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Solutions for testing websites and web applications. Testing of functions, processes, interfaces. Checking server performance under load. Measurement of loading speed. Verification for the presence of viruses and malware.

Read about website processes monitoring – The Browser Check Wizard! – The Browser Check Wizard!

Want to check what browser your client is working on? Want to check the browser version or may be the features  enabled, such as the JavaScript and more? is a great website for checking out the version of the browser and many other features as well. This application comes in handy when your customers […]

Browserstack – cross browser testing tool

Browserstack – cross browser testing tool

The availability of a wide range of browsers and devices for surfing the Internet makes it the responsibility of the designer to write and test the code for various browsers commonly used these days. We can check the compatibility of our website or application for different mobile devices, mobile browsers, operating systems and web browsers […]

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