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Creating a reliable web application requires effort, patience, and heart on the table. But your work doesn’t end with development, you have to promote your web app. Listing your SaaS in application directories can bring you tremendous benefits and most of them are free.


Listing your web application in SaaS directories opens the road to collect do-follow links to your website, get some referral traffic and attract qualified leads. Other advantages are that the reviews posted in these directories help you build social proof that can be used for future marketing campaigns. We have listed 30 best application directories where you can submit your SaaS and get free exposure.

1. Trustpilot


$0 to get started, Trustpilot allows you to get insights into the customer’s reviews and helps you improve your SaaS offering. The basic account allows you to collect and respond to reviews for free. The Premium account is offered in three flavors with plans starting from $299/month. Paid accounts allow you to showcase the stars and reviews in form of Trustboxes that helps build customer’s trust.

2. GetApp


GetApp is a partner of Gartner network. It has a nice user interface, lots of traffic, and verified reviews. Users of GetApp get introduced to new apps through the newsletter. With more than 9 million-plus monthly visitors, submitting your web application to getapp.com can get you a good number of users in lesser time. The directory offers a free listing to SaaS applications.


3. AlternativeTo

AlternativeTo is a website which lists alternatives to web-based software, mobile apps, and desktop software. You can submit your web application for free by mentioning it as an alternative to already listed software. The platform encourages users to post comments and review software that helps in building a good reputation for software.

4. Capterra


Capterra is an online app review website that enables businesses to find a software solution for different business process. The platform allows vendors to submit their software to a relevant category for free. Capterra allows vendors to create detailed software profile and also encourages user engagement through reviews and ratings.

Software Advice

5. Software Advice

Software Advice allows vendors to list their software on the platform for free. It offers a wide array of categories (300+) to list your software. On Software Advice platform, every reviewer is researched by a team of experts and fake reviews are flushed out. The platform plays an active role in facilitating discussion between software vendors and software shoppers. Software Advice gives do-follow links and also sends detailed lead data straight to your sales team.

6. G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd

The G2 Crowd platform connects software vendors with ideal buyers. The free account allows you to respond to customer reviews and capture leads by claiming profile. G2 Crowd allows do-follow links and the vendor can place the link while responding to review. The premium account offers insights and also alerts your sales team when one of your users searches for alternative apps.


7. Clutch

Clutch allows you to set up a company profile and start collecting reviews. The platform offers basic, premium and sponsored profile. You can mention the SaaS services you are offering in your profile and also mention your past clients as references.

8. SoftwareSuggest


SoftwareSuggest is a dedicated platform for businesses to find the right apps for different processes. The website offers hundreds of app categories where you can find apps with customer reviews. SoftwareSuggest also offers a Vendors portal that can be used to submit your app and collect reviews for it. The website does not mention any pricing plan which is an indicator it does not charge anything for listing your application.


9. TrustRadius

TrustRadius brings the technology buyers and app developers/vendors on one common platform. The platform supports 100% verified reviewers from real customers. Vendors can list their app on TrustRadius for free. The customer-generated reviews and content can drive conversions, accelerate the sales cycle, and influence the target buyers and market.

10. IT Central Station

IT Central Station

IT Central Station allows software vendors and software reviewers to create an account and list their SaaS applications. Vendors are provided with personalized shortlist report which includes reviews and advice from real users.

The Startup Pitch

11. The Startup Pitch

The Startup Pitch is a platform used to generate positive news about your SaaS application or any startup. On this platform, you can post SaaS startup related stories and get more coverage for their website. The platform also allows startup owners to answers questions posted by users that can be turned into a sales pitch.

12. TechnologyAdvice


TechnologyAdvice as the name suggests recommends your software to the right buyers. It offers a free listing to vendors and software developers. The platform verifies software and the listing and forwards you Sales leads that come directly from users who are genuinely interested in your software.


13. FeaturedCustomers

FeaturedCustomers allows you to post your SaaS application for free. It allows you to create a verified profile with business information and branding. You can share customer preferences in your profile that helps customers in the bottom of the funnel to gain confidence and complete the software purchase.

14. Crozdesk


Crozdesk is a business software research website that allows organizations to search for the right software for different business processes. The website allows the free listing of application. You can specify monthly marketing budget if you are interested in their PPC services.


15. ITQlick

ITQlick allows software vendors to list their applications on the website. Once the application is successfully listed, it is reviewed by experts and rated for ease of use, features, and functionality. The in-depth reviews can drive traffic to your website that helps in conversions.

16. Serchen


Serchen is a software listing website that offers a free listing to vendors. The platform can help you educate users by opening channels of communication between you and users. It provides you insights into the industry and also helps in the easy discovery of your app.

Software Connect

17. Software Connect

Software Connect helps business find the right software. The website has many app categories. If you are a software developer or vendor, you need to contact them to get your software listed on their website.

18. SaasGenius

SaaS Genius

SaasGenius is a B2B software listing website. The platform offers a free listing of software. The premium account gives you access to more features like a marketing advisor, activity reporting and analytics. The free account allows you to list your software, create a detailed profile and collect and respond to reviews and ratings.


19. CrowdReviews

CrowdReviews is an online buying guide based on client reviews. The website lists hundreds of software and service providers. It offers a free listing of software. You need to register as a Software vendor to list your SaaS application.

20. Maqtoob


Maqtoob is a platform to find business tools. The platform allows a free listing of software. Even the premium listing of software is free (which is still in beta version). However, the platform performs deep reviews of the software before listing in on their website and only 5% of applications are approved for listing.


21. Business-Software

As the name suggests, Business-Software lists business software with detailed reviews. The platform offers a free listing of products and also allows free distribution of marketing material brochure, white papers, videos, and more.

22. CabinetM


CabinetM is a platform that provides advanced tools for digital tools discovery, implementation, and management. Technology companies and agencies can create a profile to showcase their digital products and services. The listing of SaaS application is free.


23. Analyzo

Analyzo is a dedicated platform for technology buyers. The platform allows listing of apps for free. However, every application submitted for listing is analyzed by a dedicated research team before it is approved for listing in one of the categories on the website.

24. pickSaaS


PickSaaS is a platform to list SaaS software. The website allows vendors to list software on the website. If you want to list SaaS software, you need to contact PickSaaS through your business email address. The PickSaaS team will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the listing of your SaaS application.

Startup Lift

25. StartupLift

As the name suggests, StartupLift is a dedicated platform to list your startup. You need to submit your startup details like website name, summary, target audience, email and other details to get your SaaS application listed on their website.

26. FeedMyApp

Feed My App

FeedMyApp is a software directory listing where you can submit the SaaS for a one-time fee. The standard submission fee is $1.90 which ensures the listing of the app on the time but no timeframe is given. The Express Submission fee is $9.00 that guarantees the submission of your app within 48 hours. The Express Submission Guaranteed Review fee is $49 which guaranteed submission and review of the app. The Review option gives your app additional exposure and it appears on the homepage and Facebook page as well.


27. SaaSMAX

SaaSMAX is a dedicated online marketplace for SaaS applications. The platform brings software vendors and resellers together. Vendors can list their application and connect with the right resellers to advertise and distribute their app through various channels.

28. Pandia


Pandia is a website that allows you to search for software and small business products. The website lists 26 software categories. Pandia does not offer a direct link to submit your SaaS application. You need to contact their customer service to know about the process and fees to submit your SaaS application for listing on the website.

The Software Network

29. TheSoftwareNetwork

As the name suggests, The Software Network allows you to list your software, SaaS application and other digital products used by businesses. The website offers a free listing of the application. The marketing program offered by software network is known to generate 25% more clicks than other PPC programs at one-third of the cost. Currently, the website only accepts listings from companies based in the US, UK, and Canada.

30. CloudXL


CloudXL is an organized list of cloud computing and software as service providers. Users can create an account and add software to their cloud account. Currently, the site does not offer any link to submit your SaaS application for listing. You need to contact CloudXL through Twitter to communicate your desire to list application on their website.

Rounding Up

Software-as-a-Service is a competitive niche. The content marketing tactics, general SEO methodologies and keyword optimization are less effective in promoting your application to target audience. To get to the top of the Google’s search results page, you need to focus on information, education and question about how to do things. The application directories mentioned in this list have good traffic which gives your application the much needed exposure and higher chances of discovery. The reviews given by the users build up a social reputation for your app that increases the chances of discovery. The network of backlinks created through do-follow links improves search engine visibility.

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