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New Age Customer Onboarding with Bonjoro

Some of the leading organizations in the world spend millions trying to delight and retain customers. They try everything from offers to special programs to targeted marketing, but what they often overlook is the importance of the “personal touch”. An email in your customer’s inbox is personal to some level, but it is just that – a piece of written word the reader won’t take a second to send to the Trash. And with the amount of email marketing messages everyone gets these days that is exactly what is bound to happen to your marketing message.

So what’s the solution? A more personalized way of reaching out. And that is made possible with Bonjoro, the modern way to welcome your customers aboard or just say “thank you” through a personalized video message delivered to their inbox. Check it out.

Bonjoro – create the most endearing welcome or thank you videos for new customers

Bonjoro takes the concept of customer on-boarding to a new level. It lets you record and send personalized welcome videos to your customers making them feel more at home. It’s a great way to create a customer base that’s loyal since Bonjoro builds a heart-to-heart bridge between you and your customer.

And it’s not just about creating videos. You can connect Bonjoro to your existing CRM software to send automated messages to existing contacts thanking them for their continued support, thus ensuring that they’ll stick around for longer. Plus, you can add all sorts of edits to the videos you create like inserting call-to-action buttons at the end, custom messages, creating video thumbnails, etc. and it even lets you collaborate by inviting team members to join you on and start reaching out to customers. Trust us when we say this, Bonjoro is a simple yet brilliant way to make best-in class customer service a company-wide initiative.

Some of the best features of Bonjoro include:

  • Uses the concept of video messaging to create and customize personalized videos for customer on-boarding
  • Allows sending videos via email
  • Allows assigning Bonjoros to other team members and lets them get notified when one gets assigned to them
  • Includes analyzing feature for the number of Bonjoros opened, viewed, and more
  • Enables users to insert calls-to-action at the end of the video message
  • Integrates easily with existing CRM, email marketing, or social media
  • Includes tracking feature for monitoring team results
  • The tool is available as an app on Apple Store & Google Play

To read a complete list of Bonjoro’s features, visit this link.

How it works

Bonjoro basically works in 4 steps:

  • Connect it with your existing CRM application to pull in contacts
  • Record a video message and send it to your customers’ inbox
  • Measure what impact your message had by tracking opens, view and click through-rates
  • Add team members to make the entire thing a team-effort

To try out if this was indeed as simple as it sounded, we signed up with Bonjoro using the “Sign up for free” button on the home page. You could also use the “Start free trial” button on the main menu for this.

  1. Just key-in your email address and pick a password. Click “Let’s go” and proceed.
  2. At the next step you’ll be asked to make some basic changes to your profile since your customer will view it directly (literally). So here you can make improvements to your profile like add your picture, a company name, your title, etc. Click on “Confirm” when you’re done.
    Note: If you want to skip this step, just click on the ‘Skip’ button at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. The next step is quite interesting. You’ll be asked to punch in your mobile number so that Bonjoro can SMS you its app with step-by-step instructions on how to record your first video. You could either do that or download the Bonjoro app from App Store or Google Play.
    Note: If you’re unsure about giving in your mobile number to a tool so early on, simply click on “Download it later” at the bottom and proceed.
  4. That should do it. Now you’ll land up at your dashboard with a welcome message from Bonjoro and a helpful chat bot at the right prompting you to select your goal for creating Bonjoros. Depending upon the goal you select you’re sent tips for utilizing the tool in the best way. Click on “Get Started” on the welcome message to proceed.
  5. The dashboard has the following components:
    1. To-Do: Options for you to pick depending upon what you wish to do first:
      1. Add a team member (this can be done by clicking on the ‘Add Someone’ button. You may add team members via email address, by uploading a spreadsheet containing contacts (max 50 in a free account), or by connecting Bonjoro to your existing CRM))
      2. Send a practice video to someone at Bonjoro. This is to familiarize yourself with creating your first video message and see how it looks. You can use this to improve on the background, sound, voice-tone, etc. and then create the final video to be sent to customers.
      3. Send a practice video to an email id you pick. You can key in your own id here to see how it will look to your customers.
        Note: Here you will be required to grant audio/video access permission to Bonjoro so that your video can be recorded.
    2. Results: This screen lets you see how your Bonjoros perform. You can track response times, view rates, and even conduct AB tests your personal on-boarding.
    3. Design: Here you can edit the Bonjoro you recorded by inserting a logo, custom background, and CTA. The free account doesn’t allow you to select Designs but if you upgrade your membership, you can choose from a variety of Bonjoro designs that you can use as templates for your future Bonjoros.
    4. Automation: This is where you can automate your process to save time by connecting Bonjoro to your existing CRM or use any other integrations like Zapier, Google, Mailchimp, etc. Adding integrations is very straightforward and the tool gives you detailed instructions for each step.
    5. Preferences: This section contains your account related settings that you can alter / update whenever needed.

Pros & Cons

Well the pros don’t need to be recounted; they’re just right there! Plus it’s very affordable. Check it out here.

Honestly, we couldn’t find much of any cons with the tool’s purpose or working. Just a few good to have things:

  • You can’t track the results of your Bonjoros with a free account unless you create at least 15 Bonjoros.
  • We did experience some technical glitches while recording our Bonjoros through a laptop even after granting the camera and microphone access. Don’t know at which end the problem was, but the mobile app operated just fine.
  • The log out button should be clearly placed at a general spot like the top right corner of the screen instead of the “Preferences” tab.
  • Create personalized video messages for customer onboarding and engagement using @bonjoroapp via @supermonitoring

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The real power of Bonjoro lies in its simplicity. Recording video messages with it is super easy and the impact you can achieve through it is massive. There’s nothing more a customer loves than being made feel special through a personal “welcome” or “thank you” message. It creates a human connection with your prospect thus laying the grounds for a long-lasting relationship. We loved the tool and give it a double thumbs-up.

Work, Talk & Share with your team in real time with Slack

If you’ve ever managed or been a part of a large team, you know how irritating it can be to wait for formalities like an approval to arrive in your mailbox before you can technically proceed. Similarly in the case of reports, even after you’ve just had a presentation or discussion within your team regarding results, you need to make it formal by typing a lengthy email with a report attached and send it to everyone on your mailing list; too cumbersome and frankly unnecessary if you ask us. It would all be much simpler if there could be something more informal and personalized that could be whipped up and shared quickly eliminating all time and technical constraints.

The good news is that a great app called Slack allows you to do just that!


Slack – Real time messaging for corporate teams!

As much as it sounds like just another messaging app, it’s actually not. This app is designed specifically for professionals who wish to make inter-team communication better and simpler. With just the right mix of messaging-app glamour and corporate professionalism, this application is well on the track to become the next big thing.

Slack brings together so much in such a light look-and-feel that you’ll have a hard time initially to sink so much in. You can find something from most social platforms here – a little bit of WhatsApp (messaging groups, image sharing), pinch of Twitter (tag based topic search, referring people through @ tag) and more.

Some great features of Slack include:

1. Group conversations

Create channels (or more commonly called groups) within the team or with only a bunch of people specific to a task and communicate with them from anywhere at any time without having to be restricted to VPNs or emailing formalities. Add that personal touch through one-to-one private messages in case of sensitive matters. You can choose to create channels based on projects, teams or even a topic.

2. Share files

Get over traditional email attachments; drag-and-drop is the way to go with Slack. Just drag a document, screenshot or report in a group to share it with all participants instantly, without having to wait for them to check their email. You can even share presentations or videos through Slack and get immediate feedback and comments on it to start a discussion. Moreover, if you use services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box, just paste the link and that document is immediately in sync and searchable too.

3. Easy, extensive search

Slack makes searching for items easy. Just type in what you wish to search in the search box and whether it is a conversation, an item or a person, everything will be searched within milliseconds and you’ll see the results before you in a flash. Slack automatically indexes and archives stuff to make this possible.

4. Stay synced

If you frequently switch machines or platforms, you needn’t get into complications like exporting items or converting mailboxes. Slack being an online tool lets you stay in sync whether you work from your PC or your Smartphone so you can pick up exactly from where you left.

5. Custom notifications

Slack makes sure you never miss a thing or even be late in noticing. With custom notifications, you can make sure your phone or PC beeps every time you’re mentioned or an item is shared with you. Or if you prefer to not be disturbed, you can set that too.

6. Secure and safe

We’re sure that was the last item on your mind; well consider it checked too! All data within Slack is encrypted (256-bit AES and TLS 1.2) on the desktop or the phone. The makers perform security testing regularly to identify and resolve any loopholes so you can rest assured that your confidential data won’t be leaked online.
Aren’t you just dying to try it out?


So how does it work?

To start using Slack immediately just signup for free through the tool’s website. You’ll need to supply your email address, pick a name for the channel you wish to create, pick a URL, choose a username for yourself and you’re done!

Click on ‘Explore Slack’ and you’ll be directed to the main chat-share screen where you can get hands-on action done. You can start by inviting people to join Slack or join an existing team that you know of. Thereafter, create as many channels as you need to. All your channels and people in your network will be listed in a panel on the left hand side of the window. And if you get confused about things, there’s a handy helpful tutorial to help you out.

Drag-and-drop items from your PC or phone into the chat window’s text box to share instantly. If you want to browse through the files shared with you or that you’ve shared, click on a small 3-dot icon on the upper right corner of the window. This corner of the window also has a search box, an ‘@’ sign to search for conversations where you’ve been mentioned and a star icon indicating items that you’ve marked as favorite.

Pros VS Cons

In addition to the list of awesome features it has, the practical plus points of Slack include quick image transfer, no VPN requirement, availability in both forms – client installation as well as web tool, freedom to create as many channels as you want depending on the requirements of your team, notifications if someone on the team is online and lots and lots more. The best part of this tool is that its basic version is free for as long as you want; meaning you don’t have to pay a penny if you just wish to use its basic version. For standard, premium and enterprise (launching in 2015) versions however, you need to pay a nominal fee. But then you get a lot of additional features too so it’s a win-win deal.
The only con with this tool seems to be slight connection issues on some mobile networks or client machines. But this issue too seems to be temporary so you shouldn’t really be worried.

  • Get over emailing formalities. Make work and sharing simpler and informal with @SlackHQ via @supermonitoring

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Final Verdict

All-in-all, Slack is a great tool for collaborating with your team and inculcating a bit of informal, happy work environment setting. You actually don’t have anything to lose so try it out with a couple of teammates just for fun and experience it for yourself.

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