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Outgrow: an interactive customer support platform

The customers of today are on the lookout for more interactive content. They want content which will be truly useful for them. They don’t like being flooded with information because of two reasons – 1) they don’t have the time for it and 2) they don’t require all that data. The need of the hour is interactive content and that is where the role of five year old New York based Outgrow comes into play.

Founded by Pratham Mittal and Randy Rayess, the company offers content that places customers first and makes them an active participant. The company’s platform is a space where clients (large or small) can create their personalized interactive content which include calculators and quizzes that help them collect necessary information from their customers. In this manner, Outgrow enables various businesses to make new generation tools that are much better than the conventional ones.

Outgrow – helping businesses create synergistic online content

The main aim of Outgrow is to add value to the customer’s brand. Pratham Mittal is of the opinion that interactive content through platforms like Outgrow will prove beneficial for those companies that may not have huge staff or resources. The company mainly works with small and medium-sized businesses who can make use of the interactive platform to not only communicate with potential clients but also further their business.

Outgrow has a variety of tools at hand to boost the marketing strategies of companies. These include numerical calculators, outcome quizzes and graded quizzes. These calculators and quizzes serve the purpose better than common surveys as they are considered more beneficial by customers. The general feeling about surveys is that they are mostly one-sided and offer nothing in return. But quizzes created with Outgrow are much better and unique.

Some of the best features of Outgrow include:

  • The platform offers highly interactive forms with top-quality quizzes and calculators
  • It makes use of E-books to interact with potential customers
  • The tool lets you create forms for a custom domain which can be incorporated in the customer website as well
  • It uses PowerPoint editor to create interactive forms
  • The platform offers immersive exchanges with clients
  • It lets users collects information through forms and imparts information by allowing users to share their outcome
  • Outgrow works well Converkit, Gmail, Google sheets, Hubspot and Pardot

To read a complete list of Outgrow features please visit Features. screenshot 1

How It Works

Outgrow offers three interactive techniques, viz., calculators, graded quizzes and outcome quizzes to help companies build their brand better. One can choose a technique depending on the type of business they are engaged in. A detailed explanation of the working of all three platforms is given below:


Calculators are used when one uses a formula to show a numerical result at the end.

  1. It begins by the user coming to a homepage with a particular question.
  2. If he likes the homepage, he will move forward and then browse through different options. This process is very simple as it takes very little time and can be done with the help of the mouse. Depending on the answers he chooses he can view his results real time and then make his final decision.

Some examples of calculators include VenturePact Mobile App Cost Calculator, Mortgage Loan Calculator, Marketing ROI Calculator.

Graded Quizzes

Graded quizzes are mostly used for assessment purposes.

  1. The quiz opens with an eye catching title and then the questions.
  2. Publish the questions in the Outgrow editor and then put out the options.
  3. After the questions and options are ready, design a wacky background for the quiz to keep users happy.

Graded quizzes must be a reflection of the brand and should be pleasing to the eye. One can use a catchy title, GIFs to attract the user.

Outcome Quizzes

For the outcome quiz:

  1. First set up the welcome screen.
  2. After customizing the first screen, add the quiz title. You can create a headline, a sub-headline and a lead generation.
  3. Then you can edit the color, font and other details.
  4. Then you start creating your questions and the subsequent answer choices.
  5. Then map the options to all social media networks. You have the option for single as well multiple questions.
  6. The final outcome section gives one the option of customizing the outcome.

You can generate more than one outcome for the quiz. screenshot 2


  1. Mass Appeal: People, in general, are not happy filling up simple forms or signing up to the mailing list. They are, therefore not going to participate in polls willingly. This is where the benefit of opting for Outgrow comes into play. The interactive quizzes and calculators at Outgrow appeal a lot to the users.
  2. Highly Interactive: Outgrow has highly interactive methods of getting people to open up to brands and their products.
  3. Attractive templates: The different templates of Outgrow attract the viewer and is therefore a great way of getting solid leads and knowing what people want.
  4. Advanced marketing: Outgrow also helps companies with highly advanced marketing techniques, which adds value to their brand. The forms used at Outgrow use photos and logos and this helps bring in more users to express their opinion.


  1. Not An Easy Design: The negatives, if any, of Outgrow include that it is not designed for the standard format so it is not so easy to use.
  2. You Can’t Force People: Another minus point is that you can’t get people to subscribe to your company mails with the help of Outgrow platform. But the pros definitely outweigh the cons and Outgrow is a tool for the future.
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What really works for Outgrow is that how interactive and user-friendly the platform is. The calculators, graded quizzes and outcome quizzes are very helpful for brands to bring in new traffic and facilitate better customer interaction through custom built prices, savings/RO calculators. The tool is extremely brand friendly and we give it a thumbs-up!

Make Forms Fun with TypeForm

While working on the Internet every day, we come across many websites that require us to fill some forms. Be it to register for a website’s newsletters, to apply for a service, to give feedback for a product or simply to create an account, we often come face to face with online form filling. However, forms in their essence are not very interesting. Creating fields for a form or filling vertically stacked requirements for details are supremely boring tasks. Both the creators and the audience of an online form generally find dealing with forms quite mundane.

However, form filling cannot be skipped just because it is boring. Where it is needed, it is needed. So how does one ensure that people don’t fill forms just because they need to, but because they want to? Can a form be made such that people actually get attracted towards it? With TypeForm, yes it can!



“Forms Done Awesomely”, that’s the tagline of TypeForm and this unique and interesting online tool proves its tagline true. There’s so much packed inside it that you will not grow tired of experimenting with it. TypeForm claims to improve your form completion rate drastically by making the questions in the form appear like a conversation. It offers to transform the way your business collects data by matching the form to your unique style and charm. Plus, this tool makes sure your forms look as good on a smartphone or tablet as they do on a PC.

By creating forms with TypeForm, you can push your marketing in your forms. Make your business logo the background of the form, match the colors to your business’s colors and use the slang and lingo you use in your business proposals. In short, you can add as many aspects to your forms and make them as unique and as appealing as you want using this amazing tool. With TypeForm, prepare to make a great first impression!

Its Eye-Catchy!

When you open up the link for, you expect to find a regular website describing the tool and its capabilities. Instead, what you find completely blows you away. A background that’s brought to life with moving images (or more correctly, short videos) adorns the homepage and this is the most attractive feature of the website. It brings the creativity of HTML5 to a whole new level. The tagline of the website is displayed right in the center of the page and is very in-your-face! Once you calm yourself enough to proceed, you can scroll down to have a look at the complete homepage through an arrow displayed at the bottom center.

On the upper right corner of the page is an option to Log in to the website (for existing users). Alongside this option is a symbol depicting more options (three stacked horizontal lines). Clicking on it displays the usual list of options including Tour, Examples, Pricing etc. Cute little animated slippers adjacent to the “Join TypeForm” link at the bottom make for a delightful sight!

The creativity behind the TypeForm team in visible in their examples too. The example page is divided into sections based on type of forms. Each section has a short paragraph dedicated to it and of course, some example forms. Click on an example and you will be shown a beautiful interactive form that you can fill as a user. This will help you in getting many ideas as to how you want to design your form. You can also gather an impression as a user and understand your forms from their prospective, which will help in creating a better form.


How it Works

The homepage offers 3 main choices to users – Create a Form, View Examples or Log in. Since we’ve talked about Examples and Log in is obvious, lets jump straight to “Create a Form”.
To create a form you’ll have to Log in or register first! After logging in you’ll be taken to your Account panel where you can see an option to create a new TypeForm. This panel is where you’ll also see all the forms you’ve created when you log in later. Hover on “Create a new typeform” and you’ll see 2 choices – “Start from Scratch” and “Use a Template”. Choose the one you wish by clicking on it and the page lights will suddenly dim and you’ll be shown the pricing options and language selection. The Core plan is for free or you can buy the Pro plan for a nominal amount for cool features like Stripe integration, file upload, hidden fields etc. After you’ve done what’s needed, you’re all set!


What you see next will be your playground! Add-on options to the left and the form layout to the right. Simply drag and drop whatever you want to see in your form from the left to the right. Multiple options for every field you add provide you freedom for creativity like never before. You’ll want to do everything in every form!
From rating symbols to MCQs, from drop-downs to thank you screens, TypeForm has it all.

Pros vs. Cons

The good side is obvious here. Having better looking and feeling forms will help your business collect more data, from a larger audience, in lesser time. Be it as a feedback, poll or survey, you’ll derive more out of your online forms than before. It’s cost-effective too!

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The very minor cons, or more correctly glitches were with some aspects of the website design. For instance, the random change of colors and background though very cool and animated, could prove a bit taxing on the eyes after a while. Also, getting your hang around the website and various aspects of the tool usage (which are many) could take a little time and effort.

Wrapping it up

All in all, if you’ve grown tired of creating the same old online forms and want to give them a fresh burst of energy at no or minimal cost, you should definitely try TypeForm. Want to make your forms and the related information gathering interested and eye-catching? is the tool for you. Go explore!

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