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In the digital age, understanding the pulse of public interest is crucial for web professionals. AnswerThePublic, a cutting-edge search listening tool, has emerged as a vital resource for tapping into the collective inquiries of internet users worldwide. With over 15 years of experience in content strategy, many experts have seen tools come and go, but AnswerThePublic stands out for its ability to transform raw search data into actionable insights.



AnswerThePublic harnesses autocomplete data from search engines to generate a plethora of phrases and questions related to any given keyword. This treasure trove of consumer insight is invaluable for creating content that resonates with audiences. The tool’s features include:

Unlimited Daily Searches

The features available in Pro plans are; an increase to the daily search limit to unlimited meaning users can perform keyword research to their heart’s content. It also proves helpful for web professionals who have to search collections of keywords and topics to find an answer to their query. The option to sift and seek gives adequate coverage of what needs to be searched to give our content the befitting search it deserves.

Search Listening Alerts

This feature is definitely a key turning point in terms of increasing one’s awareness of the dynamics of search in relation to certain keywords or phrases. Thus, with the help of functions called Search Listening Alerts, users get weekly summaries of new questions and topics appearing, which gives them an idea of the shift in perceptions about brands and seasonal trends. It is an ideal approach to developing new posts or at least referring to it in order to receive fresh ideas for the creation of material that answers the current questions and worries of the visitors.

Data Comparison Over Time

This tool used in AnswerThePublic enables users to know how specific phrases are searched at a certain duration of time. This feature is essential for understanding changes in people’s concerns and the latest trends. Using the following periodic search data, web professionals can adjust their content in a way that will make their site and articles fresh and hence popular among users.

High-Resolution Exports

While answering the questions, the answers can be visualized in the form of charts to be used as high-resolution exports for teams and clients. This will ensure that the details of your keyword research meeting the strategic intricacies are effectively communicated whether at ideation or a presentation to the client. Podcasts are a valuable informative tool as it allows for delivering a vast amount of information in an easily digestible form.


Currently, Collections will assist you in the organization of your research by providing means for gathering related terms for individual projects for certain clients. This feature provides efficient work and a convenient search through the research materials and sources necessary for the research.

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Export Options

Pro users can export results to CSV for detailed analysis. This is particularly useful if you prefer working with spreadsheets to apply filters and pivot tables. Additionally, you can export high-resolution images to present your insights clearly in meetings or pitches.

Hide Unwanted Suggestions

Tailor your research by hiding individual results or entire branches that aren’t relevant. This helps in mapping out a more focused narrative for your content.

Team Workspace

Invite colleagues to collaborate in a shared workspace, making it easier to run research projects side by side and streamline the content creation process.

Education & Training Package

Gain access to premium video masterclass courses and an eBook, enhancing your expertise in search listening techniques. This package is especially beneficial for annual Pro and Enterprise customers, who can also access additional self-paced learning materials.

Priority Customer Support

Pro users enjoy priority customer support, ensuring that any queries or issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

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AnswerThePublic offers a range of plans to suit various needs:

  • Free Trial: Test the waters with a 7-day free trial, offering 100 searches per day.
  • Individual Plan: At $4/month, this plan is perfect for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Pro Plan: For $49/month, teams can enjoy unlimited searches and collaboration features.
  • Expert Plan: Priced at $99/month, this plan is ideal for large teams focused on brand monitoring and content inspiration.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers a wide range of keyword suggestions, including questions, prepositions, and comparisons, which can be invaluable for content creation.
  • Real-time search insights and abundant content ideas.
  • The unique visualization view makes it easy to understand complex data at a glance.
  • Helps in generating fresh, ultra-useful content ideas that align with what people are actually searching for.
  • User-friendly visualization of search query data.
  • Both the web interface and the data presentation are intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Effective for topic trend monitoring.
  • The tool is updated regularly to provide the most current search data.


  • The free version restricts the number of searches per day, which may not be sufficient for extensive research.
  • Limited data and accuracy in the free version.
  • Does not provide keyword difficulty or search volumes, which are important for SEO strategizing.
  • While you can hide unwanted suggestions, there is no option to apply custom filters for more targeted research.
  • No customization for search queries or filters.
  • Autocomplete-based data can sometimes yield irrelevant or strange phrases.


AnswerThePublic is a robust tool that empowers web professionals to craft content strategies with precision. Its ability to reveal the questions and concerns of internet users makes it indispensable for web designers, developers, digital marketers, and e-commerce managers. While it has its limitations, the pros far outweigh the cons, making it a must-have in your digital toolkit.

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