Reditus: Unveiling New Avenues for B2B SaaS Affiliate Marketing

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Reditus is a cutting-edge affiliate marketing platform meticulously crafted for B2B SaaS companies, propelling businesses to unprecedented heights through strategic partner collaboration. This referring software serves as the ultimate solution for expanding your business via a dynamic partner channel. With Reditus, seamlessly discover and manage new affiliates in just a few clicks. The platform’s intuitive interface streamlines the process – from account registration to selecting a Saas program and initiating referral sharing.


This stands out with a variety of characteristics, surpassing simple one-time commissions and bringing the possibility to earn not once but for years ahead. User-level tracking enables companies to identify the best performing affiliates while a unified portal facilitates easy management of several partner programs. As the GDPR is approved, Reditus privacy takes a leading role as it ensures security and transparency for affiliate marketing.

Reditus is not only an affiliate management tool but also a catalyst for the growth of SaaS companies and their partners; it creates a powerful revenue stream even if these networks already exist. With an easy-to-use layout, live chat service, and customer feedback orientation in mind Reditus stands out as the best option for B2B SaaS companies. While choosing the free plan or purchasing premium packages, Reditus provides quick return on investment, enabling SaaS companies to enter affiliate programs with little budget upfront. Located in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and founded in 2020, Reditus is an example of the customer-oriented approach to affiliate marketing success.


User-friendly Dashboard

Through Reditus, you will get a dashboard that is clean and easy to navigate whereby all user functions can be found without confusion. Gain access to consolidated data for easy management.


Join the Reditus Marketplace, a flourishing market for B2B SaaS companies. Present your program to 6,000+ affiliates, get requests, and accelerate your progress with a large number of possible partners.


Reditus can simplify your commission process. Aggregate affiliates commissions into a single payout is wise when they reach the desired level to ensure that efficiency in collections does not compromise control over payments.

Analytics & Reporting

Reditus’s analytics and reporting tools will give you the ability to unlock powerful insights. Insight into affiliate results, monitor clicks and make data-driven decisions to enhance your program for the best possible outcome.

Action Tracking

It is easy to track affiliate actions with Reditus. Monitor every click-through or conversion from awareness to purchase enabling you to optimize your strategy and improve overall efficacy.

ROI Measurement

Reditus eliminates the guesses about your affiliate marketing success. By accurately measuring ROI, show clearly how effective and profitable your program is.

Use Reditus custom links to create personalized trips for your affiliates. Customize links based on brand and campaign specifications in order to increase engagement and conversion.

Conversion Tracking

Convert every visitor with the conversion tracking of Reditus. Ensure swift and accurate insight into the workings of your program for timely adjustments, as well as capitalizing on affiliate actions that prove to be effective.

With the help of Reditus, your affiliate links can be optimized for search engines. Increase the visibility of your program and attract more traffic, multiplying the benefits you’ve already achieved in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Network

Join Reditus, a powerful affiliate network. Easily invite affiliates to join your program that helps them grow and expand their networks.

Migration Support

Seamlessly transition from other affiliate tools with Reditus’s migration support. Receive expert help and guidance to make the switch hassle-free, allowing you to focus on growing your affiliate program.

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Pricing: A Growth-Driven Approach

Reditus adopts a distinctive pricing strategy, which is primarily based on the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) generated via affiliates. This model aligns with the growth patterns of SaaS businesses, ensuring that the costs are proportionate to the benefits received.

Free Plan

Reditus believes in providing value first before charging its clients. Therefore, it offers a free plan to set up an affiliate program. This plan includes unlimited affiliates, a custom landing page, and dedicated account management among other features. However, to be listed in the Reditus Marketplace and access additional premium features, one needs to upgrade to a paid plan.

Premium Plans

The premium packages begin at $59 per month (billed annually). These plans are particularly designed for businesses that are ready to expand their reach beyond their existing network. Once a company opts for a premium package, it gets listed in the Reditus Marketplace, which opens doors to a focused network of B2B SaaS affiliates.

Pros and cons


  • Very Good UI/UX: The interface of Reditus is user friendly and easy to navigate. This simplifies user access to the necessary information as well as managing their affiliate programs. A user interface and a good user experience can make an amazing difference to both the users’ satisfaction as well as their productivity.
  • Smooth Onboarding: That is why Reditus enables you to create a program in less than 30 minutes. This short setup time is a considerable advantage to businesses that desire an expedited rollout of the affiliate program.
  • Affiliate Management: One of the things that Reditus offers as an easy approach to having affiliates be a part in your program is invited When they sign up, you know which one is active and who isn’t. This function helps you manage your affiliates effectively.
  • Marketplace Access: Listing your affiliate program in the Reditus marketplace gives you access to their network of affiliates1. This can help optimize and grow your affiliate program.
  • Stripe & API Integration: Reditus integrates with Stripe, a popular payment processing service. This allows for seamless transactions within the platform. Additionally, the API integration means that Reditus can be easily connected with other software or platforms, providing flexibility and convenience for users.


  • Limited Scope: Reditus is geared towards B2B SaaS businesses. This implies that the platform may not be as attractive to businesses outside of this industry.
  • Dependent on MRR: The cost of Reditus grows with the MRR you have from affiliates. This would potentially see the platform become unaffordable for enterprises with high MRR from affiliates.
  • Only for B2B SaaS Companies: Reditus targets B2B SaaS companies. Although this feature allows Reditus to provide services that are suited for these businesses, it also implies that firms operating outside of this domain may consider the platform less advantageous and related to their needs. This might narrow Reditus’s potential market.


Reditus, an innovative platform for affiliate marketing, transforms the growth strategies of B2B SaaS companies. Integrated with convenient landing pages and allowing infinite user access, it provides an intuitive dashboard to manage affiliate programs easily.

The Reditus Marketplace provides nearly 6,000 affiliates to its businesses and promotes growth.

Promoting scalability, Reditus has flexible pricing plans such as a free one and different tiers priced according to the revenue range. It stands out with such prominent features as multi-tier access, API access and dedicated account managers. Located in Utrecht, The Netherlands Reditus puts customer success first ensuring full-on support and migration help.

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