Website and Server Monitoring Features

This is an ever-expanding list of the functionalities we offer within our services to let you effectively monitor websites and internet servers.
  • tests every minute

    Your website or server will be checked every 60 seconds, 24/7. That makes 1440 tests per day, 43,200 tests per month and 525,600 test per year.

  • 4 monitoring stations

    Our system uses three additional monitoring stations located on different continents to confirm every downtime and avoid any false alarm.
    Why four stations? Check the FAQ.

  • monitoring different server ports

    Besides http, 9 other protocols/services can be monitored: https, pop3, smtp, imap, ping, telnet, ssh, dns, connect and sip.
    Check the examples of applications.

  • detecting & reporting outage types

    Your website can be unavailable for different reasons - connection timeout, missing index file, internal server error, etc.
    Read about types of website failures.

  • performance monitoring

    Track your web server response times and get notified of timeouts.

  • content checking

    The monitoring process can confirm whether a website is working properly by searching the page for a specified text string.

  • form testing

    Have your online forms automatically filled in and submitted. Verify the server response.
    Our system can even log in with a given username and password.

  • file integrity monitoring

    Detect any unauthorized changes to your important files. Be alerted if your file's checksum is inconsistent with the reference checksum.

  • instant alerts

    Get notified the moment your website is down or back up - by email or mobile text message (SMS).
    Use dedicated RSS feed to watch all notifications.

  • downtime history

    All detected unavailability events are recorded and displayed in the user panel in the form of tables, charts and uptime index.
    The data can be filtered and exported to XLS format.

  • Google Analytics integration

    You can have unavailability charts (number of events and their duration) displayed in your Google Analytics panel.
    Read more about the integration.

  • WordPress & Joomla! plugins

    These CMS extensions integrate our user panel into WordPress or Joomla! interface.
    Read more about the WordPress and Joomla! plugins.

  • API

    Super Monitoring API makes historical monitoring data available for automated retrieval and processing in external applications.


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