the tool with the following features.

  • Allow customers to pre-order the upcoming products
  • Display product launch and availability date
  • Replace ‘Add to Cart’ with Pre-order
  • Update customers when the product is back in stock

5. Product Labels & Stickers

Product Labels and Stickers

Make your product images much captivating with labels to attract customers and know the promotions. The Product Labels & Stickers extension gives you the freedom of displaying offers and discounts right on the product images. There are various sticker designs you can choose from and display on selected products and category pages. You can limit the labels to specific customer groups and store views as well.

The essential features of the extension are:

  • Add eye-catchy labels to product images
  • Use different shapes of labels and stickers
  • Create either a text or image-based stickers
  • Confine custom labels to specific store users

6. Magento Private Sales

Private Sales Flash Sales

Improve your store revenues by adding products, deals, and discounts for a specific user group with Magento Private Sales extension. Let a concerned user community of your store feel special and privileged for shopping their favorite products at discounted rates.

Avail the following features in the plugin:

  • Offer private sales in your store
  • Stop the general users from accessing special offers
  • Create daily deals, flash sales, etc.
  • Add a countdown to flash sales

7. Magento Product Slider

Product Slider

Display additional products on landing pages in captivating sliders to increase store sales. The Magento Product Slider extension. You can enable multiple sliders to display relevant, best sellers, featured, newest, recently viewed, or random products. Allow the display of product slider on multiple pages such as products, categories, and CMS pages.

Try using the following features of the module:

  • Display relevant, best sellers, and many other product types
  • Show slider on any group of products
  • Insert product slider to any page with a widget
  • Customize the slider and set its position

8. Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Double the sales of your online store with refer a friend reward scheme. The Magento Refer a Friend extension helps you initiate a referral program on your store to turn the customers into brand advocates. They recommend your business to friends and social circles to get a reward. The module also allows awarding the referred users with a discount to appreciate their actions.

The additional features of the extension are:

  • Allow customers to invite friends to your store
  • Customers can invite a friend via social media, email, or direct URL link
  • Review pending and acknowledged referrals
  • Set up sign-up bonuses for the referrer and the referred users

9. Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together

Uplift the sales and marketing game by showing products bought together by your existing customers to the new visitors. With Magento Frequently Bought Together extension, you can automate the display of showing products purchased in combination.
The module sets you free from displaying all the relevant products manually to the potential customers. The customers get to know products of a similar nature or category and add them to cart. This ultimately improves sales with up-sell and cross-sell.

Find the following features clubbed in the extension.

  • Smart algorithm for recommending products
  • Add multiple product suggestion blocks
  • Limit the number of products in each block
  • Automate or manually assign products to suggestion boxes

Final thoughts

Optimizing a website for higher conversions depends on the navigation and user experience. The more you add features to comfort the purchase journey, the more sales you will grab. Start with different pricing and promotions like flash sales, gift vouchers, refer a friend, and pre-ordering the products to launch. For each feature, you can track the results and find its contribution towards maximizing the sales.

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