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Why Choose to become a Magento Developer?

Becoming a Magento developer is the goal of many software app developers today. Why? Because every developer of PHP could just jump on it as they please, meaning you stand out among the rest. Since Magento teaches more on software engineering, not just coding or programming, this means your job prospect is not limited to just PHP.

Magento resources

The demand to hire Magento developers only grows by the day as the platform is one of the most sought-after platforms nowadays. In the highly competitive tech world these days, it makes sense to become a developer of the Magento platform to stay on the competitive edge.

Getting involved with the Magento Community

Magento Community Hub

The Magento Community is not about yourself or others, but it’s all about the We. When members all work together towards a common goal, then that’s community. To succeed in being a member of the development team of a Magento development company, or a member of the Magento Community, check out the following.

1. Thought leadership focus instead of selling.

Focus on thought leadership instead of self-promotion. Thought leadership is the practice of staying focus on sharing expertise to establish one’s self as a trusted, sought-after expert in the field. The key is to listen to what others have to say, find out ways you could help and offer your expertise, based on your experience to resolve an issue.

2. Answer questions and add answers.

Check out the different areas you could get involved and determine which is best for you. Community means having actual conversations where people talk, and you talk and perhaps others talk. When you see a question you know the answer, then do, and add your thoughts to the answer as well.

Be Involved

A. Discussions

  • Magento Forums
    The forums are a good place to ask queries and contribute your expertise as well. There are more than 100,000 thousand members and more than 1,000 accepted solutions, which exceed the industry average every month. Forums are great ways to find new ways to be helpful.
  • Twitter
    The Magento Community is remarkably active on Twitter. Usually, you could chat around Magento2 or real Magento.
  • Magento Stack Exchange

  • Magento Stack Exchange
  • This is home to developers across platforms. The same as the Magento Forums, this is a wonderful place to go to ask tech questions and contribute your expertise as well.

B. Contributions

  • Code
    If you want to get involved with Magento 2.0 code, you can check out Github and make a Pull Request.
  • Translations
    Currently, Crowdin is used to manage Magento platform translations. Magento already has been translated into more than 45 locales, thanks to the community contributions.
  • Documentation
    You can contribute to Github documentation project.

How to Choose the best Magento 2 plugin

The use of Magento 2 extensions make it easy to handle tasks that pertain to the shopping website and boost functionality to make it stand out from the rest. The following are ways to choose the best plugin.

1. Don’t just look at the star ratings.

Ratings do not tell everything regarding a plugin. Check out expert advice, reviews, and the pros who have used the plugins already. Moreover, do not download any random plugin on the Magento 2 shop. Keep in mind that every plugin you install must support the business.

2. Money concerns.

The argument on free extensions versus paid ones is never-ending. Going with free extensions will not necessarily help the business. On the other hand, paid extensions could really spell the difference in the store’s performance that free ones fail to provide. Consider paid extensions as investment that reward you with high returns down the road.

3. Fast customer support.

Whatever the plugins you choose, make certain to find a great customer support. During adverse times, this would greatly help.

4. Regular and current updates.

Updates keep the shopping cart look like new and better. Also, new features add an edge to the eCommerce shop, making it superior among your rivals.

The Best Extensions for Magento 2

Improved Layer Navigation

Improved Layered Navigation
The module provides a nice selection of features for user-friendly navigating. It updates the default product search system, enabling fine-tuning flexible filters as well as their front-end display. This makes browsing fast and convenient.

Order Attributes

Order Attributes
The Magento 2 order attributes step by step updates the checkout page. This helps you gather more critical order data, as well as maintain the checkout process convenience.

<Free Gift

Free Gift
The free gift for Magento 2 is intended to let you make your customers happy with free and discounted items. The module turns managing incentives into an organized manner, enabling you to drag the attention of customers to hot deals and tweak flexible conditions.

One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout
This combats checkout abandonment effectively by minimizing the number of steps that lead to order placement success. It helps customize the checkout page to make it attractive and intuitive.

Special Promotions Pro

Special Promotions Pro
A must-have module for managing prom campaigns. It lets you build different promotions through customizing offerings and combining rules. The intuitive backend settings streamline the tech part of promotions running into a couple of clicks.

Multi Warehouse Inventory

Multi Warehouse Inventory
The plugin makes managing inventory a simple process, despite the number of warehouses and their locations. You could supervise inventory of distant warehouses, reduce time for managing stock and organize efficient shipping with this module.

Product Feed

Product Feed
The extension is designed to hasten the work with shopping engines and marketplaces. The module will guide you through the process of feed generation, and thus, you will have a data feed that’s compliant with any shopping engine requirements.

Shipping Table Rates

Shipping Table Rates
The very extension for establishing accurate shipping costs calculation. It enables setting flexible rates when it comes to several factors, including weight of cart, address, price, order subtotal and product SKU.

Product Label

Product Label
This helps catch the eye of customers with vibrant marks. Try various combinations of appearance, label text, and location to find one that will drive sales.

Extended Product Grid with Editor

Extended Product Grid with Editor
With the module, processing of product data takes less time. You could tailor the product grid to your requirements and work with products without having to open every product page.

Some of the top Magento developers to follow in 2020

Digital Silk

Digital Silk
An agency centered in creating a superior experience to the clientele. They build cutting-edge websites, apps, brand strategies, as well as results-driven marketing campaigns for medium to big organizations that demand best-in-class service.


Built by a team of business persons as well as marketers. It helps funded, under pressure organizations to find scalable growth through making a sales and marketing plan, which maximizes acquisition of customer and revenue.

Icon Worldwide

Icon Worldwide
A full-service design and tech firm that’s based in Zurich and a development center located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company designs, create and manage mobile apps, websites, and social media campaigns for companies all over the world across all sectors.


A full-service software, digital innovation, branding, software, and digital strategy firm, which only exists for brands elevation. The team has more than 50 years of vital, combined experience working with major companies.

Ziggle Tech

Ziggle Tech
Is an award-winning digital transformation firm. It provides design, strategy, and tech services to medium enterprises. It further helps create and implement a digital transformation method, and turn a business into a leader in the digital industry as well.

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