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In today’s digital world, brands must disclose what opinions people have expressed about them on the Internet. Every mention of your branding, whether on social media, in information, blogs, movies, forums, or reviews, can impact your brand’s visibility, attention, customer happiness, and revenue. But keeping track of some of these discussions might be difficult, particularly if you rely on reference searches or 1/3-birthday party information providers that aren’t reliable, timely, or correct.


That is why you need Awario, a brand monitoring tool that searches over thirteen billion web pages every day, in addition to APIs, to uncover any important mention of your brand on the internet and social media. With Awario, you can research, analyze, and engage with your target market, the market, and competitors in real time.


Ensure precise social listening with Awario’s Boolean search. Whether you’re a coding expert or a novice, Boolean search accommodates all skill levels. Craft complex alerts effortlessly or fine-tune searches with special symbols, grammar considerations, and keyword positioning in text. Tailor queries for international monitoring, specify language preferences and even control URLs in search results. Use operators like AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, and COUNTRY for refined searches, excluding irrelevant mentions or targeting specific locations.

Sentiment Analysis

Awario performs sentiment analysis, evaluating the tone of mentions as positive, negative, or neutral. Track brand reputation, identify crises, pinpoint customer sentiments, and compare competitor performance. Sort and filter mentions by sentiment, observing changes over time through comprehensive analytics reports.

Location-Based Monitoring

Enhance the accuracy of social media monitoring through real-time GPS tracking. Ensure targeted audience insights to discover the mentioned geolocations. Tech-savvy users can also use a special operator called COUNTRY to filter their mentions according to the countries of interest. Display mentions by country/language across the global map; geotags in analytics reports. Awario is available in 16 languages and in 187 countries, with all relevant features such as flexible tracking, analysis, and reporting.

Social Media Dashboard

Awario has a social media dashboard that can be customized to aggregate real-time analytics. Monitor mentions progress, scope, tone, leading sites, languages, countries, and influential factors. Monitor for influential mentions with quick responses and utilize influencer marketing.

Social Listening Reports

Informative, white-label reports highlighting Social Listening, Share of Voice, and influencers. White-labeling, report customization using widgets, and PDF export option. Track the development of mentions, determine languages, locations, and sources; and analyze sentiment. Demonstrating detailed analysis of the competitors within professional reports.

Topic Cloud

Using the topic cloud on Awario, visualize key themes and trends. Identify common words, hashtags, and phrases in mentions; make sense of these within their context, changing with time accordingly. Details of names appear next to cloud symbols. Provide more detailed insight through comparison of topic clouds across alerts and produce relevant reports targeting clients and colleagues.

Slack Integration

Enable real-time mention notifications through the integration of Awario with Slack. Selecting channels, notices, and alert frequency will give you prompt responses during brand discussions. Efficiently communicate and monitor brand mentions effortlessly.

Social Listening API

Export data via social listening API from Awario for integration with other third-party platforms. Integrate social media monitoring information into your product development; empower reporting with analytics integration, and effectively manage leads and influencers. Tune out irrelevant messages and optimize your social listening process by simply embedding mentions in your site or report. Get total control and an in-depth understanding of what goes on without having to visit Awario’s interface.

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Awario offers three pricing plans: Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. There are two payment options – monthly and yearly – and a two-week trial is included in both. Here are the main features and prices of each plan:


$49/month or $29/month (billed annually). Suitable for people monitoring individual and small business online presence. 3 subjects to track, 30K fresh mentions per month, 5K mentions held per subject, 1 expert, AND boolean search.


$149/month or $89/month (billed annually). It suits businesses and agencies that look for information on how they can penetrate into their market and get insights into their competitors, communicate with customers to determine their needs and prospects in order to obtain relevant sales leads. This comprises 15 monitored topics, 300,000 new mentions every month, 15,000 saved mentions per topic, 10 members on the team, and Boolean, search, data export, as well as pdf reports.


$399/month or $249/month (billed annually). The large enterprise’s scaling of social listening and analysis, reaching influencers, and report creation. There are about a hundred items to be monitored on each monthly basis with an average of one million fresh comments. One million past mentions can be saved for a specific theme. Additionally, it entails including several partners and multiple users under a single account. It also has a Boolean search function, data export, PDF reports, white-label reports, API, and Account manager.

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Pros and Cons


Awario can come in handy for companies and brands that wish to keep track of their performance through monitoring, as well as analyzing their internet presence.
Some of the pros of Awario are:

  • It is fast and comprehensive. Awario crawls the net and social networks in real time and identifies each reference to your brand, keywords, and competitors. Do not have to wait for third-party data providers; every conversation on social networks is relevant.
  • Using a simple interface and powerful tools like setting alerts, removing mentions, analyzing metrics, and engaging with your audience, Awario is a perfect solution for you. In addition, you can customize your dashboards and assessments based on your likes and requirements.
  • It is affordable and flexible. The product is competitively priced with multiple options for various price points and use cases. Additionally, you are free to change your plan or quit anytime without extra charges and contracts.


Nevertheless, Awario has shortcomings and limitations which you ought to consider. Some of the cons of Awario are:

  • It is not a full-blown social media management suite. The major functions that Awario is involved with are social listening and analytics but scheduling, publishing, and content creation are not part of what they can do for you.. Finally, in order to run a successful social media management program, you may have to hire additional equipment or connectors.
  • It isn’t accessible in every language and region. Awario is available in 187 countries and supports 16 local languages; however, the most important for your language or region might be omitted. Therefore, you may require other tools or approaches for tracking and analyzing mentions in these languages and localities.
  • It cannot be considered as a sentimental analysis tool. On the other hand, aware provides sentiment analysis for mentions but fails to understand the emotions, feelings, perceptions, and opinions of the audiences towards specific products/services/brands under investigation. However, you might have to employ other instruments or ways to grasp the specifics and environment associated with your mentions.

Wrap Up

Awario is an Internet-based brand monitoring tool that helps you identify your target markets, competitors, and markets on the Internet and social networks.- It is quick, extensive, straightforward in use, affordable, as well as adaptable. However, it is just not a full-fledged social media management solution, not an internationalized one, nor a sentiment analytical tool. Awario is a perfect instrument for manufacturers aimed at watching over and improving their image on the web, studying the market and rivals, interacting with clients and potential purchasers, detecting sale prospects, and linking with influencers.

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