Articles on "Infographics"

Interesting statistical data or processes presented in an attractive graphic form. Image files to use and publish on your own website.

Facebook 2012 – Facts and Figures (infographic)

The third edition of our infographic about Facebook statistics and history. This time it is really HUGE – 7220 pixels long!

Check it out!

Website Benchmarks 2012 (infographic)

Check how your website is really doing – compare your results with web average values.

Click here to load this huge infographic

Google+ Facts and Figures (infographic)

Google+ is more than half a year old. Check how fast it grows, who are its users and who they like the most.
display the infographic

Website down – types, causes and results of failures (infographic)

How much the biggest online sellers would lose during 5-minute downtime?
Read about symptoms, types, causes and results of failures. Check the most common server error codes. Learn how to prevent and respond.

Facebook Facts and Figures 2011 (infographic)

2011 edition of our infographic on Facebook. Includes data on users, activities, top countries, pages, brands and apps.

Monkey Business (infographic)

Did you know how many on-line brands (websites, startups, services) use primates in their names?

Check this infographic out

WordPress Facts and Figures (infographic) and in numbers.

See that huge infographic

iPhone Facts and Figures (history & specs)

Apple iPhone history, models and interesting numbers.

See that big infographic

Kindle Facts and Figures (history & specs)

Amazon Kindle history and versions, Kindle Store numbers and worldwide coverage.

See the infographic

YouTube Facts & Figures (history & statistics)

YouTube history, milestones, video statistics, top 10 channels (most subscribed).

See that huge infographic

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