5 Digital Marketing Tools That Save Your Time

Posted September 19th, 2022 in Productivity.

We live in a hectic world filled with new technologies intended to make our daily chores and tasks easier. However, it does not change the fact that digital marketing is a dynamic field that can be quite demanding. This factor is especially true in terms of all the challenges that industry professionals face on a daily basis.


Fortunately, plenty of different tools can make this fast-paced job more manageable. Of course, they will not do all the work for you, but if you make the right choice, you will surely be well-equipped and capable of executing all of your brilliant ideas and strategies.

Below, you will find more details about several time-saving tools that can help you stay focused and enable you to improve your work performance. Once you read this article, you will no longer have to worry about biting off more than you can chew or losing sleep over the incoming deadlines.

1. Pointerpro


When you know that you should step up your lead generation game, you have a few options to choose from. Using lead generation and marketing services such as those provided by the Munro Agency or similar brands, is one of them. However, the possibilities do not end there because, depending on your particular needs and preferences, you can also use a powerful lead generation tool such as Pointerpro.

Pointerpro is a tool that enables you to create online assessments, which then generate personalized reports. It all happens automatically, so there is one less thing for you to take care of, giving you plenty of time to focus on other tasks.

Whether your ultimate goal is to scale your business, generate more leads, or save time and energy with the help of automation, Pointerpro is a tool that makes all these things much more manageable.

You can use a limited free version of Pointerpro or try a free trial. Should you wish to upgrade, the paid version starts at $39.00 per month.

2. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a brilliant piece of SEO software. Even though it is mainly known as a backlink authority checker, there is actually much more to it. For example, you can also use this tool to analyze keyword rankings and SEO health or to perform thorough keyword research for platforms such as Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

One of the best things about this software is its ease of use. Not only does the site provide you with all the necessary instructions and demo videos that show how it works, but you can also rely on your intuition and still get it right.

Some of the tools are free, but if you want to get the most out of Ahrefs, you can sign up for one of their plans. The prices range from $99 to $999 per month, but you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription anytime you wish.

If you have a specific subject to cover and want to check how well the content that touches it performs regarding social shares or links, Ahrefs is also a way to go.

3. Superhuman


If you feel like you could use some superpowers to cope with the abundance of emails that land in your inbox, this tool may be perfect for you. After all, getting buried under tons of messages is easy. And if you choose to put something aside for a day, you may struggle to find it again.

If this was not enough, spam messages could get mixed with newsletters, or you may even need to dedicate a good chunk of your day to find that one conversation that got lost in countless threads.

Issues like these do not have to be a part of your reality anymore because Superhuman is an app that emphasizes smart design and speed. Some even say it is the fastest email management tool currently available on the market, as every interaction performed there is reportedly faster than 100ms.

Undoubtedly, digital marketing can be a truly challenging field without the right way to manage your emails. Fortunately, when using Superhuman, you can take advantage of its built-in calendar, snooze conversations whenever you please, and get set reminders so you can get back to them later.

Superhuman also provides a handy option called “undo send”, which allows you to stop emails from being sent out, among others. There is no free trial or free plan available for this tool, but it costs only $30 a month.

4. Hopper


Whether you work for a digital marketing agency or need to manage multiple social media channels on your own, there probably are times when you feel like you could use a few more hours in the day. In fact, managing social media can be highly time-consuming, resembling a never-ending stream of tasks and challenges that keep coming your way.

On the one hand, it is a kind of job that never gets boring, but on the other hand, you are always searching for the right emojis, switching back and forth from desktop to mobile, and posting the same files on several platforms. Luckily, these processes can be made easier with the help of tools such as Hopper, which has been designed to help you manage multiple social media accounts from just one dashboard.

Once you invest in this tool, you will find yourself reaching for your mobile less often because it allows you to schedule posts in advance. No more stressing over remembering to post!

When it comes to pricing, the cost of this tool depends on your type of account. You can choose between an account billed $19 monthly or opt for an annually-billed account and pay $16 per month. However, the price rises depending on the number of social sets you want to include.

5. Easelly


In today’s digital world, infographics can be handy for showcasing your ideas and helping you get your messages across in a clear and visually-pleasing way. With Easelly, you can achieve superb results with little effort and create infographics. Then, you can share them across different platforms and watch as they allow you to reach a broader audience.

Easelly offers thousands of free infographic templates that include pictures, graphs, and a bit of text. This way, you can share your data as well as brilliant ideas in an attractive and attention-grabbing way. You can also use many drag-and-drop tools to add some of your own content. If you want to upload your own templates, this versatile tool allows you to do so, too.

Another advantage of Easelly is the fact that it is incredibly affordable — the cheapest plan is priced at $2 per month, while the most expensive one is $5 per month. You also have the option to purchase an account for multiple users. There is no free trial; instead, there is a 7-day money-back guarantee for Easelly Pro.

In Conclusion

As you can see, investing in the right automation tools can take your digital marketing game to a whole new level and help you ensure that you can successfully execute all your ideas. Whether you need software that will allow you to unleash your creativity or a tool that will help you manage your workflow better, there is something for everyone out there. Besides nerves, you will save plenty of time you can later dedicate to other tasks.

That said, do not hesitate to try the handy tools mentioned below, and soon you should find your new favorite time-saving software. Automate or simplify the tedious parts of your work today, so you can focus on creating more awesome content.

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