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The world of Internet professions opens up wide opportunities for self-realization and financial independence. Web development specialists are in great demand in the labor market, both as full-time employees and as freelancers. Anyone who has undergone quality training can become a qualified specialist. We have gathered the best five web development courses where the best teachers teach students.


TOP 5 courses for training to be a web developer

Our review includes only proven resources that allow you not only to gain theoretical knowledge but also help you “pump up” your skills, gain practical experience, undergo an internship, and possibly find a job in a prestigious company. If you are facing difficulties in completing your homework during your studies, you can get help from EssayShark helping service. There are different options you can choose from, but select only services that have experts in web development.

1. Online Coding Classes from freeCodeCamp


Today, freeCodeCamp is the best place to master a prestigious profession with guaranteed employment. The training program is intense. Moreover, all of the classes are practice-oriented. During the period of study, the student will develop applications for real projects in a team and personally.

Competencies acquired by the student during the learning process:

  • professional HTML/CSS layout
  • full mastery of JavaScript
  • front-end development of an online store
  • professional use of Linux OS
  • a complete PNP course, including architecture, patterns, and algorithms
  • DBMS
  • back-end development of an online store
  • creation of a data aggregator (air or train tickets, various ratings) using APIs of third-party services
  • computer and neural networks
  • team development of high-load applications using Agile/Scrum/Kanban methodologies
  • development of a single-page application together with a UX/UI designer and Product Manager.

Upon completion of studies, the graduate receives a certificate of mastery of a profession. For beginners in the IT field, there are preparatory classes that are free for students of the main training program.

2. Learn HTML and CSS from Scrimba


This is an excellent course designed for beginners. All the necessary theoretical basis is mastered during the training process. Scrimba promotes the employment of graduates.

What’s included in the program?

  • online lectures included in 6 modules
  • performing practical tasks
  • filling the portfolio with five real projects.

The course teacher is a well-known front-end developer with extensive experience in international projects.

During the learning process, the student will master:

  • professional website layout using HTML/CSS
  • mobile and adaptive layout for any type of device
  • control of changes on GitHub, etc.

3. Learn Web Development from Mozilla


During the course, you will deal with theory, practice, and projects. You only need to devote several hours a week. After training, students will be able to create a website.

The following topics are covered during Mozilla online training:

  • HTML, CSS, and responsive design
  • JavaScript basics
  • JavaScript in the browser
  • Development tools
  • React library
  • Team development processes
  • Final individual project.

Important! This course is suitable for both those who are familiar with layout and beginners.

4. Any Course from The Odin Project

The Odin Project

The Odin Project school became one of the leaders in training IT specialists. The courses are taught by well-known and talented programmers who are also looking for personnel for their companies here.

Course “Full Stack JavaScript”

Each student will study all JavaScript basics throughout the course. The program is designed in such a way that the student receives all the necessary skills for full-stack development.

All theoretical knowledge is reinforced with practical homework, which is checked by the curator.

What is included in the course?

  • lessons to master HTML and CSS
  • the same amount of time to study JS and layout your first website
  • lessons to dive into HTML and CSS deeper
  • lessons to master the React library
  • lessons to learn how to work with NodeJS
  • lessons that will tell you how to find a job and launch your career.

Competencies possessed by graduates who have passed the course:

  • layout of pages in HTML
  • applying JS on the page
  • deployment of a web server with user authorization and connection to the database
  • development and support of a website on a domain
  • debugging
  • the ability to find and correct errors in other people’s code
  • skill in writing accompanying documentation for self-created code.

In addition to this course, The Odin Project has the “Full Stack Ruby on Rails” course.

5. Introduction to Web Development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript from Coursera


In this course from Coursera, you will master a profession according to IT standards – from scratch in 12 hours! Learn the latest developer technologies and implement concepts for stylish and functional portfolio websites. You can get a job in a large company or find freelance projects.

The program includes five modules and practical tasks, plus simulators and practical cases on the following topics:

  • Introduction to web development
  • Basics of web development
  • HTML and CSS layout
  • Working with website layout
  • JavaScript
  • Working with the React library
  • Back-end basics
  • Basics of working with databases
  • Testing and support of the finished project.

Students will be guided by code reviewers and given detailed feedback. You will be able to ask any questions and receive detailed answers. Access to the course is granted forever, and Coursera regularly updates all programs – and new lessons will be available completely free of charge. Coursera has an educational license, and you can receive a certificate.

Web development – Where to begin

It is expected that it will be challenging to determine which programming language to start learning first. However, it’s essential to understand that no perfect language will choose your career path. Learning a new programming language is similar to learning a foreign language and requires dedication and practice. First, you need to decide what suits you best: front-end or back-end.

The front-end, back-end, and all this can make your head spin – so let’s decide what these areas are.


Designing and developing the user interface is the responsibility of the front-end developer. Think of diagrams, visual elements, and design as examples. In the front end, it’s the job to make a website that not only looks good but also functions well across all devices, browsers, and screen sizes, all while being easy for users to navigate.

With HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can primarily work. Individuals who pay close attention to detail and like to observe the fruits of their labor right away will find this platform to their liking.


This is the site’s unseen component. Development on the server side, which is not visible to the user, is the responsibility of the back-end developer. For instance, it may involve developing a database and associated programs to store information there, encrypting sensitive data and passwords, establishing backup procedures for both data and access, and coding programs to process data in a way that the user cannot detect.

A number of languages are available for use at the back end, including Node.js, Ruby, Python, and PHP. The following database management systems are required for back-end development: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MongoDB.

People who enjoy tinkering with data and finding solutions to architectural difficulties would like it.


There are many free online courses on web development on the Internet. However, they will not provide complete knowledge and practice. Most of them are intended to introduce you to the profession of a web developer but not to provide solid knowledge, skills, and abilities.

You can get a new, promising, and prestigious profession without going to university. In any of the TOP-5 courses, experienced teachers will give you all the necessary theoretical knowledge and teach you how to work with code and various programming languages.

Graduates of the online courses listed in the review find employment without any problems or successfully make money as freelancers. The cost of training is quite affordable for anyone, and some schools provide installments. After just a couple of months of training, students have a chance to receive their first order and income.

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