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To prosper and expand in the market, each firm must offer excellent customer service. But answering every customer’s question or controlling the flow of calls might be difficult when it comes to addressing queries. Consumers today anticipate contact across all platforms, including social media, email, and phone conversations. This is where MightyCall steps in to help out. The goal of this cloud-based communication platform is to improve and streamline consumer interactions. Never heard of it prior to now? This review will explain the main attributes of MightyCall and how using it might help your company.


The Basics Of The App

MightyCall is a cloud-based calling platform with state-of-the-art technologies designed to meet the communication needs of medium-sized businesses. With the help of this cutting-edge communication technology, companies can improve customer service. keep a competitive advantage in their sector. It offers features like multi-level IVR, outbound dialer, call dispositions, call monitoring, and other tools made to update handling big call volumes in addition to call messaging and voicemail capabilities.

MightyCall includes call routing and an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature that allows for customizing the flow of incoming calls based on business requirements. The solution also has call prioritization power that enables businesses to give more importance to calls from loyal customers.

On top of that, MightyCall integrates with popular tools and platforms such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, and Zapier, allowing businesses to create a smoothly flowing ecosystem. It provides personalized onboarding support to ensure a smooth installation and setup. Premium plans include access to a dedicated account manager who can handle specific inquiries about your account.

Top Features

MightyCall is a powerful service that offers a wide range of features designed to upgrade business communications:

Preview dialer

The feature is designed to help businesses optimize their outbound calling campaigns by allowing call center representatives to preview lead information before making a call. This feature facilitates a more personalized and informed conversation, which is crucial for complex processes where preparation and a personalized touch are essential.

Do Not Call List

The DNC feature is to help call centers comply with privacy regulations and avoid calling individuals who have requested not to be contacted. By maintaining a DNC list, businesses can ensure that they are respecting the privacy preferences of their customers and avoiding potential legal issues related to unsolicited calls.

User extensions

Businesses can assign unique phone numbers to different employees or departments. Thus, it is easier for customers to reach the right person or department quickly and efficiently.

Call queues

With call queues, businesses can hold incoming calls in a queue and direct them to the appropriate agent or department based on their availability.

Custom greetings and music on hold

MightyCall allows for creating personalized messages to greet customers when they call, while music on hold keeps customers engaged and entertained as they wait for their calls to be answered.

Call waiting, call screening, and dial-by-name directory

These features help businesses manage their calls more efficiently. Call waiting allows businesses to handle multiple calls simultaneously, while call screening enables them to screen incoming calls and decide whether to accept or decline them. Thanks to the dial-by-name directory, customers easily find and connect with the person or department they are looking for.

Call monitoring

Supervisors may discreetly monitor live calls without disrupting the discussion. Thus, they may evaluate agent performance, do call analysis, identify areas for growth, and provide constructive comments.

Multi-level IVR

This powerful automated speech system sends calls via many levels, or “tiers.” A multi-level IVR enables organizations to establish a hierarchical framework of alternatives for callers, directing them through several levels of menu selection. This capability is particularly useful for firms with different divisions, locations, or language needs.

Call screening

Around 33 million robocalls are made daily. One method of preventing this is call screening. With the help of this tool, you may confirm who is calling before answering. You can stop unsolicited spammers and give priority to real consumers with a high-quality call screening solution.


Incoming audio messages are immediately translated into readable text by the MightyCall application. If needed, customers can get an audio version of the message by email in addition to the textual version.

Call listening

The manager may click into any call and manage them all from a single panel or webpage. The supervisor’s presence is kept secret from the customer and agent, allowing the dialogue to flow organically.

Call whisper

With the use of this technology, supervisors may have direct conversations with agents while on a live call without the consumer knowing. With the use of this tool, the agent may receive coaching, direction, or feedback in real time without having to break off their engagement with the consumer.

Roles & permissions

Organizations may limit certain team members’ access to business numbers, call flows, messaging, voicemails, and account administration with this advanced privacy setting. The three distinct positions in MightyCall’s new user hierarchy are Agent, Manager, and Administrator. Different levels of access and particular permissions are provided for each job, giving users more freedom and customized privacy settings.

MightyCall - screenshot


MightyCall provides three different pricing plans to meet the needs of businesses of various sizes and budgets. Besides that, a 7-day free trial is available with a time limit of 100 minutes, allowing you to test the features and determine if the solution is a good fit for you before purchasing a paid subscription.

  • The Core Plan costs $15 per user per month (billed annually) and includes basic call management features such as call forwarding, custom greetings, voicemail, cold and warm transfers, call queues, business hours, three-way calling, and so on. It provides basic reports and two business phone numbers. The Core plan is ideal for small businesses that don’t require advanced call monitoring, supervisor workspace, or analytics support.
  • The Pro plan costs $20 per user per month (billed annually) and includes advanced features and abilities such as live call monitoring, call listening, call barging, call whisper, outbound campaigns, supervisor workspace, dedicated account manager, and advanced reporting. This option is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses that require ongoing support, advanced features, and thorough analytics.
  • The Enterprise plan includes all of the features of the Pro plan, as well as priority support for support requests. You can negotiate volume discounts based on your company’s requirements. To subscribe to the Enterprise plan, you must have at least 10 users. Enterprise plans are ideal for large businesses that require customized features and functionalities, as well as priority support.

Keep in mind that all prices are in USD, and you can select either monthly or yearly billing.

Pros and Cons


MightyCall stands out from comparable products on the market because to a number of fantastic features and favorable factors. These are a few of them.

  • Well-thought-out UI — Both MightyCall’s website and mobile app offer an intuitive user experience that allows users to navigate easily, perform rapid actions, and finish jobs rapidly.
  • Superior speech quality — VoIP technology offers crystal-clear conversations, which promotes effective and efficient communications.
  • Professional customer service — According to MightyCall online evaluations on Trustpilot, people adore the company’s customer service. Their customer support crew is said to be knowledgeable about technological details and responds rapidly to any concerns.
  • MightyCall allows businesses to quickly pick a variety of virtual numbers, including toll-free and vanity numbers, to match their specific needs.
  • MightyCall’s availability setting allows customer support agents to specify their availability, which is beneficial for remote enterprises with staff in different time zones.
  • High software customization — MightyCall’s call flow is completely flexible and customizable. It allows organizations to designate certain callers to ring groups and regulate how calls flow between main lines and departments.
  • MightyCall is a real-time, very intuitive interface that shows missed calls and voicemail information. Businesses may then delegate these to agents, ensuring that all sales and service demands are addressed.

With all these advantages, businesses may create a flexible and productive call center that will yield great business results, such as satisfied clients and higher return on investment.


As you begin using MightyCall for your call center, you should be aware of the following nuances:

  • MightyCall requires a high-speed internet connection, and call quality worsens when the connection is unreliable. This can have an impact on the quality of customer service.
  • Priority support issue – When it comes to support and issue resolution, users with corporate plans are given priority.

Final thoughts

Being a premium contact center software provider, MightyCall stands out for giving companies the tools they need to compete in the cutthroat industry of today and offer excellent customer service. MightyCall enhances communication operations by combining a user-friendly interface with robust functionality.

MightyCall offers comprehensive call management features, including multi-level IVR and call routing, as well as integration with well-known tools and platforms, to assist businesses in boosting productivity and customer satisfaction. Additionally, businesses of all shapes and sizes are drawn to its adaptable pricing choices, and a seven-day free trial enables users to experience its power firsthand. With MightyCall, businesses may enhance their approach to customer communication and achieve significant results in terms of customer loyalty and revenue growth. Please feel free to experiment with the solution.

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