Top 8 Tools Every Blockchain Developer Should Know About

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While Blockchain technology offers unprecedented security solution and information sharing solution, it remained as of now mostly limited to the cryptocurrencies. While cryptocurrencies made Blockchain their core technology strength, other industries remained mostly silent bystanders.


After some banks and financial institutions took positive interest into Blockchain as a promising solution for all their security concerns, slowly, other industries and app developers began to look at Blockchain outside of the context of cryptocurrencies. But to take advantage of this technology requires a clear idea of how you are going to utilize Blockchain and what solutions you are expecting.

Here we are going to showcase some of the most essential tools for Blockchain developers.



While there are significant differences, both Blockchain and databases are used for storing data. This toolset is actually focused on bringing together this core potential inherent in both Blockchain and databases. BigChainDB basically helps you with a distributed database further equipped with the core blockchain features. BigChainDB is capable to reply to the queries of MongoDB. It uses a multi-layered and complicated architecture for permission to offer uncompromising security to all the data records and data assets entrusted with it. The tool also comes with a free and open-source community version besides being available with dedicated company support.

Bitcoin Core


The success of Bitcoin as the undisputed leader of cryptocurrencies can mainly be attributed to the highly decentralized protocol of the Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin Core has gained immense popularity among the developers who for adding new blocks of data to a chain want to take the scope of running the entire set of nodes. Besides the original and definitive rendition of the tool Bitcoin Core, the developers can also choose from an array of clone tools such as Bitcoin.


BaaS by Microsoft

Microsoft Azure

BaaS or Blockchain as a Service is an offering from Microsoft Azure and is a great useful tool for building data apps in a secure environment without a hefty cost of development. BaaS also supports a wide array of chains such as Eris, Storj, MultiChain, and Augur. Microsoft created BaaS with the prime objective of adding more capabilities to the backend. Thanks to BaaS you can easily start with Blockchain without much effort. Most importantly, without needing to set up your own Blockchain on Azure, you can launch and access Blockchain.


Ethereum Mist

The Mist comes as an excellent tool for Ethereum developer for storing the Ethers, sending transactions and incorporating smart contracts. Use the Mist native app to build your own data apps on either the Ethereum blockchain or on the testnet. All you need is the access to Mist, and you can start using the tool readily on your browser. It is one of the easiest tools for Blockchain developers.





After Bitcoin, the most successful Blockchain supported cryptocurrency is obviously the Ethereum. It also offers an open platform for trying your Blockchain programming experiments if they can really deal with the complexity of the platform. For creating smart contracts, developers can always make use of this powerful language. Ethereum allows the developers to come with multi-layered and complicated agreements by utilizing the core potential of Blockchain in embedding accurate information.

The best thing is, as a loyalist of any specific language also you can use this platform just by finding the respective Ethereum stack version. Moreover, with this stack, you can enjoy a lot of flexibility. A different version of the Ethereum stack will either deploy the Ethereum code directly or will use the structure temporarily.



Truffle is basically a fully equipped development suite to help developers create smart contracts. It is an exceptional tool that can make things easier for blockchain developers in more ways than one. It helps in building fully decentralized apps at a quick time bypassing many of the common challenges and complexities. When you need to build smart contacts at a rapid pace, it comes as a handy solution for the Blockchain developers.

When using this tool, Developers also can carry out automated tests by using tools such as Chai or Mocha. Some of the critical features of Truffle include network administration on private and public networks, direct communication console with interactive features and inbuilt tools for smart contract building and deployment.



Embark is a fully featured developer framework that can be used for building and deploying DApps. Embark can also be used to build new smart contracts and making them available through the JS Code. It comes with a real-time updating feature that helps to modify the contract and the concerned DApps as soon as a contract is updated. Embark platform also allows using an array of leading web development languages like React, Angular, Meteor, etc. for all in-app interactions.



If you want to name commendable open source projects for blockchain development, Hyperledger inevitably makes a list. It is basically a broad set of tools and frameworks to build and support a large infrastructure to deal with a shared truth. The best thing about Hyperledger is that it offers an array of sophisticated tools to support the standalone implementation of the Blockchain across all enterprise environments. As an example, Hyperledger offers a tool called Grid that maintains the Blockchain responsible for tracking material flow and payments going on through supplier networks.

All the data sets of the Hyperledger can also be customized for the industry and the environment it is being deployed for. Developers always can choose different mixture and proportions of consensus building measures and permission control attributes with various tools offered by Hyperledger. Hyperledger comes as a powerful toolset for Blockchain developers.


In a data-driven world, Blockchain is bound to play a significant role for the enterprises. After remaining confined to the cryptocurrencies, finance and banking, slowly Blockchain development is gaining momentum across other business fields. The above-mentioned tools can help Blockchain developers to utilise the potential of this technology for different industry niches. Thanks to these tools, utilizing the potential of the Blockchain technology for different industry niches has become easier than ever before.

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