The Best 6 Platforms for Pre-employment Skill Testing

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Every individual searching for a new job understands the crucial importance of pre-employment assessments because these evaluations aid hiring managers in assessing candidates’ abilities, personalities, and how well they align with the company culture so that you can hire the best fit for your company.

However, the job seeker benefits the most from pre-employment testing as it allows them to recognize their strengths and weaknesses before facing the final interviews. Additionally, it helps job seekers perform better during the interview than those with no pre-employment skill assessments.


These assessments process is easy as it includes job seekers completing tests based on their interests and personalities. Hiring managers receive comprehensive reports containing data on candidates’ skills, personality traits, and suitability for the job.

In the following sections, we will share more detailed information on this topic, and most importantly, we will examine the top six platforms for pre-employment skill testing. Keep on reading if you are interested!

Types of job assessments

As mentioned earlier, assessments play a vital role in various job search stages, from pre-planning to post-processing. It both helps employees and hiring managers and benefits them in different ways.

These tests contribute to a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s capabilities, including communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and workplace knowledge, and they can be conducted during the interview phase or after hiring.

Employers commonly utilize three types of assessments that help them to make an informed hiring decision. These three types include:

  • Aptitude tests gauge candidates’ problem-solving and reasoning abilities, including mathematical skills. These types of employment assessments are valuable tests that hiring managers use.
  • Reference checks evaluate candidates’ proficiency in specific areas such as mathematics, science, reading comprehension, and writing skills.
  • Personality tests assess personality traits like extraversion, agreeableness, friendliness, compassion, conscientiousness, and openness. These assessments provide employers with a better understanding of candidates’ personalities and characters.

Skills assessment tests

Job seekers often use skills assessment tests to evaluate if they are a good fit for specific job roles or tasks because these assessments assess their knowledge, understanding of the job, ability to perform tasks, and strengths and weaknesses in particular areas.

Furthermore, these tests provide employers with valuable insights into the applicant’s potential performance in a given role, enabling them to identify the best candidates for each job.

Skills assessment tests benefit employers seeking new hires and job seekers seeking interview opportunities, as they provide detailed information on the applicant’s skills and abilities.

Moreover, job knowledge tests are assessments designed to measure candidates’ knowledge and skills related to specific positions. These tests may be written, oral, or online evaluations.

Finally, these employment tests help job seekers can confidently answer questions during interviews, showcasing their best qualities and interest in the position to potential employers.

Personality tests

Employers use personality tests to evaluate job applicants’ personality traits to find the right fit for their organizations.

These tests evaluate the applicant’s self-awareness, communication skills, or problem-solving abilities, which offers valuable insights into their suitability for a particular role.

By assessing various personality traits, these tests give employers a deeper understanding of which candidates are best suited for a specific job, enabling them to make well-informed hiring decisions.

Unlike traditional personality tests that assess multiple characteristics simultaneously, personality tests can efficiently evaluate numerous traits in a single assessment, which helps job seekers determine if they possess the required personality and skills for various positions.

Cognitive ability tests

The cognitive ability tests are used to assess job applicants’ intelligence, problem-solving proficiency, and critical thinking. As you know, these tests consist of puzzles, multiple-choice questions, and timed responses, evaluating applicants’ capabilities in problem-solving and reasoning.

The insights gained from these assessments help employers and hiring managers make informed hiring decisions and hire the right candidates.

On top of that, cognitive ability tests offer businesses a standardized means to compare applicants and evaluate their potential as employees. As a result, they are streamlining the hiring process and reducing extra costs.

Candidates should consider that for success at these employment tests, they need to study relevant materials and prepare themselves to be challenged.

Moreover, it is good to know that these tests assist companies in identifying candidates best suited for specific job roles and challenges because individuals can show their abilities and talents for each job role.

Emotional intelligence tests

As you may know, emotional intelligence tests measure candidates’ ability to recognize and understand their emotions and help employers hire the best ones that fit the company’s culture best.

The emotional intelligence tests can assess the candidate’s self-awareness, IQ exam score, empathy, and social skills, which are essential for hiring managers to consider before hiring.

Additionally, these assessments offer employers a valuable perspective on a candidate’s ability and performance in team working and how effectively they can handle challenging situations. Therefore, hiring managers mostly use the results of emotional intelligence test evaluations to determine the most suitable candidate for the position.

Remember that these tests are designed to assess a potential employee’s character and determine their compatibility with the company, and many of the emotional intelligence tests also include ethical behavior, enabling employers to identify individuals who may be prone to engaging in unethical practices; and that is why most employers use this kind of assessment.

Finally, similar to passing any test, job seekers should prepare for questions that might be asked during the test, ensuring their responses remain credible and consistent across various queries.

Physical ability tests

Physical ability tests mainly evaluate job applicants’ physical capabilities and skills. These assessments encompass evaluations of strength, agility, endurance, and coordination that provide a better sight of the physical health of candidates.

This employment test is excellent for assessing candidates’ proficiency in everyday tasks, such as lifting heavy objects or dressing swiftly. It helps employers to hire suitable candidates and ensure they can safely handle their responsibilities.

To ensure readiness for these tests, practicing in advance and comprehending what will be expected during the assessment process is crucial.

The Top Six Platforms For Pre-employment Skill Testing

As mentioned earlier, practical pre-employment skill tests are essential for evaluating the talent and abilities of job applicants to make better and more informed hiring decisions.

Using employment platforms that share accurate results is crucial, so you have to consider various items when searching for online pre-employment assessments. Some of these items include the following:

  • Aptitude tests
  • Job interview assessments
  • Personality tests
  • Creative tests
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Résumé assessments

These tests significantly assess candidates’ skills, abilities, and cognitive strengths and weaknesses and help identify gaps in job-related experience or training.

In the following section, we are going to examine the best six platforms for pre-employment hiring tests:

1. Codility


Codility is an online platform that empowers employers to evaluate job seekers’ skills through a series of technical and standard tests.

The pre-employment tests of this platform include a wide range of topics, such as social media algorithms, data structures, and coding challenges that help hiring managers assess candidates’ skills in various fields.

A notable feature of Codility is its capacity to create custom tests, enabling the measurement of applicants’ problem-solving abilities and their capacity to perform under pressure because, as you know, creating custom tests enables employers to understand individuals’ abilities better.

Following each test, a comprehensive report is generated, offering insights into each applicant’s performance and evaluating their strength and weakness and areas that can be enhanced.

Lastly, whether in need of pre-employment testing solutions or aiming to enhance the hiring process, Codility proves to be a robust and cost-effective approach for assessing job applicants’ skills and capabilities.

2. HR Avatar

HR Avatar

HR Avatar is a testing company that provides a diverse pre-employment skill test and evaluates a candidate’s knowledge, abilities, and suitability for different job positions.

As you know, the pre-employment skills test assessment plays a vital role in hiring, enabling employers to evaluate candidates’ qualifications. HR Avatar’s standard tests will help hiring managers save time and energy during the hiring process and hire top talents.

These assessments comprehensively address job-relevant skills, including problem-solving, critical thinking, and written and verbal communication. Note that these skills are a MUST for each employee, so you need to use the best platform to assess their skills.

Additionally, the HR Avatar platform assessment includes personality traits like emotional stability, adaptability, and interpersonal skills, which are meticulously designed to assess a candidate’s competency concerning the job description.

Overall, this online platform offers valuable insights concerning a candidate’s alignment with the job description and their suitability for the position.

3. SkillsArena


SkillsArena is another online pre-employment testing platform that offers skill testing services, which allows employers to assess job candidates’ abilities even before conducting interviews which is a unique feature.

Employers can efficiently create custom tests tailored to their requirements using this platform’s assessments and evaluate the results in real-time. This allows them to identify and determine whether potential candidates possess the desired skills and are a good fit for the company.

Moreover, this platform provides a complete collection of ready-made assessments that measure knowledge, aptitude, and personality traits, and hiring managers can use them to evaluate candidates’ knowledge in different areas quickly.

Finally, by utilizing skill testing services such as SkillsArena, employers and managers can spot candidates with the ideal skill set for the job, resulting in significant time and cost savings during the hiring process.

4. Sales Assessment by the Objective Management Group

Objective Management Group

Objective Management Group (OMG) offers a Sales Assessment, which comprehensively evaluates job seekers’ sales skills, knowledge, and capabilities and helps managers to hire the best fit for their organizations easily.

This test covers various topics, including customer service, problem-solving, time management, sales strategy development, communication skills, etc., that provide detailed feedback that helps employers make informed hiring decisions and gives job seekers valuable insight into their abilities.

In addition, the Sales Assessment test has proven to be highly effective in identifying candidates best suited for a specific position. So, if you want to use pre-employment assessments in your hiring process, this online platform is one of your best choices.

5. LinkedIn Skill Assessments


LinkedIn Skill Assessments is an online platform that allows employers to evaluate job applicants’ skills and knowledge relevant to a specific job or industry to find and choose suitable candidates.

The tests are strategically designed to measure the most crucial skills required for each job position, providing a standardized means of assessing top talents.

This platform lets job seekers showcase their skills and value as potential employees. Employers can leverage LinkedIn Skill Assessments to find candidates with the appropriate job skills and save more time on money during the hiring process.

6. WeTest


WeTest is one of the best online platforms for pre-employment skill assessments, enabling employers to discern job-specific skills and competencies in potential candidates.

This platform also offers a range of tests specifically designed to measure the knowledge and capabilities of job seekers in specific areas, such as software engineering, finance, digital marketing, customer service, problem-solving, etc.

WeTest uses an automated scoring system, allowing recruiters to quickly evaluate each assessment’s results, which helps identify candidates possessing the essential skills for specific roles.

Additionally, WeTest provides recruiters with customizable reports for each test, providing comprehensive insights into a candidate’s performance.

It is good to know that this feature lets them make well-informed hiring decisions and determine candidates with the right skills for various positions.

Last but not least, WeTest’s test-scoring algorithms use machine learning technology to automatically pinpoint candidates who outperformed others, potentially qualifying them for immediate job interviews, enabling you to find and hire the top talents quickly and saving time and energy.


Every job seeker must be well-prepared for a pre-employment test to increase their chances of successfully passing the interviews and the pre-employment tests.

As mentioned, self-assessment tests play a vital role for job seekers and employees, allowing them to evaluate their skills and personality traits, which can contribute to improved performance at work.

The top 6 online plaftorms we discussed help employers improve their hiring process and hire the right talents quickly.

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