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Discover the power of Stillio, an innovative program designed to effortlessly capture and archive web pages at regular intervals. As a versatile tool, Stillio proves invaluable for brand management, competitor tracking, SEO rank monitoring, ad verification, website compliance checks, and trend analysis.

Trusted by over 3,000 clients in 50+ countries, including major corporations and fast-growing startups, Stillio’s sophisticated automated website archiving capabilities elevate businesses to new heights.

With flexible capture frequencies, integration options with third-party services, and advanced customization features, Stillio simplifies the process of creating and sharing pixel-perfect archives. Experience the efficiency with a free trial and affordable premium plans, starting at just $29 per month.



Full-Height Screenshots

Stillio‘s website screenshot maker effortlessly captures mobile and comprehensive full-page snapshots, ensuring optimal coverage for responsive websites with unrivaled precision and clarity.

Flexible Scheduling

Customize screenshot capture frequencies to exact specifications. Whether hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly, Stillio’s scheduling options offer unparalleled flexibility, empowering tailored and efficient monitoring strategies.

Automatic Archiving

Position Stillio as your reliable screenshot archiver. Download monthly zip archives systematically to manage and store screenshots indefinitely, ensuring access to historical website states.

Multiple IP Geolocations

Harness geographical diversity for insightful analysis. Stillio captures screenshots from diverse GEO-IP locations worldwide, providing invaluable insights into nuanced regional variations and user experiences.

Dropbox / GoogleDrive Integration

Optimize storage efficiency with the seamless synchronization of new screenshots to Dropbox and Google Drive. Effortlessly build and maintain a comprehensive, centralized screenshot archive for streamlined accessibility and management.

API and Webhooks

Refine workflows seamlessly with each screenshot. Integrate Stillio into your processes through its API, establishing effortless connections with platforms such as or custom scripts, optimizing automation and efficiency.

Add Multiple Pages At Once

Efficiently address diverse archiving needs as Stillio adeptly captures screenshots for individual pages or extensive 100,000+ page websites with remarkable precision and ease.

Timestamp Screenshots with a Watermark

Embed essential information in images, encompassing the date, time, and precise URL of the screenshot. This inclusion serves as a valuable reference point, facilitating contextualization and comprehensive analysis.

Email Notifications

Be on the cutting edge with immediate email notifications of screenshots, enabling timely responses or detailed analysis.

Set Capture IP Geolocation

Take screenshots from various GEO-IP locations covering all continents to ensure a proper understanding of the regional differences in websites that will guide effective analysis and strategy.

Save Favorites

Easily save and share essential screenshots by setting them as favorites in order to easily reference these materials for seamless collaboration and decision-making.

Set Screenshot Width & Height

Adapt the dimensions of screenshots to exact requirements addressing particular needs, like device responsiveness or capturing full-page displays with great detail and flexibility.

Set Custom User Agent

First, emulate certain browsers or devices by configuring a custom user agent that ensures smooth filtering and whitelisting within Stillio’s screenshot engine for better management and compatibility.

Set Custom Cookies

Improve screenshot accuracy with new custom cookie key-value pairs, improve results and make sure the precision of captures is for a precise outcome.

Click Element Before Capturing

Increase precision by interacting with a part of the webpage before taking a screenshot, an advantageous feature for working on buttons or dismissing messages with high accuracy.

Hide Element Before Capturing

Mask elements of the selected webpage before capture, great for removing banners, overlays, or cookie popups and having pure captures with minimal clutter.

Stillio - screenshot


Stillio offers five subscription plans:

Snap Shot

Efficiently track up to 5 web pages with daily, weekly, or monthly captures. Enjoy seamless integration with 1 sync app and reliable email support.
Price: $29 per month.

Hot Shot

Elevate monitoring with the ability to track up to 25 web pages. Experience daily, weekly, or monthly captures, sync apps for 1 integration, and dedicated email support.
Price: $79 per month.

Big Shot

Catering to more extensive needs, track up to 100 web pages with daily, weekly, or monthly captures. Includes sync apps for 2 integrations and priority email support.
Price: $199 per month.

Top Shot

Unlock unparalleled flexibility by tracking any number of web pages, with captures as frequent as every 5 minutes. Sync apps with up to 3 integrations and receive priority email support.
Price: Starting at $299 per month.

Enterprise Custom Plan

Tailored to unique specifications, the Enterprise Custom Plan offers bespoke web archiving options, seamless cloud integrations, watermarked timestamps, and a dedicated account manager. Reach out to Stillio for comprehensive details.

Pros and cons


  • The service works perfectly and captures all elements of the pages.
  • The interface is super organized and easy to use.
  • It offers a very good price-performance ratio.
  • Stillio offers a range of valuable use cases for its users, with the software’s ability to collect data from specific websites at specific times.
  • The service has worked perfectly so far, capturing all elements of the pages. The interface is super organized and easy to use.
  • Users have praised the top service with awesome features and support.


  • There is no annual plan available at the moment.
  • Sometimes there is a delay in the screenshot time, causing you to miss some data.
  • Some users haven’t found any faults or cons with this product.
  • Occasionally, there may be a delay in the screenshot time, causing you to miss some data.
  • There is no feature to create a screenshot immediately, especially helpful if the features are used in expert mode.

Wrap Up

Stillio is a leading website screenshot management tool, that delivers precise online monitoring solutions for businesses. Its comprehensive website screenshot maker captures full-height snapshots, offering detailed coverage for responsive websites.

Flexible scheduling, automatic archiving, and geographical diversity through multiple IP geolocations streamline data management. Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive, along with API and webhook capabilities, enhances customization.

Tailored subscription plans, such as Snap Shot and Top Shot, meet diverse needs. The Enterprise Custom Plan provides bespoke solutions. With a 14-day free trial, 36 months of screenshot retention, and seamless plan adjustments, it stands as a reliable choice for confident navigation of the digital landscape.

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