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In the dynamic world of technology, managing and optimizing workforce productivity is a challenge for many organizations. Insightful, a leading workforce analytics and productivity software, is designed to address this challenge by providing actionable data insights. This review will delve into the features, pricing, pros, and cons of Insightful, a tool that is transforming the way organizations manage their teams.



Insightful offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance productivity and efficiency. Key features include:

Productivity Management

This feature offers detailed productivity trends that make it easier for the organization to fathom how the crew progresses in a single day.

Time Tracking

Insightful has a feature of automatic time tracking, this feature is useful for the purpose of monitoring and estimating time spent in a project and also tracking the time of employees for the tasks assigned to them.

Process Improvement

Thus, this feature enables the identification of various processes and tasks contributing to a more effective working environment.

Technology Usage

Insightful helps organizations better understand app and website usage, assisting in the management of an organization’s technology portfolio.

Employee Monitoring

Insightful Employee monitoring feature helps HR managers monitor employee activities in real-time, including the applications and web activity. It is highly essential for monitoring and having a clue where an employee spends their working hours.

User Activity Monitoring

It offers user rate improvements concerning the visibility of how your team operates. In this, it is of immense help in the analysis of habits, mapping of trends, and in managing different processes.

Employee Burnout Prevention

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Automatic Time Mapping

There is usually a drastic enhancement of time under this process since it is well organized under the claims process, meaning efficiency of the various stages of the claim. It also coordinates the time spent on the related tasks, which helps the managers not only determine the existing problem areas and possibilities for efficiency increase but also to control the performance of the team.


Insightful integrates with over fifty popular project management, helpdesk, employee directory, and other applications. This implies that your business systems can readily transfer information between them in real time.

AI-Driven Workforce Analytics

The concept of “InsightsAI” is revolutionary into the area of AI as it can translate difficult data of the workplace as soon as it is produced and makes it comprehensible in terms of its application.

Insider Threat Detection

It is useful in establishing internal threats and insecurity that may be faced by a firm. It requires constant monitoring of the end-users’ activity in order to identify any violation and intrusion.

Screen Monitoring

Insightful’s monitoring software records the activities on devices belonging to the employees and gives the team’s full picture of productivity. It takes snapshots at regular intervals, that chronologically describe the work of an employee. It assists the managers to point out inefficiencies in their productivity, monitor the flow of employees in a given line of duty, and guarantee that the resources available to them will suit the organization. It is a great means of ensuring nondiscrimination and proper work documentation in the context of the remote work environment.

Location Insights

This feature determines the effect work location has on team productivity and allows your contractor to design the best work policy by analyzing the effects of work location.

Time and Attendance

This feature allows you to manage computer-based time and attendance, track employee work hours, gain clear visibility into attendance, and see how time is allocated to boost productivity.

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Insightful offers flexible pricing plans to cater to different organizational needs:

  • Productivity Management: Priced at $6.40 per seat per month, billed annually.
  • Time Tracking: Priced at $8.00 per seat per month, billed annually.
  • Process Improvement: For teams with over 50 users, priced at $12.00 per seat per month, billed annually.
  • Enterprise Solution: Custom pricing for teams of 100+.

Pros and Cons

Like any software, Insightful has its strengths and weaknesses.


  • User-friendly Interface: Users have praised the intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Comprehensive Features: Insightful offers a wide range of features that cater to different organizational needs.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: The software has received positive reviews for its functionality and customer service.
  • Secure On-Premise Hosting: Insightful offers secure on-premise hosting on a network or private cloud.
  • Real-Time Activity Tracking: The software provides real-time activity tracking, including keyboard and mouse activity, confirming that employees are working.
  • Home/Office Data Segmentation: Insightful allows data segmentation between office and remote employees.
  • Stealth Mode: The software can detect suspicious behavior in stealth mode.
  • Detailed Analytics: Insightful provides in-depth workforce data analysis, allowing managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of employee productivity and work patterns.


  • Billing Issues: Some users have reported issues with billing.
  • Accuracy of Productivity Metrics: There have been concerns about the accuracy of productivity percentage calculations.
  • Complex Interface: Some users may find the interface challenging to navigate, especially those with limited technical experience.
  • No Free Version: Unlike some competitors, Insightful does not offer a free version.
  • No Mobile App: Currently, Insightful does not have a mobile app.
  • No Multilingual Support: The software does not offer multilingual support.
  • No Ability to Delete Data in Stolen or Lost Remote Computers: If a remote computer is lost or stolen, there is no ability to delete data.


In conclusion, Insightful is a robust workforce analytics and productivity software that offers a wide range of features to help organizations optimize their workforce management. While there are some concerns about billing and the accuracy of productivity metrics, the overall user feedback is positive, making it a worthy consideration for organizations looking to enhance their workforce management.

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