11 Best Customer Service Chatbots for Ecommerce

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A good ecommerce business needs efficient customer service. Live customer support has been the preferred choice for companies but it isn’t always practical.

This is where customer service chatbots can really help your ecommerce business. Chatbots are AI-enabled solutions that can deliver reliable, effective and optimized customer support solutions.


This article introduces you to the 11 customer service chatbots that can change customer support for ecommerce businesses.

We have included the general best AI chatbot for customer care, the greatest chatbot for customer service, the very best free customer support chatbot, and the absolute best AI powered customer support chatbots.

Read more to discover which chatbot is right for your ecommerce business.

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1. Zendesk Answer Bot


Zendesk has several chatbot options for companies. Answer Bot, which utilizes machine learning to discover articles which answer the customer’s query in the knowledge base.

Develop a customized chatbot using Zendesk’s Chat Conversations API – a platform for companies to make their very own chatbot and also incorporate it with customer care applications.

Zendesk chatbots also provide natural bot-to-human handoffs and can be configured to imitate human chats for an all natural support experience.

Zendesk also provides third party chatbot integrations for companies to select from different solutions to enhance customer support.

Zendesk chatbots are fast to use and do not call for any technical skills.

They arrive expertly trained on industry specific customer service interactions and save teams the time and expense of manual setup.

2. Botpress


Botpress is a next-gen no-code/low-code chatbot builder powered by OpenAI. It creates human-like chatbots with an intuitive flow editor.

It offers pre-built integrations, scalable across channels and languages. With analytics and sentiment analysis, it continuously improves chatbots.

Botpress supports 100+ languages and one-click deployment and has an open-source on GitHub for developers to contribute.

It’s a comprehensive solution for custom trained AI chatbots on websites, and certainly one of my top choices.

3. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 provides a full chatbot solution for customer service with live chat widget for websites and instant support.

The chatbot builder is intuitive and compatible with WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

The basic package is free, but premium packages and premium features cost extra for heightened capabilities.

Bitrix24 chatbots make shopping easier, answer customer questions quickly, and offer advice on products, order management, and general questions.

They are especially useful for 24 hour customer support, simultaneous answering of unlimited questions and gathering and analyzing customer data for personalized recommendations.

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Their chatbots also provide consistent and up-to-date information – reducing human error from customer interactions.


4. HubSpot

For outstanding customer support, a chatbot for customer care is crucial. HubSpot offers a totally free chatbot customer support solution for online businesses of all sizes.

The HubSpot chatbot is also equipped with AI features to anticipate customer queries and react fast. Additionally, it has an intuitive user interface for a smooth customer experience.

5. Zoho Zobot


Zobot is an AI chatbot software offered by Zoho SalesIQ. It lets users create effective chatbots to handle customer interactions automatically.

There’s a codeless chatbot builder that enables users to easily and quickly produce fully working chatbots for their site.

Zobot can process chats, route chats to human operators, block IP addresses, collect payments, schedule appointments, generate leads, gather inputs, produce assistance tickets and more.

In the SalesIQ dashboard you can quickly create a Zobot and select platforms for structuring, setting up and training the assistant.

SalesIQ’s code-free bot platform makes it simple for virtually anyone to build chatbots without coding abilities.

6. REVE Chat


REVE Chat is an AI-powered chatbot and multi-channel customer communication platform. It’s ideal for ecommerce businesses needing a specific chatbot for their industry or niche.

The platform enables central management of all conversations via live chat software and visitor interaction via always-on AI chatbots and are pre-built to answer customer support questions in healthcare, banking, and ecommerce.

It’ll automate sales, qualify leads and provide live voice and video chats for more personal conversations.

7. Pandorabots


Pandorabots is an open-source community web service for developing and publishing chatbots. It’s got the largest community of its kind online, with thousands of developers creating chatbots in multiple languages.

These chatbots can be used on various platforms like web pages, instant messaging, social networks, and mobile applications.

The Pandorabots Platform offers OAuth and a RESTful API for easy integration and allows for speech, images, and connection to instant messaging services and multiplayer games.

8. Drift


Using AI, Drift qualifies visitors, connects them with the right sales representative, and easily books meetings without any forms or additional plugins.

Drift can help you generate more traffic, qualify leads, and schedule sales calls for maximum marketing ROI.

Drift leads the conversational marketing space with a visual flow builder and integrations with other tools. It’s the simplest and most powerful chatbot software, and ranked # 1 in Conversational Marketing on G2.

9. Xano


Xano is a platform for building custom chatbots and connecting them to APIs, including OpenAI’s API. Users can create their chatbots with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and connect them to Xano to pull data.

Xano also allows connecting databases to a large language model for customer interaction.

The platform offers community-created snippets, like email notifications for signups. Video tutorials and community discussions cover topics related to OpenAI’s API, including ChatGPT and DALL-E.

10. Manychat


Manychat is a popular chatbot platform for automating interactive conversations on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and SMS.

It helps businesses identify leads, reengage them, and automate responses to FAQs.

ManyChat offers AI Assistant and plug-and-play templates for easy automation building.

With positive user feedback and over 1 million brands using it, ManyChat is a valuable tool for enhancing online presence and customer service.

11. Voiceflow


Voiceflow is a trusted platform for designing, prototyping, and launching chatbots and conversational assistants.

With a no-code chatbot maker, it empowers over 100,000 conversation designers to create powerful GPT-powered chatbots for various interfaces.

Voiceflow offers advanced logic, custom code, and APIs for engaging and context-aware chatbot experiences. It supports collaborative design and cloud-native platform for teams.

With scalable hosting options powered by AWS and GCP, Voiceflow ensures reliable performance. The platform includes open-source API dialogue management, reusable chatbot flows, and built-in analytics for continuous improvement.

Templates for popular use cases enable quick prototyping of personalized user experiences.


Choosing the best customer service chatbot is a crucial step for ecommerce businesses looking to improve customer support and it can revolutionize the way businesses handle customer inquiries and offer reliable solutions.

Many of these chatbots offer free plans and some are entirely free. For more free ecommerce marketing tools check out Late Shipment.

Solutions like HubSpot, REVE Chat, and open-source chatbot Pandorabots offer efficient chatbot for customer support and high-performing chatbot for customer service, respectively.

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