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Know your competition with SimilarWeb

Nowadays, everybody is vying for online presence. As the internet market grows, so does the number of blogs, online stores, and websites. You can see it for yourself; the sheer volume of online stores and markets is ever-increasing. Because the Internet is ruling everything, you want to make sure you stand out of the crowd. Of course, there are a dozen other people doing exactly what you do and hoping to leave you behind. To be able to beat them and do better, you need to monitor them and know how they do what they do. Well, there’s a way to know that too.

These days, a number of comparative tools are available online; tools that will tell you how you are faring on the Internet as well as how your competitors are faring. With the help of these applications, you can know how to grow on the Internet.

One such application is SimilarWeb. When we used it, we loved it! Read on to find out why.

SimilarWeb – Find out which way you’re sliding over the Internet!

Started by an Israeli company that goes by the name of SimilarGroup, the SimilarWeb online competition intelligence tool gives you the insights and traffic on your website. All you have to do is provide the URL of your live website and see where you rank, how far you have managed to reach your audience, and how you do in user engagement. With these and more powerful insights, it is easy to know where you are going wrong and what you can do to make your website rule the marketplace.

Some of the important features of the SimilarWeb application are:

  • The tool lets you know where you rank as compared the top 50 websites in the selected industry or country.
  • It gives traffic estimates on a monthly basis. You can look up your website’s traffic estimates for up to the last six months.
  • It enables you to see the number of times your page has been visited and the number of page views for up to the last six months.
  • The tool shows you where in the world your users are streaming in from. The percentage of user traffic from five leading countries can be viewed.
  • SimilarWeb provides a list of referring sites that your traffic is pouring in from. The list includes both, inbound and outbound referrals.
  • It lets you search traffic based on organic keywords and paid keywords.
  • You can use the tool to rank the top 5 social websites, such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram, that send in traffic to your website.
  • It also provides you with the ability to view sites that have similar content like your site.

With a strong team and data-driven marketing strategies firmly backing it, SimilarWeb is ideal for agencies, marketers, analysts, and business developers.

How to use the tool

To start playing around with SimilarWeb sign up with Google, LinkedIn, or punch in your corporate email id and a few other details. Thereafter, you’ll be asked to provide a phone number, website URL, and some information about your company to proceed. A slight inconvenience here is that the tool won’t let you proceed with a free sign-up without asking for a valid phone number and other details. While providing a URL and information like team size and industry is ok, some users might not be comfortable in sharing their phone numbers with a tool they’re just trying out. Demo versions should ideally not ask for such personal information.

Once you’re through the sign-up phase, you’ll be asked to key in your website’s URL and the websites you wish to compare it with (your competitors). Thereafter you’ll be redirected to a dashboard with various options like website overview, website audience, traffic sources, traffic destination, website content, competitors, etc. All these options are listed within the dashboard’s left hand panel and can be expanded to reveal sub-options by clicking. The Filter button on the top right corner can be clicked to filter the data by date and by country. You can view the data for up to the last six months and from five leading countries, namely The United States, France, Netherlands, Germany, and The United Kingdom. In addition to these, the tool has usual notifications, favorite, emails, etc. options.

Each parameter in SimilarWeb’s dashboard offers key insights into your website’s online presence and ranking and help you analyze where you stand in comparison to your competitors. You can use this information to find out your improvement zones and work on them to boost website rankings.

Why we love SimilarWeb and what we wish it would have


  • It’s fairly priced. After you wish to upgrade from the free package, depending on your requirement, you can move on to the Basic, Advanced, or the Ultimate package.
  • The free version comes with a lot of good features.
  • The interface is supremely easy to use.
  • The data provided is on a very large scale. You can see sources of traffic, their geographical distribution, traffic from social media, etc.
  • You can export reports and save them locally on your system or network.
  • While there are a lot of applications that will give you competitor analysis, there are only a few that will give you industry analysis. SimilarWeb is one of the few ones. SimilarWeb does the industry analysis job and does it very well.
  • If you are invested in the mobile market, SimilarWeb is really for you. It gives you app analysis so that you can draw conclusions about how you are doing in the mobile industry and what you can do to beat your competition.
  • SimilarWeb also gives you a complete report on how your competitors are doing and marks them against you, so that you can see where you are doing better than others and where you have the potential to up your game a bit.


  • Sign-up issues
  • While data can be seen up to the last six months, it is shows only in full-month time frames. You cannot set the date range for data.
  • Estimates are provided on desktop traffic and not mobile and tablet traffic.
  • SimilarWeb does not give you a count of individual visitors
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We like the free version, and we urge you to try it out too. While there is a room for improvement, SimilarWeb is a good tool to have handy when you are just starting out to work on improving your online presence and performing competitor analysis. The free version has some limitations, but when you upgrade to one of the packages, you will be able to get the most out of the application.

Find out your competitors’ SEO success strategy with SpyFu

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most powerful tools used by organizations to get ahead of their competitors today. Using SEO techniques and quality content that’s optimized for popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc. organizations ensure they make their information reach their prospective customers on time and in the right way.

Consider a scenario where you’re in need of a new computer. In today’s world, whenever people need to buy something, they study about it on the Internet first. Thus ideally, you’d research about which PC or laptop model would fit the configuration you’re looking for, be from a reliable manufacturer, and still be within your budget. Whichever laptop model is shown on top in Google or Bing search results would have a better chance of getting bought. Agreed? Now if you’re a laptop / PC manufacturer looking to maximize sales, you’d want your product to feature on top in search results, right? In order to do that, you’ll need to know how to market yourself correctly. And one of the most effective ways to do that is to flood the Internet with search engine optimized content that promotes your products / services.

But what if you don’t know how to generate SEO content that’s better than what your competitors are using? How do you still get ahead?

It’s simple really. By finding out what techniques, keywords, and content your competitors are using to market themselves. And SpyFu lets you do just that!

SpyFu – expose your competitors’ search marketing secret formula

SpyFu literally lets you spy on your competitors; meaning you can find out what makes their online marketing successful. The tool lets you discover what keywords your competitors use, see websites that are spending money to get the right Adwords, and find the most profitable keywords that suit your business.

The principle SpyFu works on is straightforward; search for any domain (competitor domains / URL will do) and SpyFu lets you see every place the domain has shown up on Google, every keyword that domain has bought on Adwords, every organic rank, and every ad variation in the last 10 years. Plus, the tool guides you connect with these domains and find traditional leads methods (social media, email, phone, and address) you can’t find anywhere else.

Additionally, with SpyFu you can:

  • Drive clicks to your SEO or Adwords campaigns with their smart recommendations
  • Monitoring of your paid and SEO rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Build partnerships or generate sales leads through reliable contact info
  • Discover the competitions most lucrative keywords that you’re missing
  • Save money by eliminating bad keywords you’re using but that aren’t any good
  • Leverage your competitors’ lessons from historic hits and misses (meaning learn from their mistakes)
  • Move keywords in the top 50 results onto the first page

SpyFu thus lets you improve your search engine ranks by tapping into your competitors’ keyword strategies. The tool makes understanding SEO as easy as PPC with branded reports.

How it works

One of the best things about SpyFu is that you don’t need to sign up or share any of your information to start using it. Simply land on the tool’s homepage and search for the domain or URL of your competitor’s website. The results of the search will show you:

  • Domain Overview
    • Number of organic keywords
    • Estimated monthly SEO clicks and their value
    • Inbound clicks from Google: Organic VS Paid via a colorful pie-chart
    • Paid Search (Adwords) and related info
  • Top Competitors: Organic and Paid
  • Shared Keywords: Organic and Paid
  • Top Keywords: Organic and Paid
  • Some Adwords recommendations
  • Ranking History
  • Inbound Links

If you know SEO and recognize the various terms used in the field, you’d be good to proceed from here on. You’d have enough intel to lift up your online marketing a few notches. Moreover, the same page will show you a plethora of options to study about your competitors SEO strategies. You’ll get to see various graphs and colored depictations of information that you can use to tap on the areas you were earlier missing out on.

So is the tool free?

Well yes and no.

If you’re satisfied with the information the free version of the tool (described above) shows you, you don’t need to pay anything. However, if you want access to premium features like unlimited search results, unlimited data exports, unlimited domain overviews, hundreds of sales leads & domain contacts, thousands of weekly tracked keyword rankings, API calls, custom branded reporting, and much more, you can sign up for one of the 3 paid plans they have. And along with these features, you get access to a lot more with a 30-day money back guarantee (if you aren’t pleased with it), no strings attached.

Is this real?

The good VS The bad

Let’s keep this short and sweet.

The pros are many. The con is only one – the terminology used in the tool can confuse any beginner.

But then, you’d actually be using it only if you know what you’re doing, right?

  • Peek at your competitors’ SEO strategy with @spyfu via @supermonitoring

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Final Words

The tool actually fares pretty well on our test parameters. It’s simple to use, is affordable, has no strings attached, and does what it claims. But then, like we always say, you’ll need to try it out to see how well it turns out for you. For now, thumbs up from our end.

Get ahead of your competitors with KeywordSpy

In a cut-throat market where every organization constantly tries to find ways to beat its competitors, the slightest edge could make all the difference. Take advertising campaigns for example. To create an effective campaign that catches audience interesting immediately, the right keywords need to be used. The perfect slogans, taglines, and vision statements can immensely help a company in establishing consumer trust and confidence. On the other hand, a tagline that’s nothing extraordinary could mean that despite having strong products and services, your advertising campaign, and gradually your company, could end up being beaten in the race.


So how does an organization ensure that it’s using the right techniques to market itself? At least techniques that are at par with its competitors? By using tools that can help it research what’s trending and how. And when it comes to researching about what makes for powerful advertising campaigns, nothing can help you better than KeywordSpy.

KeywordSpy – learn from your competitors’ success!

KeywordSpy literally lets you spy on your competitors; meaning you can find out what makes their ad campaigns successful. The online tool lets you discover more competitors than you thought you had (that can’t hurt), know what keywords they use, see websites that are spending money to get the right Adwords, and find profitable keyword and ad copy combinations. The application is designed to deliver fresh data with daily updates and has a database spanning over 127 million keywords.

Here’s a sneak peek into the amazing features of KeywordSpy:

  • The tool lets you conduct keyword research and see competitor strategies
  • You can monitor keyword performance through real time tracking of your keywords in prominent search engines
  • It enables you to launch a profitable affiliate campaign in under 30 minutes
  • Avail advanced reports and APIs through consolidated packages
  • Know your competitors’ PPC and organic campaign strategies
  • Build your own keyword list using most searched keywords (competitors’) and a huge database of related terms
  • The application’s ROI indicator lets you pinpoint profitable keywords and ad-copy combinations
  • Different search criteria let you organize your search options by domain, keywords, destination URL, ad copy content etc.

Not only does KeywordSpy provide actionable information, but it presents the information in an intuitive, easy to group format. With a few clicks, you can carry out a comprehensive search to keep your Adwords’ Quality Score consistently high and your minimum keyword bids low.


Here’s how to use the tool

From the Research drop-down menu on the home page, you can see all the different ways in which you can use KeywordSpy. The options available and their usage is described below:

Research Home: Shows a search bar and a country adjacent to it. Choose the targeted country and type in the keyword you wish to search for. Also, through a radio button, you can choose to search for domains, keywords, destination URLs, or Ad copies related to the keyword you type. All results pages have the option to export the findings into Excel / CSV to refer to later.

Top Lists: Lists down quite an interesting summary of top paid as spenders, keywords with highest cost per day etc. You should definitely check it out for insight.

Affiliate Intelligence: Discover the most prominent affiliate networks across the globe along with the total number of products they sell and the total number of ads they have running on various sites.

Affiliate Reports: Displays the affiliate reports of some of the most used online sellers with a detailed account of each seller including top products, super affiliates and more.

Affiliate Boot Camp: This link is also quite eye-catchy. KeywordSpy here offers their Affiliate Boot Camp program that includes trainings and video presentations to let you learn the art of building a profitable affiliate campaign.

SEO/ PPC Plug-in: This is a free feature offered by the tool. You can install the plug-in directly in your browser and uncover Adwords advertisers’ PPC keywords, do localized Google country searches and more.

Widget: From here you can copy KeywordSpy widget code and embed it into your blog. Thereafter, you’ll be able to get KeywordSpy results on-the-go. For example, if you search the keyword “food” with the widget, it will display the search volume for all related keywords like recipes, Mexican food, Chinese food, cooking etc.

Agency & Enterprise: This is the premium program offered by KeywordSpy that you can sign-up for to maximize your benefits by having greater query and export data. It also includes high-priority support and advanced features like daily destination URL export quota and more.


Apart from the Research drop-down menu, another item called Tracking on the main menu can be used to track your keyword performance in popular search engines in real-time. To use this feature, you need to sign-up.

Though on clicking on sign-up you’ll be taken to the pricing page directly and you might find the prices a bit too steep, the saving grace is a free trial program that KeywordSpy claims lasts your lifetime. Click on Free Trial in the main menu and you can then sign-up for it. However, the catch is that with the free trial you get only basic features like instant access to keywords, landing pages, organic data, ad copy etc.

Pros Vs Cons

The plus points of the tool are evident from the description of its features. Additionally:

  • The tool lets you know the ad spending of your target sites for you to benchmark your ad campaigns against other advertisers in your niche
  • It also lets you measure the effectiveness of keywords based on gauging statistics such as Cost per Click, Search Volume, Position, and other valuable metrics

The negative points of the tool are also quite evident: price, price, price! We found it a little too over budget for small time organizations and professionals. At a minimum price of approximately $90 per month, we doubt many people would want to invest in it. However, for those who wish to gain the edge over their competition at any cost (and don’t mind investing huge sums), this tool is definitely worth it.

  • Find out your competitors’ SEO/PPC strategies and get ahead with @KeywordSpy_Talk via @supermonitoring

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Final Words

If you’re up for it (price-wise), this tool can really bring a turn in your online success tale.

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