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Website down – types, causes and results of failures (infographic)

How much the biggest online sellers would lose during 5-minute downtime?
Read about symptoms, types, causes and results of failures. Check the most common server error codes. Learn how to prevent and respond.


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Small improvements

We have just implemented two small modifications to the website:

1. The option to confirm the presence of the </html> tag (indicating if the whole page has been loaded) has been replaced with an option to confirm the presence of a user defined text string. In other words, the monitor can now look for any sentence or a tag you configure.

2. We have started to check and save downtime types. From now on, every unavailability event in the history will have this information next to its time and duration. Monitors can recognize the following outage types:

  • specific server response (other than “200 OK”)
  • timeout
  • nophrase (when a defined text string hasn’t been found).

More to come soon.

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