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Remote working or freelancing is an emerging trend. It has been analyzed through research and surveys that remote workers are more productive than in-house workers. Freelancers all across the world agree that working remotely saves them from workplace stress, office politics and following a boring routine. It ultimately helps them to increase their focus and productivity. However, the main issue that they face in this work structure is of constant communication and collaboration.


Elium is a tool that helps to eliminate this issue. It helps you to build a hub with your team so that you can collaborate, share tools, and communicate easily.

Elium – Eliminating hurdles for remote employees

The main purpose of Elium is to pass on knowledge from one source to another; that too without the risk of loss of information and data. It is an advanced data management tool that helps an organization to host its remote workers on a single platform. Organizations use it for collaboration in research projects, market intelligence, information brokerage, social bookmarking, document management, and more. It lets them create, share and format content, and authorize by providing structured templates. The best feature of the tool is that it ensures confidentiality and security through access permissions.

Elium allows companies and organizations to capture knowledge and collaborate within the digital workplace. Following are the key highlights of the tool:

  • Allows quick bookmarking on the web
  • Allows video and audio conference
  • Combines full-text social search and faceted navigation
  • Mobile responsive
  • Allows tagging and categorizing
  • Allows sharing of documents
  • Shows an activity feed
  • Includes user directory
  • Provides social feedback services
  • Send real-time notifications
  • Have facility of instant messaging
  • It can be integrated with Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, and various other tools
  • Provides backups
  • Have group calendars
  • Allows contact management
  • Enterprise-grade security

What the tool’s pricing is like

Due to its attractive features and high demand, Elium does not offer a free version, but it provides a 14-day free trial, after which a user has to pay to continue using it. But the good news is that the tool’s prices are not too high. The basic plan starts from 4 USD per month which, in comparison to other tools, is not much.

Platforms supported by Elium

Elium is not an installable application. It is designed to be used online and also has platform limitations. The platform supports:

  • Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • iOS Native mobile
  • Android Native mobile

The platforms it doesn’t support include:

  • Installed Mac
  • Installed Windows

Elium - screenshot

How it works

To work with Elium, you need to have the following system requirements met:

  • An Azure AD tenant
  • An Elium tenant
  • A user account in Elium, with admin permissions

The tool has several aspects to it. Each aspect is discussed below:

Assigning users implies allowing them access to selected apps. While doing that, admin needs to select a valid and application-specific role in the assignment dialogue box for each user. The users with “default access” role are automatically eliminated form provisioning.

Configure Provisioning

In order to configure automatic user provisioning for Elium in Azure AD, you need to follow the below listed steps:

  1. Sign in to your Azure portal, select Enterprise applications, and then click on All applications.
  2. Select Elium from the application’s list.
  3. Click on the Provisioning tab.
  4. Set the Provisioning Mode to Automatic.
  5. In the Admin Credentials section, type <tenantURL>/scim/v2 in the Tenant URL field. (The tenantURL is a value that is captured from the Elium admin console.) Then type the Elium Secret token value in the Secret Token field. At the end, click on Test Connection to verify that Azure AD can connect to Elium. If it doesn’t connect ensure that your Elium account has admin role and try again.
  6. Add the email ids of the person or group who will be receiving the provisioning error notifications in the Notification Email field. Then, select the Send an email notification when a failure occurs check box.
  7. Click Save.
  8. In Mappings section, select Synchronize Azure Active Directory Users to Elium.
  9. From the Attribute Mappings section, you can review the user attributes that are synchronized from Azure AD to Elium.
  10. Then, to enable the Azure AD provisioning service for Elium, change the Provisioning Status to “On” in Settings.
  11. Settle the users or groups by selecting the values of your choice from Scope drop down list in Settings.
  12. At the end, save all setting.

Why should you choose Elium?

Elium has a lot to offer as compared to its competitors. It is simpler, cheaper and has all the necessary features needed of such a tool. Some reasons why you could choose this tool over others are:

  • It helps to collect and save your precious information very easily
  • It allows you to engage your remote workers
  • Ensures security and provides support
  • Integrates with existing workplace tools
  • Locates required information faster

Evaluating Elium


  • It is a user friendly and easy to use tool
  • Provides insightful usage analytics
  • Has secure connections
  • Includes backups and business continuity


  • Sharing larger files causes error
  • It’s difficult to manage external users
  • It lacks the multiple options to export data
  • Color schemes can limit readability options for color-blind users
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Final Verdict

The most innovative feature of Elium is that it is both, a mobile and a SaaS solution. It is designed to keep the interaction and knowledge going within a work environment. The overall reviews of this tool, from the perspective of critics and users, are positive. Yet some basic improvements are required for it to perform better.

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