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News Archive

Visual refresh and RWD

November 19, 2014
We have replaced our two interface versions (desktop & mobile) with a single responsive set of templates.

Thanks to Responsive Web Design (RWD), our new front-end adapts smoothly to any screen size and orientation. That means it can be used comfortably on any device - desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones.
New templates are lighter what makes our website load even faster.

We have also refreshed the design a bit, to be more consistent and to show more Superheroes. We hope you like it!

More advanced content monitoring

February 15, 2014
The content monitoring feature, enabling our users to confirm the presence of a defined phrase on a monitored page, has proven quite popular.

We have added some new options and made the feature even more useful.
Now it is possible to:
• receive alerts when the phrase is missing - or when it is present
• use the <whatever> tag multiple times, for example: "<html><whatever>Welcome<whatever></html>"
• use the new tag (also multiple times), for example: "ErrorWarningProblem"
• use both the tags together.

New version of our Wordpress plugin

November 6, 2013
Version 2.1 brings some essential changes to the plugin:
• authorization method change (token instead of login and password)
• "Your contacts" section available
• three language versions (English, Spanish, Polish)
• new plugin name.

More about the plugin

Plugin page in the official Plugin Directory

Online payments with PaymentWall

October 8, 2013
We have added a new online payments operator as an alternative for PayPal.


Worldwide Payments

PaymentWall enables quick credit card payments (including monthly auto-charges) without having to log in to their system - unlike PayPal. PayPal payments are still available as a second option - to those users that have PayPal accounts and prefer to use them.

5 new features

July 1, 2013
We are introducing five features that have been built into our service within the last few weeks.

Performance monitoring
We are now recording monitored servers' response times - in detail.
In the performance chart you can now see a stacked bar chart displaying the following average values:
• name lookup time (DNS)
• connect time
• pretransfer time
• starttransfer time
• redirect time.
The response time limit (which is 10 seconds by default) for reporting connection timeouts can now be configured individually.

performance chart

Any of the configured alert recipients (whose number is unlimited) can now be granted a read-only access to the user panel. Such sub-users can log in and generate reports but are unable to edit websites' configuration.

Summary reports
Do you need to generate a report for all your websites altogether? No problem - simply select them using checkboxes and click "summary report".
You will see two separate charts - one with average values and one with total values.

After we introduced the monitoring of online forms, some users suggested that they would like to know what the result page looks like when our application finds no defined phrase in its code.
Our monitoring system is now saving HTML snapshots each time the defined phrase is not found (NOPHRASE error - while monitoring both forms and content). The snaphots are available in the unavailability event history table in the user panel.

HTML charts
We have finally said good-bye to Flash and all charts are now rendered with HTML. Thanks to this they are easily displayed on virtually all possible devices.

File integrity monitoring

February 12, 2013
Thanks to this new feature you can now have important files on your web server (including HTML documents) monitored for any modifications.
Simply generate the reference file's checksum with a single click and let our system load the file every hour (or every 30 minutes) generate its current checksum and compare with the reference. You will be alerted in case of any difference.

Super Montoring and IFTTT

January 18, 2013
Did you know that you can use alerts as triggers in (IF This Then That) and pipe notifications to gTalk, Facebook, Twitter, Phone Call, Pushover, Campfire and many more?

Simply turn on the "Display alerts via RSS" option in your account settings and use the RSS feed URL provided with the "Feed" channel on IFTTT.

Super Monitoring to IFTTT

Constant development

December 10, 2012
We haven't informed you about new improvements for a long time. Here is a list of new features and modifications we have implemented in the last few months.

Monthly payments
This is an alternative to annual payments (which are still most cost-effective) for clients that prefer less commitment. Monthly fees are charged as PayPal recurring payments.

Monitoring of the monitoring
We have implemented an external system that continuously monitors our services and verifies that they work properly. It simulates outages of different types and checks if they are detected and reported.

Short names
The next feature enables you to use short names for websites instead of their long URLs and makes your notifications shorter. That is especially important in mobile text messages.

Instant feedback
At the bottom of every page, in the user panel, you can find a feedback form. Every finding, opinion and suggestion is valuable to us.

Outage type explanations
We have added little question mark icons next to failure types in the unavailability history. Move your mouse cursor over them to see the explanation of each outage type.

Monitoring processes optimization
We have completely re-written the monitoring and alerting processes in our system - to enhance its performance.

Outage times added up
Some customers configure our service not to send instant alerts, but only to notify them after a specified unavailability period. Imagine 5 separate but very short outages (of a different type) that occur in a row. The total unavailability is long but none of the events will be reported, because they are short.
Now that this modification has been introduced, the time of outages detected (without breaks between them) is added up to be given in notifications.

SMS credits in the trial period
We’ve decided to grant 5 SMS credits to each trial account to enable our prospects to test mobile notifications as well.

These modifications are not the only ones we have made. Still, other changes are too small to be mentioned here.

Multiple recipients

March 22, 2012
multiple recipients We have implemented another feature requested by our users (72.7% answers in our poll) - multiple contacts.
Now you can define as many recipients as you like - and decide who should receive what alerts by assigning them to your monitors.

As you may have noticed, we've been also working on another user-requested feature - load time measuring (currently in BETA).

Fourth monitoring station

March 7, 2012
World After deploying the fourth location, our monitoring servers are on 4 different continents:
  • North America (Houston, USA)
  • Europe (Gdynia, Poland)
  • Asia (Singapore)
  • Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa).

Detected outages still need to be confirmed by 3 stations. The fourth server has been added in case of a temporary unavailability of one of the other stations.

New main server

February 20, 2012

Last night we have moved our website - and the main monitoring station - to a new server. It is a machine with much larger physical resources reserve.

There was no interruption in services provision.

New Asian server

January 30, 2012
We gave up the Malaysian server (Kuala Lumpur data center) and moved the Asian monitoring station to Singapore - to a more stable server and more reliable data center.
new asian server

Enhanced notifications

January 3, 2012
As requested, we have improved the alerts and implemented the following new features:
  • an option to turn off instant alerts
  • an option to receive additional alerts after a specified downtime
  • more information in email alerts (outage duration, error details).

Competition for webmasters

November 29, 2011
Annual subscriptions of our service are among valuable prizes to be won in competition run by Brandon Line on his blog.

Solution for Kaspersky Lab

October 24, 2011
For Kaspersky Lab - one of world's top security software vendors - we have begun to monitor 11 websites worldwide.
A dedicated application monitors the availability, uptime, online forms and e-commerce processes. Testing parameters, user management, reporting - everything has been tailored to customer needs.

Read more about our solutions
Kaspersky Lab

New layout

October 8, 2011
After almost two years, the website got a new design and templates.

We hope you like the new look.

Best Web Tool Award

May 16, 2011

We have been awarded and recommended as a top rated website monitoring service by Web Hosting Search which also provides reviews of the top hosting sites on the Internet.

See the review here.

Check your forms

May 7, 2011

[form] Our new feature extends the service with a simple online form checking ability. Just define as many form fields as you like, enter what needs to be inserted and configure what button to press. The form is considered as working if we find a specified text displayed after the form is submitted.

New features

January 28, 2011

We have introduced three new features:

1. The website is online during the entire trial period? No problem, trial account users can now simulate the outage by simply clicking a button.

2. Checking the server response is not enough? Our system can now confirm whether your website HTML is fully loaded by checking if the "" tag is there.

3. Changed the URL of your website? Or decided to use the service to monitor a different website? You can now modify the URL and decide whether to purge the historical data or not.

More to come soon.

New mobile service provider

October 7, 2010

worldwide SMS coverage We are now able to send mobile text alerts (SMS) to 800 networks in 166 countries worldwide.

check the coverage

Joomla! Plugin

April 26, 2010

Have your website monitoring history displayed in your Joomla! administration panel.

read more

WordPress Plugin

March 24, 2010

Monitoring your blog? Now you can see your uptime charts and tables in your WordPress panel, without the need to login separately.

read more

Google Analytics integration

February 13, 2010

Configure your Google Analytics panel to display unavailability events and times charts.

read more