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WordPress newsletters plugins allow you to tap into the flexible and economical world of email marketing from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard. Email newsletters grow your business by keeping your customer base updated about your new developments and products. It also establishes trust and makes advertisements more targeted and cheaper, increasing your ROI.


After you’ve set up your cheap WordPress hosting (you can find the recommendations on Hosting Review) and built a website with useful content that engages visitors, the next step is to keep the connection alive with constant updates. WordPress newsletter plugin makes effective email collection, speedy newsletter creation, and efficient email sending and tracking possible from within your WordPress installation.

Here is a list of the best WordPress newsletter plugins in 2019:

1. Newsletter (The Newsletter Plugin)

The Newsletter Plugin

With a straightforward name and powerful fee plan features, Newseletter is the first choice on our list of best newsletter plugins. It has a simple drag and drop feature for composing responsive email newsletters and lets you segment your list to target specific groups.

Newsletter’s advanced email tracking and statistics show you who is opening your email. The free plan saves you money by using your web host to send emails rather than relying on a third-party provider like MailChimp.

At $45 per year, the premium plan lets you automate your emails, send more emails than your web server can handle, and gives you access to the full reporting feature and more add-ons.

2. OptinMonster

Optin Monster

With over 700,000 websites using OptinMonster to generate more conversions, it is one of the best-selling newsletter plugins for WordPress. The new version of this plugin also comes with new features that make it worth the hype. OptinMonster offers you amazing customizations when designing highly converting forms, pop-ups, widgets, and slide-ins.

The subscription features let you track new subscriptions and it can embed MonsterLinks that your visitors can click to see the opt-in popup. It also uses Exit-Intent technology to track the visitor’s mouse behavior to know when to display the opt-in form.

It lets you conduct an A/B test to choose a suitable form for you. OptinMonster’s basic plan is billed at $9 per month.

3. Bloom by Elegant Themes


Elegant Themes is a reputable WordPress theme and plugin developer with over 550,000 subscriptions. Bloom is one of their flagship plugins that offers exactly six various popup form types: Popups, widget area, below content, in-line with content, fly-ins, and content lockers.

You can make your emails look unique by editing any one of the 115 templates, choosing from 3 opt-in form orientations, toggling image orientation options, and selecting the perfect colors for your emails. Bloom lets you track conversion rates and monitor all your new and existing accounts closely.

It also provides an after purchase option to automatically send updates to the users after they make any purchase from your store. Premium plans start from $89 per year.

4. Tribulant WordPress Newsletter Plugin


Tribulant is another great choice for a newsletter plugin. It is widely used in business or personal environments due to the smooth experience it offers. There are various newsletter templates that let you quickly create attractive emails by simply replacing the content in the template with your content. There are no design limitations and you can create your own newsletter template.

Tribulant helps you monitor subscriptions, bounce rate, and bounce rates. It also shows you which of your emails are doing well; you can see the CTR (Click Through Rates) and which emails were read. This information is useful to help you determine which strategy works for your business.

5. Sumo


With over 100,000 installations and a pricing system that lets you pay after you have more customers, Sumo is one of our favorites. It offers E-commerce integration and helps you win back customers that bounce off your website after carting items. It also lets you see the ROI from any email subscriber.

Sumo is a complete marketing solution that works for most business models. Its free plan lets you customize forms that match your brand. It also uses welcome mat scroll-in popup and exit-intent technology to help you gather as many emails as possible. Its premium plan gives you access to customizable templates, A/B testing, and responsive popups for mobile users.

6. ChimpMate Pro — WordPress MailChimp Assistant

Chimpmate Pro

ChimpMate allows you to utilize the powerful MailChimp service to send newsletters. It has vital newsletter building features such as multiple templates, counters, and sliders. It allows you to restrict content to only your subscribers with its subscribe-to-unlock feature.
ChimpMate shows you when the user is inactive on your page and can show pop-ups at any set time after the user visits your page. Alternatively, you can use the page scrolling trigger to activate a popup once the user starts scrolling your page.

ChimpMate supports A/B testing, quick backup and restore, material design, and powerful analytics, all at $25 per month.

7. SendPress


This is one of the best free newsletter plugins that provide all-around solutions for your website. Unlike most other plugins, SendPress offers you unlimited email subscribers and detailed tracking among other free features. It has a content editor that you can use to publish your newsletter similar to how you publish your WordPress posts.

The content editor also supports drag and drop features to hasten the process. After creating the content, you can alter the aesthetic appeal by changing the colors, style, and size of the text. You can also schedule your emails to deliver to the client at specific times or after a specific activity.

You can also monitor the success rate of your emails as SendPress shows you the number of clicks and unsubscribe from each mail. Using the free plan, you can send your newsletters via your web host or your Gmail. Its premium plan ongoing support and much more at $39 per year.

Final note

WordPress is a great platform to create and send converting emails to thousands, and even millions, of subscribers. Decide on what your content marketing strategy is before investing in a premium plugin. Also, consider your budget and your needs as you scale your business to choose the perfect WordPress Newsletter Plugin.

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