15 website monitoring services compared

We have compared 15 most popular monitoring service providers – from a point of view of a webmaster looking for a simple availability service for one website.

Our observations:

  • Most of the providers don’t offer 1 minute monitoring. The ones that do, usually charge a lot for it.
  • Almost every profider enables customers to try the service with 14- or 30-day free trial period.
  • All the providers send email alerts, most of them SMS alerts, only a few generate RSS feed with notifications.
  • The number of monitoring servers vary from 1 up to 37. Although 3-4 are perfectly enough.

Here is a detailed table with all the information we have gathered from provider’s websites. We hope it will help you make the proper choice.

Service Provider annual cost (USD) trial period (days) notifications monitoring stations
cheapest plan 1 minute monitoring email SMS RSS feed
1stwarning.com 59,40 30 yes via email* no 2
alertfox.com 588,00 30 yes no no 3
alertmefirst.com 162,00 30 yes no no 1
atwatch.com 155,88 14 yes via email* no 6
dotcom-monitor.com 959,88 4199,88 30 yes yes(0) no 12
netwhistle.com 75,96 14 yes via email* no 6
periscopeit.co.uk 163,20 897,60 30 yes yes(48-720) no 5
pingdom.com 119,40 125,40 30 yes yes(20-200) no 6
serviceuptime.com 59,40 630,00 yes yes(0) no 10
siterecon.com 119,40 14 yes via email* yes ?
siteuptime.com 60,00 yes yes(0) no 4
uptrends.com 271,44 30 yes yes(240) yes 22
watchmouse.com 150,00 5940,00 30 yes yes(240-500) no 42
website-monitoring.com 59,00 59,00 14 yes yes(200) yes 3
websitepulse.com 60,00 228,00 30 yes via email* no 37

*via email – email notifications sent to chosen USA cell network operators’ gateways. No actual SMS notifications.

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