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Resultful web push notifications campaigns with PushPushGo

Marketing automation for most people probably regards e-mail marketing. But the newsletter is not the only way to use automatic actions for better timing and personalization. Among them, we can list web push notifications – messages that show up when an Internet user visits browser (not necessarily a particular page). Only one click leads a consumer to a subscription of web push notification, which can be extremely successful compared to other forms. On the market, you’ll find a wide range of tools, and in the following article, we’d like to present one of them – PushPushGo.


PushPushGo lets you send mass and target campaigns as well as create scenarios. Therefore you’ll get the holistic approach on web push notifications and be able to send any kind of campaign. Moreover, you can track and analyze user’s behaviors on your site, thanks to this platform. The details are crucial when it comes to online tools so more on that you can read below.

PushPushGo: offers every kind of web push notification you might need

Web push notifications, which you can create in an online tool PushPushGo, can be used in many ways for marketing purposes. For e-commerce, you can use it as a notification about special discounts or abandoned carts. Every company can see its potential when it comes to content distribution, as it’s an excellent alternative for e-mail marketing – let’s face it, people are already overwhelmed with tons of e-mails. Web push notifications can be your brand’s chance to get noticed by its audience. The most advantageous is that the system gathers data regarding website visitors for better targeting. Therefore, you can create campaigns with relevant content and send them to the right group of your customers.

Some of the main features of PushPushGo include:

  • Mass Web Push Campaigns
  • Interest-based Segmentation
  • Behavioral Data-based Segmentation
  • ABX Campaigns
  • Domain Notifications
  • Marketing Automation
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Export Subscribers
  • CSV Exports
  • Time Zones

PushPushGo screenshot

How does it work?

  1. Sign up and start a PushPushGo account.
  2. Paste script on your site (you’ll find the code and the instruction on the PushPushGo platform).
  3. Configure a sign-up form (choose creatives and an appealing text to attract your website’s visitors).
  4. Create an automation scenario based on your customer’s needs and behaviors.
  5. Build a subscriber database.
  6. Send mass or targeted campaigns (compose content and select images, plan campaign and choose your target audience).

Pros & Cons


  • intuitive creator with a preview of the notification and the option to send it to yourself,
  • easy installation on the website,
  • 6 layouts for sign-up form,
  • customer service at the highest level. Support 24h/7 and a dedicated account manager,
  • integrated with: MailChimp, GetResponse, Freshmail, Mailer Lite, Mad Mini, Splio,
  • the possibility of custom integration after contacting PushPushGo team,
  • GDPR ready.


  • only three languages versions: English, Spanish and Polish,
  • doesn’t have a mobile app, although there’s a responsive web design for mobile browsers,
  • PushPushGo doesn’t provide a plugin to Shopify (it’s integrated with Shoplo though).
  • Send mass and target push campaigns, create scenarios, track and analyze user behaviors with @PushPushGo via @supermonitoring

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PushPushGo provides few types of campaigns, so you can use one tool for all web push notifications you want to send. Moreover, it’s essential that it’s GDPR ready so no worries about protecting your customers’ data. You can try it for 14-days free.

Beamer your way to better user engagement, interaction

In today’s times of high-speed information, everyone wants to be up-to-date with the latest news and events. This is where the role of the online tool Beamer comes into play. Beamer is a user-friendly platform, which makes information about news, product launches, events, updates and extra offers easily available to different customers. Among its numerous trusted clients are companies like AppSumo, VidYard, MediaMarkt and many more. All these companies look towards Beamer to share information and update their customers, subscribers and end-users about their new products, launches or any upcoming offers.


Beamer works by helping companies upload posts, images, videos and GIFs to their newsfeed. This will help their clients become updated about all the latest stuff, which is going on with the companies. With a constant flow of latest news and information, companies can easily keep their clients engaged and connected with them. And a lot of credit for that goes to that online tool B. Beamer does not bombard the client with potential information but only sends across news, as and when it happens. Another interesting fact of associating with Beamer is that it can turn casual visitors to potential clients many times more than any other application.

Beamer: The best way to keep your clients engaged and up-to-date

The advantage of associating with Beamer is that it cuts down a lot of the work needed to make important announcements or developments. Companies no longer have to manually send out mails/letters to users. Beamer reduces this workload a lot by sending out information only if something new is being launched or there is some latest development in the company. This works well with users/subscribers as they get only the necessary data and are not bombarded with information.

Many may think that Beamer is a difficult tool to install but that is not the case. This online tool can be installed by just about anyone and does not require any coding knowledge. All that potential users need to do is to copy and paste the Beamer tool script or use the WordPress plug-in. Working with Beamer will help clients better their interactions with customers and thus as a result, reduce churn.

Beamer - screenshot 1

Some of the important features of Beamer

  1. One can add videos, images and gifs to the newsfeed of existing/potential customers.
  2. Beamer helps companies assign posts in such a manner that the news releases are sent at the correct time.
  3. Beamer helps companies get real-time feed-back about products/launches. The analytics team at Beamer works using real-time data.
  4. The online tool makes use of segmentation to interact with the data base and come up with potential new data.
  5. Customers can make use of Beamer’s Zapier integration to connect their respective feeds with many services and thus have more interactions with clients.
  6. Another positive feature about the Beamer tool is that customer can match the color and font of the tool to match their site/app. This is a good feature as it sits well with the brand image.

How It Works

The Beamer tool works in a very simple manner.

  1. You can subscribe to this application for different rates for different periods of time.
  2. Once the subscription is done, you can add new notifications about your new ideas/products.
  3. After setting up an account, you can go to settings and edit your account as per your wishes.
  4. By using the appearance tag, you can set the Beamer tool as per your style.
  5. You can set the default language and designs on the home page as per your liking.
  6. You can then go the dashboard and edit your posts as you want.
  7. Any changes that need to be made are done by editing the Menu page.

This way Beamer helps companies interact better with clients who can also leave their feedback on the tool. This feature helps companies know what their clients want and Beamer helps to measure them through analytics.

Beamer - WordPress screenshot

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to Install: The biggest advantage of using Beamer is that it is very easy to install and does not require any in-depth knowledge of codes. This works well with people who want to use the tool but are code-illiterate.
  2. Keeps Clients Updated: Beamer tool is the best way to keep existing/potential customers up-to-date about the latest developments/news happenings with any company. This will not only reduce churn but turn visitors to potential clients.
  3. Improves Online Presence: Beamer is a great way of bettering the online presence of various companies, which otherwise would be internet-shy. An improved online presence will always help any company increase customer traffic and then sales.


  1. Not Many Negatives: There are not many negatives to be reported about Beamer as most clients consider it quite user-friendly and helpful.
  • Keep your users engaged with @getbeamer via @supermonitoring

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The Beamer tool is a good online application to work with as it works well with E-commerce as well as blogs, SaaS and websites. It is a great tool for companies to pass information to their clients as well as engage fruitfully with them. The Beamer tool helps attract more online visitors and brings down the bounce rate to a large extent.

Monitor webpages for changes with VisualPing

If there’s one thing that binds people across geographies, cultures, and preferences, it is the Internet. Regardless of their age, sex, or color, people all over the world spend an average of 2 – 3 hours on the Internet every day, and that makes for quite a big window of business opportunity. In such a setting, every business wants their website to be the one that a user visits when first looking out to buy stuff. That’s why they spend an awful lot of money, time, and effort into creating the perfect website that showcases their products and services to the world. But simply building the perfect website isn’t enough to ensure business continuity. Vendors need to keep making changes to them frequently to keep things interesting, even if the changes are as minute as a theme switch.

While that is true, sometimes, changes in the information displayed on websites are significant to users. Like the addition of new products to existing display, an update in the prices of things on sale, breaking news flash, information regarding examinations and admission dates, etc. Frequent online shoppers, travel enthusiasts, parents seeking admissions for their wards, or the average online newsreader are all constantly plugged on to the Internet hoping to see the information they want updated on the respective websites. The only thing they can do is keep refreshing webpages and waiting for a change.


Don’t you think that’s a waste of time and energy? You could instead be doing something more productive. But then, you’d have to miss out on changes as and when they happened. Right? Actually, no! With VisualPing, you can keep one of your eyes on changing webpages and one on your work. Want to know how?

VisualPing – Automated real-time monitoring for webpages

VisualPing is an online monitoring service that lets you keep a real-time eye on changes in particular webpages and get instant email alerts when they happen. The tool lets you mark what you wish to track on a webpage (updated price of your favorite bag, launch date announcement of a new gadget, availability of a flight, new job announcement, etc.) and check after every lapse of a designated time interval whether that information has changed or not. Getting the drift? So instead of sitting around refreshing webpages to see if things have changed, you can use VisualPing to monitor those webpages and send you email notifications if something has indeed changed. And the tool does that along with sending you before and after screenshots of the webpages. Neat eh?

Here’s a look at some of the simple yet attractive features of VisualPing:

  • It can send you notifications about changes every hour, day, week, or month to an email address or a Slack channel
  • It lets you monitor webpages using visual-mode (images) or web-mode (text)
  • The tool can detect visual changes, content changes, layout changes, etc.
  • It lets you automate repetitive tasks like monitoring of search rankings, competitive monitoring, etc.
  • With it you can use a proxy for monitoring the page
  • You can even use its blocker feature to block any obstructive ads
  • It sends you notifications with screenshots of the change you are tracking

With hundreds of the biggest corporate houses worldwide like Google, Adobe, BBC, 3M, etc. using VisualPing to automated website checks, the tool is a great way to stay on top of changing web-trends as and when they happen.

VisualPing - screenshot

How it works

This is as simple as it gets:

  1. Visit and you’ll see a textbox saying ‘Enter Website’
  2. Enter the name of webpage you wish to monitor here and click on ‘Go’
  3. You’ll see the tool working on capturing the initial screenshot of the website whose URL you just entered and after a couple of seconds, you’ll see it displayed within a compact box beneath the URL box
  4. On the screenshot you’ll see a select box (like the one in Windows paint) which you can click and drag to mark the areas on the website you wish to monitor for changes
  5. Scroll down to see another textbox where you’ll need to enter the email address on which you wish to receive the change notification. Also pick how frequently you want VisualPing to check for changes to the website by clicking on the light-yellow button that says ‘Every day’
  6. For making changes to advanced settings, click on the ‘Advanced’ label. This will open a small panel containing some more customization options:
    1. A toggle button using which you can specify if you want to monitor changes to images (visual) or text (web)
    2. A wait time after which a screenshot of the loaded page should be taken
    3. Option to display the webpage as it would when connecting from a specific location
    4. Option to pick what level of change you should be informed about
    5. Option to give the current job a name
  7. Once you’ve filled up everything, click on “Start Monitoring” to let VisualPing begin its work

If you’re simply using the tool to check for major changes on a webpage once or twice a day, all you need is the free account which entitles you for 2 checks per day for lifetime. If however, you need more checks, more frequently, with more snapshots, advanced settings, and support, you’ll need to sign up for one of the membership plans of the tool which are all quite affordable.

  • Monitor your favorite webpages for changes with @visualping via @supermonitoring

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The reason we didn’t include a pros and cons section in this review is that we could see some obvious pros in VisualPing but no cons. There’s a little addition that we would like to see however, and that is a small tutorial kind of thing (even a small video would do) explaining how an everyday user can use this tool and what benefit it will give it to them. It is quite obvious, yes, but sometimes, naïve users get lost while trying to understand the purpose behind the simplest of tools. Other than that, double thumbs-up to VisualPing from our end.

600 mobile networks in 166 countries in our range

Today we have changed our mobile service provider. With the new partner we are able to deliver our SMS alerts instantly to almost every cellphone in the world.

See the coverage

15 website monitoring services compared

We have compared 15 most popular monitoring service providers – from a point of view of a webmaster looking for a simple availability service for one website.

Our observations:

  • Most of the providers don’t offer 1 minute monitoring. The ones that do, usually charge a lot for it.
  • Almost every profider enables customers to try the service with 14- or 30-day free trial period.
  • All the providers send email alerts, most of them SMS alerts, only a few generate RSS feed with notifications.
  • The number of monitoring servers vary from 1 up to 37. Although 3-4 are perfectly enough.

Here is a detailed table with all the information we have gathered from provider’s websites. We hope it will help you make the proper choice.

Service Providerannual cost (USD)trial period (days)notificationsmonitoring stations
cheapest plan1 minute monitoringemailSMSRSS feed
1stwarning.com59,4030yesvia email*no2
atwatch.com155,8814yesvia email*no6
netwhistle.com75,9614yesvia email*no6,20897,6030yesyes(48-720)no5
siterecon.com119,4014yesvia email*yes?
websitepulse.com60,00228,0030yesvia email*no37

*via email – email notifications sent to chosen USA cell network operators’ gateways. No actual SMS notifications.

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