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SocialPilot enables you to automate your social media postings on several platforms, all from one location, in a world where people use social media daily. Using cutting-edge features, SocialPilot enables you to organize, schedule, and publish your articles, saving your time and allowing you to develop your business more successfully.



  • SocialPilot allows you to connect to more than nine social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, TikTok, and VK.
  • Connect up to 100 accounts and share up to 500 posts using a single SocialPilot account.
  • You may add maximum 10 team members to your account, and then use the Team Collaboration function to assign sharing and scheduling.
  • You can use the bulk scheduling option to schedule hundreds of articles at once by uploading a CSV.
  • You can use Social Inbox to manage the discussions you have on social media.
  • Check your social media calendar to see when and what you have planned.
  • Always be on the lookout for fresh content ideas; collect recommendations and keep them as drafts for later use. For a never-ending queue, add RSS feeds and curated content.
  • SocialPilot’s analytics and reporting function is designed to assist users in monitoring and gauging the success of their social media initiatives. The number of likes, comments, and shares a user’s posts receive, along with the posts’ reach and engagement, can all be seen in this feature, giving users a thorough picture of their social media activity. The analytics feature of SocialPilot also offers a variety of advanced analytics tools, such as the capacity to track the performance of particular hashtags, track the performance of individual posts and campaigns, and compare the performance of various social media accounts, in addition to these fundamental metrics.
  • Use the Client Management function to easily invite your clients and manage their social media profiles without having to wait for their login information.
  • 10)Use the URL shorteners that SocialPilot offers to create your own unique, branded domains for increased exposure and awareness, and get rid of long, pointless, unattractive URLs.

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SocialPilot has options for targeted people, small enterprises, and organizations. Large corporations and enterprises, however, who would probably need to acquire one of the agency plans to make SocialPilot viable for their requirements seem to be of less interest to them.

  • Professional ($30 per month) — you can manage 10 social accounts, 1 user.
  • Small Team ($50 per month) — 20 social accounts, 3 users.
  • Agency ($100 per month) — 30 social accounts, 6 users, unlimited clients.
  • Agency+ ($200 per month) — 50 social accounts, unlimited users, unlimited clients, white label.

The Social Inbox, which enables you to manage all incoming comments and messages from all your Facebook Pages in one location, and the Content Library, where you can store hashtags and posts for later use, are the features that the Professional plan excludes the most. Client management and white-label PDFs for analytics are two capabilities that are particularly suited for agencies. You can visit the pricing page for Social Pilot to see a complete list of features included with each plan. Any plan from Social Pilot is available for a free 14-day “no credit card needed” trial.

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SocialPilot Pros & Cons


  • Scheduling and publishing material in advance is one of the numerous benefits of using SocialPilot. This might save a lot of time for businesses and people who are unable to publish information on social media continuously.
  • SocialPilot supports a wide range of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. This makes it simple to control several social media accounts from a single location. With SocialPilot’s features, you may respond to comments and messages, keep track of how postings are being seen and interacted with, and look at audience.


  • Although having a variety of price choices, SocialPilot can be expensive for businesses or individuals that need to manage several social media accounts or who need to generate a lot of material.
  • The scheduling and posting choices on SocialPilot may not be as flexible as those on some other social media management programs, which may be a turnoff for certain users.
  • According to some customers, SocialPilot’s customer assistance may be sluggish to respond or nonexistent for users who have issues with the site.

A Quick Video Walkthrough


Social Pilot first appeared in 2014. They have carefully invested the years since their creation in creating a product that is collaborative, fully featured, and very simple to use. If they pay attention, they’ll probably attract a lot of new clients who are fed up with paying too much for rival items.

One of SocialPilot’s biggest features is its Social Inbox, which helps increase interaction, write personalized messages for each social media account separately and include mentions to other Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business Profiles, and Twitter pages. For agencies, this is very helpful. Due to its intuitive style and navigation and excellent analytics, it is also incredibly simple to grasp and use.

Apart from a very helpful Canva connection, one of its main drawbacks is that it does not provide many third-party applications or connectors. SocialPilot needs to be on your short list of platforms to check out for any company that is beginning to take social media management seriously or for any agency that wants to handle its many customers more effectively.

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