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We live in the age of computers and internet, and software is involved in almost everything we do. The first thing you might look for, after waking up in the morning is your phone which is filled with such software, known as apps. From simple tasks like taking notes and managing your schedule to intricate things like banking, all of us are heavily dependent on software throughout the day. Business and enterprises are also heavily reliant on software for better efficiency and execution.

Software does make our life easy, but it comes at a price. More the features, bigger is the cost which may be monthly or on yearly.

software deals

However, some applications waive off a significant amount of their price though software deals. There are many attractive deals that enable you to buy software much cheaper than the standard price. Some even offer Lifetime Deals (LTDs) – meaning you pay once instead of paying monthly, and you save a lot of money.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, you don’t need to be afraid, it’s not a scam.

Lifetime Deal Websites – Offering a great way to save on your Software Purchase

You must be wondering why a company would want to sell their application at discounted rates after so much effort is put into designing and developing it. The answer is rather simple; some software vendors and web app providers are at early stage of their development and they need to attract as many users as possible. Sometimes they don’t even make money on it as receiving valuable feedback from real users is the primary objective behind this.

So how do they achieve it?

This is where LTD websites come in. The deals these websites offer are nothing but promotional offers that are run in cooperation with such newbie vendors and web app providers. Sure, these websites make a significant commission out of it, but they also offer access to huge lists of subscribers/followers to the software vendors while making cheaper software available for you. So essentially, LTD websites offer a win-win situation for all.

Wondering about such LTD websites? Sit back and enjoy this read where we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 software deal websites. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something here for your next project.

1. Stack Social

Stack Social

Founded in 2011, one of the prominent sources of software deals, Stack Social has software available in several categories like design, entertainment, VPN, security, developer tools and education. You will notice significant off in terms of price for lifetime deals and their online course bundles.

2. AppSumo


AppSumo is a daily deal submission website that claims to offer products that you don’t have to pay full price ever. Founded in 2010, the website traditionally only had eyes for digital tool deals, but with time they have included deals for other software like developer tools and project management too.

3. Mighty Deals

Mighty Deals

Mighty Deals features software mainly intended for professional in creative and artistic field of web design. On the website you will find exceptional deals for fonts, themes, graphics eBooks and icons. They also feature a free deals section.

4. Pitch Ground

Pitch Ground

Pitch Ground is a well-known software deal store that offers great brand recognition with deals in almost all kind of software domains. An interesting concept for the tools they feature; they offer tutorials and how-to-use videos for almost all featured tools on their YouTube page.

5. ByPeople


ByPeople offers deals and promos for design bundles, SaaS subscriptions and software with a primary focus towards web designers, graphic designers, freelancers and startups. They have clientele of companies like eLearning, Stone River, Smashing magazine and more.

6. Deal Mirror

Deal Mirror

Deal Mirror features deals and promotional offers for SaaS based products, design and management software. Though it happens rarely, but if you’re unsatisfied with their products, they do offer a 100 percent 30-day return policy.

7. Bits Du Jour

Bits Du Jour

Bits Du Jour specifically features and promotes desktop software applications for Mackintosh and Windows. They provide promo codes that you can apply while purchasing these software directly from the software vendor. Deals usually last not more than 24 hours.

8. Deal Jumbo


Deal Jumbo features deals for prices even as low as $3, and is a hit among freelancers and startups for their value for money deals and promotions. They specifically target designers for graphics, fonts and themes.

9. SaaS Mantra

SaaS Mantra

SaaS Mantra features deals for web based centrally located subscription software. They also have an events segment for SaaS software. You can even benefit from their referral program that enables you to earn money/points when you successfully refer their eligible top products to friends and colleagues.

10. DealFuel


A star in tech deals segment, DealFuel features software deals for web designers, UI/UX designers, marketers and freelancers. Web designers can find an array of WordPress themes, developer tools, tutorials and eLearning stuff on their website. They also feature fonts, icons and interactive UI elements for graphic designers.

11. InkyDeals


InkyDeals is one of the favorite spots for designers to find exciting deals and design bundles at fair price. They run an interesting affiliate program that is currently used by many bloggers in graphics domain to make money.

12. Pixelo


Pixelo features design resources for web and graphic designers. Their deals usually are time based and offer design tools and resources in form of bundles. With Pixelo you can actually opt for extended licenses allowing you to create your own products commercially.

13. Dealify


A daily deals website, Dealify focuses on providing software and deals at discounted rates for entrepreneurs, founders, marketing professionals and growth hackers. A growing company, it offers deals at competitive prices and is used by many startups for promotional products.

14. Rebeliance


Rebels, as they use the term for their user base, is a marketplace meant exclusively for entrepreneurs and startups for software products at amazing discounts. A 30-day money back guarantee if you ever feel unsatisfied with the price or the product.

15. SaaSWiz


A marketplace for entrepreneurs and startups, SaaSWiz features daily and lifetime deals for software and design bundles. They come with a vision to support startup infrastructure and freelancers, and offer a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy in case you ever feel like returning the product after initial use.

Deal Aggregator Websites

As you might have noticed through our comprehensive list, these deals are mostly time based where each deal has an expiration period ranging between 24 to 72 hours. Also, the deals are mostly for design bundles that may contain a variety of tools. It’s hard to keep tabs on all the deals that might be live. Also, selecting the right design bundle may be a challenge keeping in mind the features you need.

So how do you keep up with so many deal sites? The answer is – through deal aggregators. Like any other aggregator website, they combine deals from multiple deal sites so that you have a unified platform for all the deals making comparison and filtering easy. At the same, deal aggregators keep you informed about new deals which may be upcoming or live through various ways like newsletters, browser notifications, push alerts, instant messages and more.

Let’s take a look at the best deal aggregator websites.

1. GrabLTD


GrabLTD is a one-stop location for all deals where you can filter deals under various categories like latest deals, upcoming deals, trending and yearly deals. The website has a “giveaways” section where you can participate in contests and win lifetime access for tools. They feature a blog where you can analyze lifetime deal reviews, ratings, pro and cons. Subscribe to their newsletter and you will never miss a deal.

2. DealMango


DealMango features deals from all top websites like Appsumo, Pitch Ground, and Stack Social to name a few. You can directly filter deals to specific website using quick links. It has a dedicated “coupons” section for various deals websites that can directly be availed on those featured websites. Various subscription models are available. For instance, you can join their Facebook community for all the latest deals, or subscribe to their newsletter using your email id.

3. Earlyshark


Earlyshark provides you with a compiled list of active deals across LTD websites with direct hyperlinks to each site. The featured deals list come with a video description as well for the software / tool. Video may be an installation guide or brief introduction to features of the software. There is good social media presence of the community on Facebook and other platforms so you don’t miss out on the latest deals.

4. Bootstrapps


Bootstrapps offers a comprehensive list of active lifetime deals, with a specific webpage for each deal hyperlinked in the list. Important information about the list like terms and conditions, and video tutorials for the software is available on the deal webpage. It is free to list deals on this aggregator website with a view to provide community promotion to entrepreneurs and marketers. The website offers a waiting list initiative for companies to offer a lifetime deal. Once you buy an app from them, you become eligible for bonus bundles like WordPress plugin bonus that you can redeem instantly.

5. SaaSPirate


SaaSPirate features deals from 26 plus deal platforms, so you don’t have be on the lookout for all scattered sources. Popular categories of deals include chat automation, graphic design, social media marketing, VPN and many more. They make money from affiliate programs, so no need to worry that their commission would affect the price of the tool.

6. Lifetimo


Lifetimo features deals from some of the best websites like App Sumo, Dealify, Pixelo, Rebeliance. The tool’s deal-box section which contains fields like Summary of tool, category and origin website; makes it easier to filter the list based on your needs and hyperlink takes you directly to the source of the deal. The tool also offers freebies in terms of tools and online courses and is supported by an extensive online community. Subscribe to the newsletter using your email or even with your Facebook messenger.

Final Word

It’s a known fact that desktop, and in some cases even SaaS software, are losing their charm among the community of developers. Access to unlicensed and cracked software tools has somewhat contributed to this, but the price at which these software are marketed hasn’t helped either. Software vendors and marketers can also be not held responsible for unrealistic pricing as so much cost goes into the development of such software that they are meant to be expensive. Plus, it’s not always possible to predict how market would react to the product.

Deal websites offer an interesting solution to these issues for both vendors and software user base. On one hand they are easily marketable at discounted rates, and on the other, it’s also a possibility to do a test run among the community before a full-fledged market launch, which leads to availability of software at significantly discounted rates for developers and designers. As we said earlier, it is a win-win situation for all with deal websites making money from commission as well, not to mention the Deal Aggregator websites which save you from going to multiple sources and missing out on important deals.

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