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Artificial intelligence is one of the most popular, yet misunderstood phenomena in the world. Many people get their ideas about AI from apocalyptic Sci-Fi movies rather than an understanding based on science or observation.

The truth is that many pieces of software, websites, and applications already use AI. An AI writing generator is not that difficult to obtain. AI can even make music, create pictures, or talk to you. Chatbots have been a thing for more than two decades.


Artificial intelligence is not what most of us think. Despite its name, it is not “true” intelligence. Most programs are a series of logical parameters and conditions, which give the illusion of choice, analysis, or reason.

So, nothing to be scared about. AI is rather boring, and we see it every day.

Now, if you are a writer, you stand to benefit a lot from an AI writing generator. It can remove a lot of work from your plate, giving you more time to be creative and search for ideas.

Personally, I used to search for essay site contracts on The Jerusalem Post, but then I haven’t felt the need to buy essays from freelance writers anymore.

Content is king

The purpose of an online business is similar to the purpose of any other business: to make money.

Good content acts as a lure, convincing people to watch the advertisements peppered between the “slices” of content. Being creative or interesting has never been more profitable. However, creativity is not like physical activity.

You can’t just be creative when you want to. Even in our materialistic modernity, there is still something hard to grasp about creativity and inspiration. If you are creative, you will know the feeling. It literally “comes” to you, as if from outside, and you can rarely control the process.

And, given that many writers make a living, they need a steady out.

Are content generators worth your time?

The constant demand for work can be both a blessing and a curse. Given that inspiration is not a tap that you can turn on and off at a whim, an AI writer can help fill that gap period when you have writer’s block.

But before you decide, you probably have two major questions:

The answer is that you should not take legal advice from strangers on the web. Laws can be complicated, and they are heavily dependent on where you live.

However, at this time, there are no laws banning creators from using an AI article writer. As long as your contact does not ban you from doing so, feel free to look at one of these programs.

2. Is the writing any good?

The answer is that AI article writing is good enough. Remember, this isn’t a piece of software that is supposed to replace you. It is supposed to act as a temporary boost in productivity when you feel that you are drowning.

The content is surprisingly good, and it will trick 99% of people to think that it was written by a person. The software constantly learns and adapts, but it is currently impossible to make a program that can imitate human writing completely.

It does the bulk of the test, and at the end, you just need to read it, and trim sentences or do light editing.

To put things in plain English: you just feed a bunch of text to a program, until it gets a general idea of how people communicate in writing. Then, it proceeds to imitate.
That is the process that brings you AI content writing.

The process of using an AI Content Generator

Let’s say that you are curious and wish to try out some of these programs. How do you proceed to use them?

The first step would be to select the parameters. You have to tell it what you want. Usually, this step is represented by a form with basic info. Details such as the writing tone, the subject, and particularities will be specified here.

Afterward, comes the second step: choosing which text to use. Some programs will give you more than one option or result. You can either select a single text or use a bit of everything.

Finally, the third step is to check the text for mistakes, or any other type of language that sounds off. Those who have used Google translate in the past know that the translations are sometimes too literal.

The text won’t be as good as an essay bought with the help of The Mercury News site, but it is much cheaper, and you will be able to sincerely claim that no other person wrote your content.

Money earned?

Let’s calculate something.
Estimate how much money you make per hour. If you don’t have a specific hourly rate, just divide the money by the amount of time you put into making it.

In how much time would you get your money’s worth from an AI content generator, given that it can cut your workload in half, if not quarter it?

Even if your rates were abysmally low, and you made $5 per hour, that means that the subscription has paid for itself after it saves you 4 hours of work (on average).

Speaking personally, the amount of time saved for me is about 20 hours per week, and I make much more than $5 per hour. The article generators that I use pay for themselves 5-20 times over every month, depending on how often I want to use them.

Examples of generalized, well-rounded AI Content generators

1. Copysmith


This product represents AI writing very well. It is usually bought and used by companies who need short-form content. Yet, that does not mean that it cannot provide more long-form alternatives.

Short-form content examples include press releases, Social Media posts, small ads, etc.
Copysmith even has a Chrome browser extension, which makes it much easier to use. Those who are first-time clients can get a free, 3-day trial period before buying.

Afterward, the subscription is $19 per month.

2. Writesonic


Writesonic is an AI Writer that allows the user to generate content for websites. It also promises that the content will be engaging, but that is a somewhat subjective metric.

This is basically a package deal, given that you can divide the service into two sub-categories:
First, we have templates that are oriented toward copywriters. They will have a diversity of options, including the text for landing pages, product info, small ad pitches, brief emails, and so on.

Second, there are templates oriented towards long-form content such as regular blog updates, travel journals, etc.

While there is a free trial for new users, this is still a paid service. $15 per month is the asking price.

3. Kafkai


Kafkai is the software that you use when you do not want to get caught.
It is built to be more niche-oriented, and the resulting articles seem written by a person who knows what he’s talking about.
There is 35+ niches at the time of writing, including evergreen online areas such as entertainment, health, pets, sports, and more.

In terms of content, it works and it is a good deal. Other benefits include the fact that it has a WordPress plugin, and it can also showcase the resulting text in multiple languages.

This is a high-caliber blog content generator that can output content for your business. It cost more than our previous entries, namely $29 per month.


As long as you can move your body, you can work a physical job. As long as you can remember the formulas, you can calculate. Most actions work like a switch, and you get to decide when to start.

However, with inspiration it is different. It “comes” to you, and you don’t get to tell it to show up. Writer’s block is a real phenomenon, and it is especially damaging for web content.

One of the keys to online success is maintaining a consistent upload schedule. AI content writing programs are there to help you when you just can’t think of what to write.

It is a highly useful, highly-profitable, and temporary crutch. Do not get used to AI doing your work for you, but also do not exclude the benefits that it brings.

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