New banner exchange system – dedicated for bloggers

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Hey, blogger. You probably have been trying to sell ad space on your blog via BuySellAds and Google AdSense (or other networks). And you already know it is not easy unless you have really heavy traffic.
If you feel that lots of impressions are getting wasted on your pages, perhaps a banner exchange could come in handy.

I know, banner exchange systems are so last decade – but are they?

We are one of the bloggers that decided to build their own banner exchange system – dedicated for blogs.
It’s called SquareBanners because it’s going to use mostly (possibly only) 125×125 banners – the format that is very popular among blogs.


Each and every banner will be manually approved to keep the quality of the creatives.
No pop-ups, pop-unders, etc. will be allowed.

The ratio won’t be 1:1. Rather something around 5:4.
In the beginning, all the earned impressions will be used to promote the network itself.
Later on, some ad packages will be sold to collect funds for hosting and maintenance.

If you’d like to be informed about the development, beta launch – register here:

To discuss or participate more – comment this post.

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