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The market for Search Engine Optimization has changed. Since the search engines implement smart algorithms the time to produce low quality content thinking that it will fetch the crawlers has to go, which means bringing in the human element with more financial and creative resources. Marketin9 is one of the many tools that are created keeping in mind the new requirements of the SEO market. It is a platform that links the Advertisers and Publishers interested in publishing quality content. Marketin9 helps the advertisers to choose the best value for money and understand the offers. It also helps in some cost cutting for the advertisers when a large order is placed with a specific publisher. This tool can help you enhance the level of your content marketing campaign.

Let us take a look at the key aspects of Marketin9.


Marketin9: Build your brand

Marketin9 serves as a platform for content marketers and publishers to come together and work efficiently towards building a strong online presence for their respective brands. Users can utilize the platform free of charge but the services are paid.

The online platform gives you access to thousands of highly ranked websites on which you can post your content. The company, over time, has built relationships with some of the topmost ranking websites and they give users access to having their content placed on these websites.

Having trouble with content creation? Marketin9 is at your service! The platform helps you create new campaigns, add an article to their database and also order one. You can submit your own content to the platform for submission to their website partners or have one of their professional writers create one for you. The platform helps you view your publications and their status on highly ranked websites which give your content the massive reach you want.

Marketin9 is designed such that it has separate dashboards for both the Advertisers and the Publishers, providing them access to different features on both the ends.

Some of the salient features of Marketin9 include:

  • The tool facilitates content ordering as well as self-creation
  • It offers you the chance to collaborate with publishers of many websites in different countries
  • The tool has a tie up with some of the most wide reaching websites and thus, you can rest assured that your content will have the maximum reach
  • It allows you to check on the publication status
  • Marketin9 also has inbuilt tools that help you monitor the budget spent on content marketing

Marketin9 - screenshot

How it works

Let us now proceed to the working of the tool:

  1. To begin using marketin9, you first need to land up at
  2. In the menu on the top, find the Login button and click on it to open up the login page. For first time users, there’s a sign-up link given at the bottom.
  3. Click on sign-up and proceed by giving all your details to create an account with Marketin9.
  4. Once you are logged in you will see the dashboard of the tool.
  5. An interesting part about this tool is that it gives you access to two dashboards. You can shift between Advertiser dashboard or the Publisher dashboard when you start with your account.
  6. On the Publisher dashboard you can interact with the platform for your content, the publications and their statuses, about the articles, the campaigns and the websites.
  7. On the Advertiser dashboard you get the publication and content orders with your websites and the option to create new websites as well.

Marketin9 is a very sophisticated and easy to use platform for content marketing. It helps you increase the brand reach and can contribute in the growth prospects of your business thus increasing your profit.

Pros and Cons

Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at what Marketin9’s are:


  • Global reach: It enables you to display your content on some of the top ranking websites providing a massive reach for your brand.
  • Budget control: One of its many advantages is also that the platform helps you to keep track of your campaign finance.
  • Content writing ease: the platform has on staff writers from some of the leading publications, so either you can submit your own content or you can use its content writing service.
  • DoFollow & NoFollow Links: Marketin9 offers both DoFollow and NoFollow links so that your content has better chances of performing well in search results.


  • Might not bring the results you want: The makers of the tool openly accept that they don’t take the full responsibility for the results of SEO campaigns executed with the help of services offered on their platform.
  • Infographic Creation Takes 7 Business Days: While an ordered article takes a meager 3 business days to be delivered, an infographic ordered with Marketin9 takes as many as 7 business days to get delivered to the user.
  • Only Blogs that have a Domain Rating of 10 can become a part of the Marketin9 database.
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Marketin9 is a powerful content marketing platform that offers a wide audience and exponential reach to the content posted through it. It is prominently and rightfully known as the easiest way to create content, publish online, and target user audience. While the pros offered by the tool are equally weighed by the cons, it does offer a significant advantage to publishers and advertisers which is why if you’re looking for a platform to globalize your content, Marketin9 is one tool you should definitely give a chance to.

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