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Project management is a clear-cut routine where assets are wisely handled to reach objectives and fulfill success requirements within a set period. Tasks include preparing, organizing, safeguarding, overseeing, and control. Likewise, it has an exact beginning and ending, and aspires to develop something extraordinary, such as a report, service, or result.


Handling a project is tricky. You have to reach your targets while watching out for limits like range, schedule, quality, and budget. ProofHub is a good pick for smaller and mid-level businesses that need a cost-effective, easy-to-use project management helper. It’s also a great help for teams in different places.


It offers a broad array of functionalities and makes sure teams have the tools they need to stay organized and productive. The key features that ProofHub has to offer are:

Task Management

As a leader of a project, using ProofHub’s task management feature is ideal for daily work. It enables quick task creation, delegation to team members, and straightforward deadline setting. It assures that the whole team is cooperating well and encourages responsibility. This feature also offers instant updates on the progress of tasks and forecasts useful details about the project’s growth.

Time Tracking

The time-monitoring feature gives a straightforward peek at time usage on work. It aids in recording jobs and plans. It trails your work history, handing over practical data relating to distribution of resources and team success. You can spot and tackle snags, leading to better process flow and work output.

File Sharing

ProofHub shines in promoting teamwork by allowing files to be shared. It lets you easily share documents with your team, making a central place for shared files. Everyone gets the newest versions. This reduces misunderstandings and creates a seamless teamwork environment.

Communication Tools

In managing projects, good communication is key. ProofHub delivers a variety of communication aids to enhance interaction. The chat tool promotes real-time conversations within the team. It also assists in making swift decisions.

Discussion platforms enable detailed talks on project essentials. Keeping everyone in the know and on track with project aims, important news acts as a solid base for spreading key details.

Gantt Charts

ProofHub’s Gantt charts are transforming the way we manage projects, particularly for those who favor clear, visual timelines. They offer an easy way to see project schedules. It helps teams pinpoint vital events, potential roadblocks, and task connections. This key tool boosts project managers’ ability to plan and act effectively.

Kanban Boards

Kanban boards give teams a smooth method to handle their work by showing tasks as they move through different completion levels. This is particularly beneficial for squads that appreciate the Agile method, paving the way for a lively approach to project handling.

Customizable Dashboards

I found the ability to create personal dashboards interesting because it offers unique views. With ProofHub, you can adjust dashboards to keep an eye on vital project data. It aids in making choices and managing the entire project, giving project leaders a unified look at important details.

ProofHub - screenshot


ProofHub provides two flat-rate pricing options: Essential and Ultimate Control. The Essential plan is priced at $45 per month and allows for a maximum of 40 projects. Additionally, there is a free trial available. On the other hand, the Ultimate Control plan costs $89 per month and permits an unlimited number of projects.

  • Essential: $45 per month, unlimited users, 40 projects, 15GB storage.
  • Ultimate: $89 per month, unlimited users, unlimited projects, 100GB storage.

Pros of ProofHub

Easy to Use

ProofHub’s smart layout helps users get the hang of it fast. It’s a breeze to sift through its features. This easy-to-use feel encourages quick acceptance among teams.


ProofHub’s pricing plans are very good deals. They offer lots of features. This is why companies that want to save money like it.

Wide Range of Features

It simplifies the project management process by consolidating multiple tools into one convenient solution. With ProofHub, you can say goodbye to the hassle of juggling different tools and focus on streamlining your projects.

Good for Distributed Teams

The collaboration tools benefit teams in separate locations. ProofHub helps bridge the gap and makes communication and coordination seamless.

Customizable Dashboards

It provides users with the capability to create personalized dashboards that fit their unique requirements. It helps to make informed decisions and allows project managers and team members to access a centralized view of important metrics. The option to customize dashboards helps to prioritize the metrics that are most relevant to them.

Free Trial Available

It also offers a free trial option for those who are interested. It’s a risk-free opportunity to discover the platform’s features. During the trial period, users can assess how well it meets their project management needs. This helps them make informed decisions before deciding to subscribe.

Cons of ProofHub

Limited Storage on the Trial Plan

The trial plan is a good way to begin, but it may not be sufficient for projects that require sharing a large number of files due to the storage limit.

Some Advanced Features Restricted to Higher-Priced Plans

In the higher-priced plans, there are certain advanced features, such as Gantt charts, that are not available to users with a tighter budget. This limitation could affect the functionality for those on a limited budget.

Not as Customizable as Some Competitors

ProofHub may not fully meet the needs of users looking for extensive customization options. While it includes the essential features, other competitors provide greater flexibility in tailoring the platform to specific requirements.

End Notes

ProofHub, a powerful project management tool, is highly effective in helping teams of all sizes manage their projects. It is user-friendly, cost-effective, and offers an extensive array of features. Any business seeking to enhance productivity would benefit from using ProofHub as its project management tool.

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