Top 5 Free Tools for JavaScript Developers

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JavaScript is an awesome language to create fantastic client-side apps. You can use it to drive interactive elements and create engaging single-page applications to woo your customers. More importantly, most developers are familiar with JavaScript and can provide you top expertise for your project. Most of the JavaScript developers at hiring platforms like Reintech are adept at crafting innovative solutions for your unique business problems.


However, JavaScript programmers need reliable tools to develop efficiently. These resources can help software engineers to write less code and develop faster. In addition, programmers can get rid of repetitive tasks and save their effort.

Plus, some tools even help reduce bugs and develop apps with fewer errors. As a result, you can safeguard your investment and build a reliable product with top features.

Today, we are going to check out the top 5 free resources any programmer can use to code in JavaScript. You can read our reviews and pick the right tool based on your needs. We will empower you with all the right information so that you can choose confidently.

1. BackboneJS

Backbone JS

BackboneJS is a fast and light JavaScript library to build single-page applications. You can structure your app based on the MVC approach and run it on web browsers. BackboneJS was launched in 2010 and has remained a remarkable tool to create innovative solutions.

Backbone frameworks empower front-end developers to develop with ease via JavaScript functions. You can use different elements like models and events to build your application. Additionally, Backbone automatically makes changes to your HTML once you update your model. As a result, developers can simplify their workflow and reduce bugs in the final release. Best of all, the framework is free, and you have over 100 extensions to take advantage of.

The biggest advantage of BackboneJS is its ability to organize code. It provides the support to build great products in less time for a faster time to market. Moreover, BackboneJS can help you write fewer lines of code and save your effort. No wonder the tool has over 27.8K stars on GitHub and a strong community to provide assistance.

Developers can build apps like Trello, SoundCloud, and Airbnb with the help of BackboneJS. Various businesses from a range of industries rely on the framework for their operation. It is a good choice that you might want to check out.

2. Eclipse


Eclipse is a dedicated IDE or integrated development environment to develop Java apps. The tool packs a recommendable ecosystem of plugins to help you develop faster and write less code. In addition, Eclipse comes with convenient shortcuts to reduce development time. You can also look forward to excellent features that are part of the parcel, like the inbuilt debugger.

Best of all, you can also set up the tool to work with other languages, like Python and C. Additionally, you can use Eclipse with multiple operating systems without any restrictions. Moreover, the tool has been in the market for a long time. As a result, it has matured enough to become a preferred choice of JavaScript developers.

Eclipse also shines for its versatile nature. You can rely on the tool to build apps, APIs, and a range of applications. It also has a huge number of perspectives to offer you a robust environment for development.
Additionally, Eclipse is suitable for testing your proof of concept quickly. Even a novice programmer can test their idea after watching a few tutorial videos.

Ultimately, Eclipse has a vast community that keeps it living and breathing even today. You can surely give it a try if you are looking for a free and reliable IDE.

3. Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a seasoned source code editor introduced in 2008. It is commercial in nature but is available under a free software license. Therefore, you can download Sublime Text right now and start developing!

Programmers generally love Sublime Text for its simplicity and ease of use. It is used by over 20% of developers across the world, as per the Stack Overflow 2021 survey. It is even popular than Eclipse that only 15.87% of programmers rely on.

Most importantly, Sublime Text turns out great to develop modern apps. It can make the most of your GPU while rendering interfaces on Windows, Mac, and Linux. As a result, you will never have to worry about compatibility issues. In addition, you can also utilize the full power of your Apple processor by using the Mac version of the editor.

Developers also love how Sublime Text helps them develop quickly. The tool comes with an autocomplete feature that can fill in your code based on your existing project. Plus, you also get information about the autocompletes to avoid any guesswork.

Moreover, Sublime Text provides support for many modern languages. You can use it with TypeScript, TSX, and other languages in the JavaScript ecosystem. Entrepreneurs can hire JavaScript developers with the help of Reintech and use Sublime Text to build world-class apps.

4. CodePen


CodePen is a unique tool for developers to code online. It is a full-fledged coding environment where you can build and test your apps right from your browser. You also have an online code editor that you can use from anywhere in the world.

CodePen is a social environment and helps you expedite your development cycle. You can also isolate codes and try them to evaluate your new functionalities. The platform also provides storage to preserve all your images, JSON files, and CSS.

Best of all, you can collaborate with the rest of your team right from your interface without leaving your browser. However, you need a pro account to work in private and keep your project secret.

CodePen is also a heaven for novice developers and helps them learn and grow. Any programmer can pick up new skills and get inspiration from the community of 1.8 front-end engineers. The platform is excellent for discovering snippets of codes that you can repeat for your project. Additionally, you can also share your work with the rest of the community for feedback and suggestions.

CodePen is free to use as long as you believe in its social approach. You only need to pay when you want your project to stay away from unwanted attention.

5. Plunker


Plunker is a wonderful choice to prototype faster. The platform also enables you to experiment with your concepts and share them with the rest of the community. In addition, you can debug your ideas and implement everything using the same tool.

Plunker works well to reduce development time and complexities. It comes with an embedded editor that lets you simplify coding and develop faster. Plunker also gives you a file tree where you can add your elements for customization. You can also integrate the tool with your PC and drag-and-drop files directly in the editor. Additionally, you can drag your completed projects back to your desktop as a zip file.

Another advantage of Plunker is its autosave feature. The tool saves any changes to code even if you forget to click the Save button. As a result, you will never have to worry about losing your project.

Plunker is also popular for its real-time previews. You need less than a second to see how your changes are going to turn out in your app. The process is so fast that you feel your code is coming from a CDN.

Final Thoughts

JavaScript developers have countless choices when it comes to free tools and resources. Each one comes with its set of pros and cons, so you need to evaluate each carefully. We have picked the best tools you can lay your hands on and provided a short review to make you aware. You can now analyze the tools, compare their features, and make an informed choice for your development success.

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